USA (United States of America) VISA Correction Procedure

Every year, a large number of people apply for United States of America (USA) visas. USA visa application procedure is a tedious process, and if you find an error after you receive your passport with visa stamped, that seems like the end of world. Fortunately, you can get your visa corrected and you need to submit an application that you should do as soon as possible. In this article, I will focus on the procedure to submit a request application for visa correction. This article is written as per my experience in India, but I think that it should be applicable in other countries too (may be with slight modifications or may not be). You need to submit following documents:

  1. A nice request application stating the visa error, and why you want it to be corrected as soon as possible because of your impending travel plans.
  2. DS-160 application printout if you had stored in your local computer while filling the DS-160 application.
  3. DS-160 application confirmation letter with CEAC bar code, that you submitted when applying for visa interview.
  4. VFS Interview Letter.
  5. Documents showing your impending travel plans like itinerary.
  6. Fees (yes you need to submit a fees to get your visa corrected). At the time of writing, the fees was around Rs. 360 (In Indian currency).

You need to submit the above application at one of VFS centres. For example, one in New Delhi, India is located at:

VFS application center
International Trade Tower,
S-2 Level,
Opposite Satyam Cinema Place
Nehru Place,
New Delhi - 110019.

Note: You can try to submit this visa correction application at US consulate too, but it may not be always possible and they might ask to you to go to VFS and submit there.

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  1. my fiancé is in india, I’m in US..can anyone tell me how to get fiancé visa USA??

  2. namratha says:

    hi lucky,
    my husband is pursuing his masters and is goin to complete it by june..i applied for f2 last week at hyd and got rejected..VO rejected my visa and said that your husband is goin to return by june…so wait until june as he is coming back..this time i have applied for what should i answer if he asks why did u applied for chennai and how should i convince him that i ll return by june..what is the apt reason i hv to give him…pls do help me..

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