F2 VISA questions asked during interview at USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

These questions have been prepared by collecting information from several friends and also by searching on various sites and forums on Internet. In general, I have heard from my friends that F2 VISA interview process is not difficult and not many questions are asked from F2 visa applicants.  So these questions are just for good preparation and building self-confidence.  If some question is not clear, or you want a suggestion for answers for any questions, please leave a comment, I will try my best to give you “just a suggestion”.

General questions:
Q. What is your name?
Q. What Visa are you applying for?
Q. What is the name of your spouse?
Q. What does your spouse do in USA?
Q. Can I see your spouse’s passport/visa/I-20?
Q. When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements?

Marriage related questions:
Q. When did you get married?
Q. Was it arrange marriage? How did you both meet? Did you know your spouse before marriage?
Q. Do you have your marriage album/photos?
Q. Can I see your marriage certificate?
Q. Have you brought the invitation cards with you?
Q. Why did you not go with your spouse (in case your husband leaves before you)?

Your spouse’s study/work/finance related questions:
Q. What’s your spouse majoring in? What’s his/her research area? What’s the topic of his/her research?
Q. When is your spouse planning to finish his studies? At which stage is he now?
Q. What would your spouse do after finishing his studies?
Q. Where did your spouse work, in India or in USA?
Q. Why did your spouse leave his/her job?
Q. (if you say, your spouse wants to come back to India) Why doesnt your spouse want to work in USA? Would he/she not work there? He/she can continue his research / work there; why does she/he want to come back to India?
Q. What did your spouse study in India? Where (which school/univ) did your spouse do his undergraduation/graduation in India?
Q. How would you fund yourself there? Who would bear your expenses there? Is your husband going to bear your expenses there?
Q. Do you have financial documents? Have you brought your spouse’s bank statements or any other supporting documents?

Your study and work related questions:
Q. What are you studying? Have you finished your studies? Are you done now?
Q. Do you plan on studying in USA? if you answers “NO” then the visa office may ask: Why not?
Q. Do you want to work there? (you can not work on F2 visa)
Q. Did you work in India?
Q. Why not? You have good education and can get good job; why do you not want to work?
Q. How would you spend your time there?

Your parents/in-laws/siblings/relatives related questions:
Q. What do your parents-in-law do in India?
Q: if your parents-in-law are in business, what kind of business?
Q: If your father-in-law is in business, the visa office may ask that who would take care of the business as your husband (if only one son) is in USA?
Q. Does your spouse have any siblings in USA? what do they do? Where do they live/ work in USA?
Q: Do they have Green Card? What kind of Visa do they have? if married, what do their spouses do?
Q: Do they want to come to India?
Q. Do you have any of your relative in US?
Q. Do you have any brothers/sisters? What do they do? Are they planning to go to US?
Q. What do your parents do?

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1,093 Responses to F2 VISA questions asked during interview at USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

  1. harish says:

    very good

    • sharita says:

      please i have f-2 interview to attend,but the issue is i went to the US before on a visitors visa,but i overstayed but applying for an F-2 visa. will they be able to know that i over stayed and what should i expect? thank u for your help

      • Lucky says:

        Hello Sharita,

        I think it is always good to presume that they know everything. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they know about your overstay. Please understand I am not saying that this will impact your F2 visa, it may or may not. My suggestion is to prepare for the situation where you are asked about your overstay.

        You must prepare some documentation to show that your overstay was due to some valid reasons just in case your are asked. Also nobody can predict the exact outcome of visa interview.

        Best of luck to you for your f2 visa.

        • Guest says:

          I finished my f2 visa interview at mumbai consulate today.
          My husband is working and is on opt n it expires in oct 2015.
          I was asked the following questions
          The vo asked to see my i20
          Have u been to us before.
          Why had u visited us.
          Do u have relatives in us
          Is your husband studying
          Where is he working
          Since how long is he working
          How did u meet
          When did u meet
          Was it an arranged marriage
          When did u get married
          How long have u known him
          How long have u been married
          Then she said my visa is approved and u can collect it in a few days.
          Thanks to Lucky and all those who have shared their experiences on this site!

          • payal says:

            r u getting visa on first trial?
            my case is that my husband just went out usa for master degree before 4 months 28 th july 2015…..now i m going o apply in december 2015…he is on f1 visa…my father in law sponsor me as well as was sponser my husband/

            how much chances to get visa/
            financialy we r strong…and all necessary docs we have…

            plz somebody reply my post

          • vishal says:

            Hello ,
            Can I know what were the financial documents and how much amount did he showed. Did you get the i20 after marriage or before marriage.
            I want to get my wife’s visa done but we are getting married in feb 2017.
            Thank you , if you can answer the question please share thank you so much.

