F2 VISA questions asked during interview at USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

These questions have been prepared by collecting information from several friends and also by searching on various sites and forums on Internet. In general, I have heard from my friends that F2 VISA interview process is not difficult and not many questions are asked from F2 visa applicants.  So these questions are just for good preparation and building self-confidence.  If some question is not clear, or you want a suggestion for answers for any questions, please leave a comment, I will try my best to give you “just a suggestion”.

General questions:
Q. What is your name?
Q. What Visa are you applying for?
Q. What is the name of your spouse?
Q. What does your spouse do in USA?
Q. Can I see your spouse’s passport/visa/I-20?
Q. When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements?

Marriage related questions:
Q. When did you get married?
Q. Was it arrange marriage? How did you both meet? Did you know your spouse before marriage?
Q. Do you have your marriage album/photos?
Q. Can I see your marriage certificate?
Q. Have you brought the invitation cards with you?
Q. Why did you not go with your spouse (in case your husband leaves before you)?

Your spouse’s study/work/finance related questions:
Q. What’s your spouse majoring in? What’s his/her research area? What’s the topic of his/her research?
Q. When is your spouse planning to finish his studies? At which stage is he now?
Q. What would your spouse do after finishing his studies?
Q. Where did your spouse work, in India or in USA?
Q. Why did your spouse leave his/her job?
Q. (if you say, your spouse wants to come back to India) Why doesnt your spouse want to work in USA? Would he/she not work there? He/she can continue his research / work there; why does she/he want to come back to India?
Q. What did your spouse study in India? Where (which school/univ) did your spouse do his undergraduation/graduation in India?
Q. How would you fund yourself there? Who would bear your expenses there? Is your husband going to bear your expenses there?
Q. Do you have financial documents? Have you brought your spouse’s bank statements or any other supporting documents?

Your study and work related questions:
Q. What are you studying? Have you finished your studies? Are you done now?
Q. Do you plan on studying in USA? if you answers “NO” then the visa office may ask: Why not?
Q. Do you want to work there? (you can not work on F2 visa)
Q. Did you work in India?
Q. Why not? You have good education and can get good job; why do you not want to work?
Q. How would you spend your time there?

Your parents/in-laws/siblings/relatives related questions:
Q. What do your parents-in-law do in India?
Q: if your parents-in-law are in business, what kind of business?
Q: If your father-in-law is in business, the visa office may ask that who would take care of the business as your husband (if only one son) is in USA?
Q. Does your spouse have any siblings in USA? what do they do? Where do they live/ work in USA?
Q: Do they have Green Card? What kind of Visa do they have? if married, what do their spouses do?
Q: Do they want to come to India?
Q. Do you have any of your relative in US?
Q. Do you have any brothers/sisters? What do they do? Are they planning to go to US?
Q. What do your parents do?

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