OlivePad: India's Answer to iPAD

Olive Telecom, an Indian-based multinational company, launched India’s first 3.5G Pad, named OlivePad-VT100. The main features of OlivePad are:

1.  Android platform.
2.  High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA, a 3G mobile telephony protocol).
3.  Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi).
4.  Bluetooth.
5.  3 mega pixel built-in camera and a front camera.
6.  Applications for web surfing, multimedia, instant messaging, social networking sites.
7.  GPS support.
8.  Gaming console.
9.  E-book reader.
10.  Television.
11.  Smartphone support for audio and video calling.
12.  Flash support.
13.  Mini-USB port.

The full press release from the company can be accessed here: http://www.olivetelecom.in/olive-news.html .

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