      • Ritu says:

        Hi Lucky
        I was having my F2 visa interview on 4th May 2017. And got 221(g) white slip and asked to submit CV and research details. I have submitted all the required documents on 9th May 2017.
        My husband working as an engineer in a company and he is now in F1 OPT and his OPT is valid till Feb 2019.
        Actually I am a Master in Technology in Biotechnology. Have six months experience from a central government research institution as a project trainee for the partial fulfilment of my masters thesis. I am a home maker now. Waiting for my visa approval. I got married in January 2017. Need suggestions for my case.

  2. Nash says:

    really good for visa preparation
    i love it

  3. Danish Ali says:

    I just need know that if I get the F2 dependent visa than how can I work or is there any legal obligation to work in us on F2 dependent visa.

    I heard that after reaching to US, I can apply EAD on F2 Visa or how can I change obtain work visa if I have F2 visa.

    Need your assistance.

    Danish Ali

  4. xty says:

    what could be my reason for not traveling with my spouse when he left

    • Lucky says:

      Well, there may be many reasons. For example: 1) you wanted to spend more time with your family, 2) your spouse had to leave early because of his/her work, 3) you had to take care of some important stuff, because of that you could not leave early with your spouse, 4) You had to finish your studies (if applicable), 5) You may also have some medical reason.

      But I would suggest it is better to be genuine and tell the right reason if possible, and generally they really do not care much why you really did not leave with your spouse.

  5. prakash says:

    hi I am Prakash , I am applying for F2 but the problem is i have worked in usa before(till this year april) can i get f2? please and suggestions

    • Lucky says:

      Prakash, Although I am not an expert on this, but based on my experiences, I can say I have seen people who were previously working in USA, and then they switched to F2. So I would say that you getting f2 is possible.

  6. Samina says:

    Hi, I have F2 intrvw in just couple of days,what wud be good answer for : What wud your spouse do after finishing his study?

    • Lucky says:

      One probable answer could be that your spouse has a family in your home country to take care of, so after finishing his studies, you and your spouse would go back to your home country. I know that this answer is not really true generally, (certainly there are exceptions), but you should be confident while giving this answer. Anyway one on F1 visa is assumed to return back home after its duration (including OPT period).

      • Ansh says:

        Hi Lucky,

        My wife is india right now. I am on opt. working. Would be right answer for few question if you can help. 1. As you have fultime job why you want to go there ? 2. He is on opt so is he planning to come back or not ? His visa is expiring in november why you want to go there ? should i have documents of my father supporting her in india or her family ? if he is planning to come back in november when his visa expires then why you want to go there right now its only 6 months.

        Please let me know.


        • Nitin says:

          Hi Ansh,

          I am in the same sistuation like you are now. so Please let me know what happen to your wife interview. it will be a great help.


  7. Samina says:

    thank u Lucky 🙂

  8. renuka says:

    hi am applying for f2 visa next week and my father s sponsering me.is it necessary to bring bankstatement of my husband?he s not working will that be any problem?pls kindly ans my query asap.thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      As far as I know that it does not matter who is sponsoring you. So if you carry financial documents showing enough funds that is enough. And I do not think that there is any issue regarding your husband not working.

  9. chinna says:

    i’m attending interview in couple of days.how to answer for this question ,Why not? You have good education and can get good job; why do you not want to work?

    • Lucky says:

      I think one reason you can give that you want to take care of your spouse and his family, assuming your spouse is working.

    • vishal says:

      Hello ,
      Can I know what were the financial documents and how much amount did he showed. Did you get the i20 after marriage or before marriage.
      I want to get my wife’s visa done but we are getting married in feb 2017.
      Thank you , if you can answer the question please share thank you so much.
      Did you got the visa

  10. AXZ says:


  11. Harsh says:

    HI lucky..
    my wife is there since may 2010, i applied twice on F2, first in aug-2010 second time nov-2010, but unfortunately they denied my application after interview. and given the same perfoma letter stating that you don’t have family and financial tie-up in india so you wont going to come back..common letter( 214-b) i have balance in my saving account more than 3 times of her entire fees , and i am the only son of my parents.
    now i am going to apply third time..this time my maid uncle is going to sponsor my stay in USA, let me know that what is the chances to got the visa ?

    • Lucky says:

      Harish, I wish you get your visa soon. However, it is very difficult to predict any chances of getting visa. Visa process is in itself very unpredictable. I would just say please make your case as strong as possible and do good preparation before going for visa interview next time.

      • amir says:

        hi, my wife also rejected two time…what should i do …anybody know if lawyer prepare case for F2 will be more strong or not..
        secondly, third time anyone got visa f2?

