Time Pass Friday Fun

I came up with some funny takes on recent news and could not resist sharing. Hopefully you like it:

What If America has Huge Hefner, India has ND Tiwari, and Sherlyn Chopra can now think of settling in India.

AAP has changed its full form from AAP AADMI PARTY to AAP AADMI PARTED after their recent defeat in 2014 elections.

After getting 15 votes in 2014 elections, Rakhi Sawant is in big celebration mood because she did not know that she has so many fans in India.

On Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he takes full responsiblity for Congress loss, Modi replies, “I am happy that he is growing up and can take some responsibilities finally.”

KRK (Kamaal R Khan) has left India and settled in China after Modi’s win, and now he feels at home because all shabby products in India are from China anyway.

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