  12. Harsh says:

    one more thing i forgot to mention that my maid uncle is USA citizen and he is physician MD. having his own hospital and also consults more than 14 hospitals in USA, his annual income is 2,50 lack USD.

    • Lucky says:

      Well, my understanding says that having your uncle who is MD, consulting several hospitals is not going to make your case stronger. As you said that the main reasons for you getting rejected is that you are not able to show stronger ties with India. So I would suggest that you make a strong point why you would come back, and work on making this point stronger.

  13. seo says:

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  14. minal says:

    hi lucky,
    My husband is in US and I am in India right now…
    actually I wanna go on F2 visa
    how to ans question like what u will u do there after visiting us and why do u want to go to us?
    plss help

    • Lucky says:

      One of the things you can say that you want to be with your husband and would like to take care of him and his family. I feel that those people are aware that after marriage, husband and wife want to stay together, there is no hidden secret behind it.

      • Mila says:

        Hi Lucky..

        Me and my husband faced our visa interview yesterday. We got married before 1 year. I have my I-20 which covers both me and my husband. Initially we faced the interview very well, until she asked for the original marriage certificate. I want to say that in my original marriage certificate mistakenly the registrar wrote the address in the place of name and then corrected it by signing on it. After seeing this, consular officer got confused and went inside and came back by asking another bundle of questions. Finally, she rejected my husbands visa under 214 b. What should I do now?

        • Lucky says:

          Hi Mila,

          Sorry to hear about your visa rejection. I would suggest to get a new marriage certificate with no errors or corrections and then apply again and hopefully you would get approved this time.

          • Srinath reddy says:

            Hi lucky

            How r u doing
            I had my visa interview today and unfortunately it’s rejected

            Here goes the visa experience

            Me- gud afternoon sir how r u
            Vo- fine so r u applying for f1
            Me- no sir I am applying for F2 dependent visa

            At this point of time he was saying something in low voice which I could not understand like it’s wrongly updated as visitor visa or something like that later he kept on asking questions without even looking at me all the time he was typing something looking at computer

            Vo – so ur wife is in US
            Me- yes sir
            Vo-when did u get married
            Me-20/2/14 sir
            Vo- when did ur wife leave to Us
            Me-on September 2nd sir
            Vo-so recently she went there, what do u do
            Me- I am looking after my father’s business fertiliser shop which I helped him in setting up the business
            Vo- so what’s your salary
            Me- I don’t get any salary sir as Iam takingcare of my own family business
            Vo- so u live with your parents
            Me- yes sir I am staying with my parents
            Vo-how long r u planning to stay in Us
            Me- 1 month sir as I want to spend time with my wife during her Christmas holidays

            Vo- sorry sir I can’t approve ur visa at this time u may reapply again or wait until ur situation changes
            Me- can I know like what kind of situation sir and why I am rejected
            Vo- I don’t think uhave sufficient family ties to India
            Me- but sir I recently got married and want to visit mywife as she’s having her holidays
            Vo- ur wife may visit India during her holidays or u may try again
            Me- thank u sir

            this is how my visa interview went still not able to assess myself like what mistake I have done and what changes I have to keep in mind for next tym

            Any suggestions from u would be helpful

            I can’t find much info or experiences about F2 online or in fb groups apart from here

            Pls reply

            Thank u

  15. Great article. Waiting for more.

  16. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  17. Sam says:

    Hi Lucky

    I am attending US visa interview on 4th of May.My problem is just today I noticed that I have not collected or miss placed the HDFC bank receipt.I have in pink colour but when I saw the mail (Confirmation mail) they have mentioned it as blue receipt .Is that going to be a problem.please reply soon.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sam,
      It seems that they have not updated their system and sends confirmation email saying blue receipt. So you should not be worried about it. Still I would suggest you to call them to verify that you have got it right.

  18. Labonnyo says:

    Hello , Thank you for the nice post. I’m attending interview in couple of days. What should be the best answer for this question , Do you plan on studying in USA? if you answers “NO” then the visa office may ask: Why not? Honestly speaking I like to complete MS if I get chance form a university from USA. If I answer that yes I like to study in USA, will that be problematic to gain F2 visa ?

    • Lucky says:

      Although you can study on F2 (although no funds, for that student needs to be on F1 visa), I would suggest you to just say no to that question with confidence. What you do after landing in US is a different thing. You can always say that you want to take care of family. Anyway these are just my suggestions, you know your situation best and should prepare accordingly.

  19. harpal singh says:

    hi lucky
    i m going for an f2 interview very soon and i have filled my wife name as a sponsor and she is doing phd and getting a scholarship and she has around 10000$ in her account.is it sufficient?
    will i face any problem showing my wife as sponsor?

    • Lucky says:

      I think that showing your wife as your sponsor is fine, because anyway you are going on F2 and she is on F1. In addition, I think $10000 funds are also fine, although more the better.

  20. seema says:

    Hi Lucky..
    It was really nice to see this blog and your quick and apt responses!!
    I will be appearing for F2 visa. My husband is on OPT and he left for US after marriage. My question is having siblings in USA with permanent residence/Citizenship reduce the chances of getting the f2 visa? what points should I take care of?

    • Lucky says:

      I do not think that having siblings in USA with permanent residence/Citizenship is any issue. If a question regarding your siblings comes (most probably it should not happen), and if you decide that you would tell the truth, then that should be fine too.

      • munnu says:

        my wife went to study ms in usa before 4months,now i want to apply for f2 visa in a week.my father is funding me so can u tell me how can i prepare…

  21. sasirekha says:

    Hi Lucky……..

    i’m attending interview in 20 days.. Im intersted to face interview in telugu bcz i feel more comfort in my mother language, But my basic question is that don’t they ask why do you choose telugu when you have btech degree in english medium? Does that means any bad?????n more ovr im getnggg scared abt dis interview,Need your assistance.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sasirekha, Baagu Naar, your answer can be (as you yourself said) that you are more comfortable with Telugu as that is your native language. One of the reasons behind this can be that some people are better in written English than in spoken English. And if one is good in written English, that is good enough to get through engineering program in English medium.

  22. sasirekha says:

    ur site is veryyy nice n i find more n more answers fr my qustionss

  23. sasirekha says:

    yeah tq,cn u gve me any sugestions for my interview i.e.. on 27 of dis month

    • Anonymous says:

      hiii lucky.. my spouse is doing his second masters and working too in u.s,his visa is going to expire within 8 mnths,am newly married, what should i tell if they ask me whether he is working??.. can i get f2 visa easily or its better for me to go for f1,, am a graduate in electronics,, willu please suggest me the best option??

      • Lucky says:

        Hello Preethi,
        I think that you always tell the truth and that way you can answer confidently. So if the question is about whether he is working, you must say that he is working. I do not think that as he is working will have any negative affects on your visa. Regarding F2 and F1, it is your choice. The only thing is that when applying for F2, you should not show any intentions to studying there, as it might have negative impact on your F2 visa interview.

  24. sasirekha says:

    hi lucky
    cn u gve me any sugestions for my interview i.e.. on 27 of dis month ,im waitng fr ur valuable rep

    • sowmya says:

      Hi Lucky,

      I was previously on f2 visa and i have converted it to F1 and visited India. My f1 got rejected and now i want to go to USA to stay with my husband. He is graduating in Aug and has applied for his opt and he even got a full time job in hand. he has send me an invitation letter to attend for his graduate cermony. I am presently working in India and planning to take a 3 months leave to visit him. what are my chances of visa getting approved?

      • Lucky says:

        Actually chances of getting visa are always unpredictable, so very difficult to say. My suggestion is to prepare well this time and to keep every documentation properly. Are you applying for visitor visa? And I am not wondering why they rejected your f1 visa? what was the reason? I am just curious because I know one of my friends whose wife converted to f1 from f2 without any issue, and also got visa stamped.

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Sashirekha,

      How was your visa interview did you get through your interview since you have attended it in telugu even though you had a degree in english medium. Please let me know since my wife is also intrested in attending the interview in telugu.

      Thank you in advance

  25. Sam chi says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I have f2 visa, problem is in my passport my photo is not clear ( looks like white patches on my face)do I need to have a new passport and have 2 passports while traveling to US.
    Thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      You say you have got f2 visa. That means that your photo has been already verified on the passport against the photo you must have submitted with your application. In that case, my suggestion is that you need not get worried about your photo in your current passport.

  26. Sam chi says:

    Thank you,Lucky.

  27. amit says:

    My wife is india right now. I am on opt. working. Would be right answer for few question if you can help. 1. As you have fultime job why you want to go there ? 2. He is on opt so is he planning to come back or not ? His visa is expiring in february why you want to go there ? should i have documents of my father supporting her in india or her family ? if he is planning to come back in february when his visa expires then why you want to go there right now its only 7 months

    • Lucky says:

      >>My wife is india right now. I am on opt. working. Would be right answer for few question if you can help. 1. As you have fultime job why you want to go there ?

      Afterall any wife would want to spend time with his husband so it is not a surprise. Actually it depends for how long your wife want to be there. if your wife is going to be there only for short period then that is perfectly fine. However if your wife is going to be a long period, is she leaving her job?

      >> 2. He is on opt so is he planning to come back or not ?
      Yes he is planning to come back.

      >>His visa is expiring in february why you want to go there ?
      To spend time with my husband.

      >> should i have documents of my father supporting her in india or her family ?
      Although not required but more documents the better.

      >> if he is planning to come back in february when his visa expires then why you want to go there right now its only 7 months
      Same as above.

  28. RAGA says:

    Hi, I am doing PhD in USA. I recently got married (26th June). My wife attended for F-2 visa interview on 8th July in Mumbai. She could not understand the VO accent, so she confused in replying answers. VO rejected under section 214b, though he did not ask anything about returning to home country and financial support. I have enough funding from school to support dependent, and also have $5000 in bank account. I also have letter from my professor, indicating that I have financial support till the end of my PhD. Our state of residence is HYD. Now she is planning to attend visa interview in Telugu in next 15 days.Is there any problem if she attend interview in telugu. Do they ask about previous rejection. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      I do not think so that there is any issue in attending interview in Telugu. It may be possible that they can ask the reason for rejection, and I think your wife has a very valid reason to tell that she could not understand the VO’s accent and therefore could not understand the question correctly. Anyway that is the main reason she is appearing for Interview in Telugu.

      • RAGA says:

        Thanks Lucky

        • Rahul says:

          Just need to clarify.. I got the F2 by showing a balance of $5000. But need a clarification – Need I have to show the entire amount(apprx. 39000) for for MS program again when my wife goes for visa interview ( as in I20 which is issued for my wife shows the exact break up of my course fee) or this $5000 is only required? I have two more papers to complete MS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Raga,

      I am applying for F2 visa now, and my husban is the same financial situation as you , he has around $5000 in bank account and is getting enough funding from school.I am concerned if that will be sufficient to show during the interview, so I wanted to know what happened to your wifes next interview. Thanks in advance!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I have been going through your advice to the questions posted, appreciate your time and sensible advice.

    request some advice from you, my wife is on f1, she went a year ago, for the last six months i tried twice and got rejections, first time applied for f1 and got rejected, second i tried on f2 after giving a gap of 2 months again got rejected, both the times i tried from hyd, now i am trying to applying from chennai, and also mentioned that i am unemployed now, are these going to effect my chances of getting visa, right now i am totally blank, please advice me, wht are the chances of me getting an approval this time. my wife also changed her college. new college did not accept her credit points. now she is starting afresh and course is for 3 years. so i also mentioned that i would be staying 3 years. is this again going to be a problem please let me know, thank you in advance.


    • Lucky says:

      It depends on what the reasons were behind the previous rejections. First you have to prepare well and should solve all the issues you had during previous rejections.
      I do not think that the length of stay matters. Because F2 visa’s validity is dependent upon F1’s I20.

  30. Naina says:

    hey I am planning to appear for F2 Interview very soon.I was jus wondering is there any way that the primary and Depandent applicant can appear for their recpective interviews together,Though I know they can but what are the steps which are suppose to be followed.

    Thanks, waiting for a quick reply

    • Lucky says:

      Yes it should be possible when you book the appointment for F1, then it should show how to take appointment for F2 along with it.

  31. Nirali says:


    I had applied twice for student visa on dec-10 and jan-11, and got rejected. Now I got married and my husband is from USa. he is on F-1 and studying there. I am applying for F-2 visa within a few days. One more thing when I had apply for student visa that university was the same university as my husband’s.

    I know it is unpredictable but how much chances are there for my F-2 visa?
    Is there any problem with my previous rejection? or due to same university?

    • Lucky says:

      I think it depends upon what were the reasons behind previous rejections. My suggestion is to rectify those issues and prepare well so that when you go for F-2 you are more confident.

    • Gloria says:

      Hi, Nirali. My situation is very much alike with yours. Did you get the visa? Please can you let me know what they ask? I had 2 F-1 denials as well, and now will be applying for an F-2. But what im afaraid of is that my fiance studies in a community college, not in the university, and he changed his major.thats why im kind of concerned, they can think he did it only to stay longer. Thank you!

    • Dipti Goyal says:

      Hi Nirali , my situation is same but little change in that is I have applied twice for F1 visa after my marriage and my sister is USA citizen .but F1was denied now i m applying for F2 visa please suggest me.

    • raj says:

      I am in the same boat. Could you tell me did u get the visa? If yes, could u share me the experience.

  32. Ity for your useful info! My spouse and i would not have discovered this particular myself personally!

  33. Roshni says:

    Hello luckymam
    I am Roshni,my husband is in U S since last three yrs,he has completed his m S & now working on OPT I have applied for 4 times but rejected now iwant to apply for f2 he is having job appointment letter & 2 pay stubs,so now if i will what r the chances to get visa pl reply my date is 10 th Aug

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Roshni,
      It is never possible to predict visa approval chances, as it depends upon many factors. My suggestion is to first sort out the issues that caused rejection in your previous attempts. Make sure that you have all the necessary documents. In addition, prepare well for all the questions that might be thrown at you. In F2, you have to make sure that you have proper reasons why you and your husband want to come back. As you can not work on F2, you need to justify that you are just going to there to be with him and will not indulge in any work activity.

      PS: I am not mam, I am a male, and you can just address me as Lucky.

    • shachindra says:

      Hi roshni,
      PLease reply once your done with your visa interview need some help regarding my wife’s visa. thank you and all the best

  34. Roshni says:

    pl mam reply soon
    my husband is earnig more then 5000 USD per month,& I m having his 2 pay stubs what r the chances?pl reply my interview date is 10th Aug

  35. Roshni says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Thanks a lot for yr guidence,
    yr website is very helpful to us, yr quick responce is appriciate, once again thanks.

  36. RAGHA says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My wife attended F-2 visa on August 1st of 2011. Visa officer gave her white letter with 221g. He has put the tick mark on “your application requires additional administrative processing before final decision can be made”. VO did not return original marriage certificate, my wife’s original I-20, and copy of my I-20. Vo returned my wife’s passport. Letter has case number to check for updates on visa pending. Do they issue after verification. How long it will take for this process. Are there any chances for rejection after verification. I heard that, it is very rare to give 221g for F-2 visa. Is it true? Please give me some suggestions.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ragha,
      Did they ask your wife to submit any additional documents, (although it is not always that they request additional documents)? I think if you submit the required documents (in case they asked), then once you submit those documents, then everything should be fine I think. I have heard that administrative processing may takes some time (varies from a couple of weeks to a couple of months), so you have to wait patiently. I am sorry I really do not have any statistics about 221g issued to F2 visa. I am just sharing my experiences here what I have heard from my friends, and I am not at all any expert in these things.

      • RAGHA says:

        Hello Lucky,

        Thanks for your comment. They did not request for additional documents. They retained our original marriage certificate and my wife’s original I-20 (issued by University adding dependent).

  37. sheen says:

    Hey there!
    That was a really nice info for my prep.
    M gonna face the interview in 20 days at hyd, for my f2 visa..My husband has just started his Opt,and is employed full time. I m a dentist, passed and certified 2 years ago,havent worked anywhere.Got married 8 months ago and in my marriage certificate,my occupation is written as Doctor.Will that affect my interview?Also what would be a better reply to these questions?
    Q. Why not? You have good education and can get good job; why do you not want to work?
    Q. How would you spend your time there?

    P.S i don’t intend to work there.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sheen,
      Those questions are always tricky to answer since you have a good degree. But you can find several cases of persons applying for f2 who have advanced degrees. My suggestion is to be very confident whatever you are going to answer. I can only suggest that for your first question, you might answer something like your family is your first preference so you want to take care of family. For your second question, you might answer that you would indulge in household work, and spending time over Internet and TV etc. Again just suggestions, you know your situation better so are the best person to decide what are right answers.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey sheen i would like to knw abt ur visa approval. I am in the same situation as yours..plz help me out…and what are the questions asked to u

  38. Jasjit says:

    My husband is attending interview for F2 visa. I am a PhD student in USA. I am getting GA and the dependent’s I-20 shows that all the required funds will be provided by school as I am getting Graduate Assistantship. Do we still have to show financial documents.. like my bank statements at the time of interview.


    • Lucky says:

      Yes, it is always good to carry financial documents like your bank statements. You never know what they (VO) might ask to look at.

    • shachindra says:

      Hi jasjit,
      Did you husband get visa please reply because i need some help

      • Jasjit says:

        Hi Shachindra,
        Yeah my husband got visa today. If you need any help just let me know.
        The Visa officer hadn’t asked much questions apart from what is your wife doing there? What will you do during your stay in US? When did you get married? Was it arrange or love marriage.
        That’s all I think.


        • SBJ says:

          Hi Jasjit,

          I am applying for F2 visa. My husband is doing his PHD. He has around 6000$ in bank account and is getting monthy stipend from his uni. Will that be sufficient to get through the interview?Thanks in advance

          • Priya says:

            Hi Jasjit,

            I’m pursuing my PhD and my husband would be applying for F2 soon. I’m in a situation like you so would really appreciate your guidance.

            In which consulate did your husband give his visa interview? What did he answer for ‘what are you going to do during your stay in the US?’ ?

            Thanks a lot!

        • Rahil says:

          Hi Jasjit
          Thanks for sharing the experience.
          Could u please gimme the answers for the above
          questions that your husband responded please?
          i will be really appreciated
          thank you

        • Bhavana says:


          Even my husband is going for F-2 dependent visa so what will your husband answer for this question

          What will you do during
          your stay in us? Can you please reply me ASAP

  39. shachindra says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I got married on May 27th 2011. My wife appeared for visa three time now and got rejected. The first time they told my finances where not enough to support both of us and gave her 214(b). The second time I did show funds in India bank account to support her and they gave her the same form 214(b). the third time i showed funds in my Us bank accounts and letter from my professor about my funding and a letter from international office saying my financial condition is good to support both me and my wife but still VO rejected her. The third time the visa office told her US has become strict. The questions asked by her were answered well by my wife but still her visa got rejected. very disappointed, need you help Lucky

    • Lucky says:

      Hello shachindra,
      I am very sorry to hear about that. I am really surprised because based on what I have heard, it is not very difficult to get F2 visa. My suggestion is that if possible can you apply to a different consulate, instead of applying at the same consulate.

  40. shereen says:

    My husband is in the US on F1 visa since March this year. Me along with my two kids applying for the F2 visa soon. My husband is not working there and has no intensions to work and has his savings to bear his tution fee. Can you please let me know that he not having a job there and not earning be an issue in approval of my f2 visa. I also need to know what could be a good amount in dollars to show in his account in the US bank to have good chances of success in the interview keeping in mind myself and two kids as his dependents.
    Your valuable advice will be highly appreciated.


    • Lucky says:

      As far as I know it should not affect your F2 visa approval chances whether your husband is working or not if your husband can show sufficient funds to support you and your 2 kids. Second, as your husband just started in March, he anyway is not eligible to work off campus before 9 months. Sufficient amount of funds really depends upon the location (city/state etc) and number of years your husband is going to stay in US depending upon his I-20. I think your husband’s university’s international office that issues I-20 might provide an estimate about how much minimum funds are necessary for dependants.

  41. Gloria says:

    It is very helpful, thank you. I have the following situation. My boyfriend is on an F-1 visa right now, he studies in a community college and is planning to transfer in a couple of semesters to a university. We are planning to get married in a couple of months. I am Russian and he is from Pakistan. Do you think it will be difficult to get an F-2 for me? I am not planning ot stay in Russia, will they be asking what my ties with this country are? Or can they ask if I have any connections with Pakistan after me and my husband get there after he is done with the studies? Plus I am planning to apply for F-2 right after we get married, will this time period affect the process? I have 2 denials on F-1 as well. Thank you

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Gloria,
      I think it is possible that they might ask what are your ties in Russia, since F2 is a non-immigrant visa that means you are supposed to come back and you need to show clear intent of coming back. You should prepare your answers accordingly that shows that you dont want to stay in USA forever. It is possible that they might ask that how did you meet your boyfriend and related questions, so you should be prepared for these questions as well. As soon as you get married, you can apply for F2 visa. It depends on why your F1 visa was rejected but you prepare well for your F2 visa then it is possible everything should be fine. In general, visa approval process is very random and you never know what might happen. I would emphasize again that one thing in any non-immigrant visa interview is to show your intent of coming back.

  42. Amrita says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I’m actually in the process of going to the USA as I have been studying there for the past 2 years but I got married and my husband is a Canadian PR holder. I know you mainly deal with Indian citizens but was wondering about the F2 visa and if my husband should apply for it or another type of visa, since he has a permanent job with an IT company in Canada. Both of us have no family or relations in US. The only reason I will be there is to complete 1 year and 3 months of clerkship and then come back to Canada. I have about $45,000 saved for my studies and other spending. My husband has $10,000 in his personal account. I was wondering, if my husband wanted to get multiple entry so that he could just help me settle in the first few months and then come and go as I will be very busy there in the hospital doing rounds and he doesn’t want to quit his job, what’s the best route?

    I’m confused as to how to make sure the interviewer knows we won’t settle there. I am planning on doing the rest of my clerkship in Canada, but it’s too early to apply right now as it’s more than 1 year away. Any advice on whether F2 is the way to go for us or should we enquire on another visa?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Amrita,

      F2 visa is dependent visa and can only be applied in relation to F1 visa. If you are not on F1 visa, I think that your husband can not apply for F2 visa. I think that your husband may apply for multiple entry visitor visa to USA. In that way, he can travel as often as he wants and can stay for maximum of 6 months.

      • Amrita says:

        Thanks for replying back Lucky. Is there any way that if he wanted to stay in the US with me while I’m completing my clerkship he could do so without having to leave the US after every 6 months? I have to stay there for a year.

  43. Amrita says:

    Oh and I forgot to add, I am a Canadian citizen so I don’t need a visa for the USA. I’m just wondering about my husband. 🙂

  44. shilpa says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Really very helpful blog and giving valid answers for all questions….I Would Appreciate for your work

    Iam attending F2 Visa next week of this month, my husband is on OPT and working as SE… Actually my question is that my F1 visa got rejected 3 times earlier, and the university i applied and my husband university is same but now he is completed masters. Is any chance to ask the question in this situation?

    and next thing ours is a luv marriage both of my parents not agreed for my marriage, so we got marriage in arya samaj, so my problem is if they ask luv marriage or arranged marriage what should i tell?

    if they ask to show my marriage photos, in that photos both of our parents not there…Please help out to solve my problem….

    Thanks in advance

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shilpa,
      Everything is possible (that does not mean and they would really ask but you never know) and so you should prepare for that kind of questions too. I think it does not matter if it is love marriage or arranged, after all marriage is marriage. I think VO (visa officer who interviews) is concerned about whether you are legally married or not, irrespective of love and arranged marriage. You should have photos and marriage certificate, which prove that your marriage is legal and genuine. I think it should not be a problem if your parents are not there in the photos, because I think VO should not be concerned about it, just my suggestion .

      • Shilpa says:

        Thank u so much lucky for your reply….ya i have all the marriage certificates and photos too and all are genuine……

        Thanks Once again….

  45. dipti says:

    i am recently married and my husband is on OPT till jan 2011. my f2 visa interview was on 18 aug 2011, but got rejected on 214b. he only asked me 1) what is school name 2) what is he master in 3)how long you are married and 4) what’s his income, as i said his income is 2600$ pm so he gave me the letter saying that i cannot grant you the visa this time. This was my first attempt. Please advice what shoud i do, should i go with the same thing next time with 2600salary or should i change it and how many times i can apply for f2 visa if its rejected twice.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Dipti,
      It seems to me that the issue may be related to the last date of OPT that is jan 2011 (too close) as well as the low salary of $2600. In general, the salary of $2600 should be fine if a student, but since your husband is working and generally salary of working person in a good company is generally higher, so that may be of concern to VO. I think is better if your husband can show a higher salary and a permanent job. This is just my suggestion, but I am no expert, I think you should contact a some person(a lawyer) who is in expert in such cases.

  46. Soumya says:

    Hi LUCKY…

    I am attending for F2 Visa next week and iam working in India since 3 yeras, is it necessary to take my experience certificate with me when i attend the visa…..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Soumya,

      Although any additional document is fine, but it is not mandatory to take your experience certificate. Anyway you are NOT allowed to work on F2, so you should not give any indication to the VO that you might start working in USA while on F2. So be careful and be prepared for questions like why are you leaving your job here in India, and what would you do in USA?

      • Soumya says:

        Sure Lucky……Thank you so much for your reply

      • pallavi G says:

        i have my visa interview on 6th Feb 2017, i have one doubt related to length of stay mentioned on my DS160 . my i20 is valid till 18 dec 2017 where as my husbands F1 visa is valid till 14th dec 2018 but hes on opt rgt now which also expires on 18th dec 2017.. although he’s eligible for renewal after one year , so what should i put as intended length of stay on my DS160 form as am yet to go for my F2 interview.

  47. sonu says:

    if it is necessary to take my educational documents along with me?i m giving my f2 visa interviwe 29th augest..plz help me.

  48. Shivani says:

    Hi Lucky
    Would you please guide me through… I am attending f2 visa in sydney in 1st september. I am Nepalese citizen and been here in AUS for 2 years now as a student. I got married last year and my husband is a student as well…my major concern is how should i approach the interview .. I had been rejected 2 times for F1 in the past so I came to AUS for study… Now I really want to get my visa accepted this time..
    praying god…..:)

  49. Sanjeev says:


    I am applying F-2 visa for my wife, and she will be attending the visa interview at chennai consulate very soon. I have gone through the typical questions that are listed in this forum. They are very much informative. I just wanted to know the best possible answers for these questions.

    1. When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements?
    —Specifically, my question here is, does it make any difference on the chance of getting VISA if we mention the tentative travel date??

    2. Why did you not go with your spouse (in case your husband leaves before you)?
    —Can we mention that I had to get the I-20 from the univ. which will be issued only after producing the proof of marriage? or any personal reason for this question suits better?

    3. What would your spouse do after finishing his studies?
    I suppose the best answer would be that, she has to mention we will be coming back to India due to family importance back in India. Any comments please.

    4. (if you say, your spouse wants to come back to India) Why doesnt your spouse want to work in USA? Would he/she not work there? He/she can continue his research / work there; why does she/he want to come back to India?
    This question seems little tricky..!! – Can we mention the family importance or scope of my research back in India for this question???

    5. How would you spend your time there?? — Confused..!!!! :~

    Additionally, regarding the financial support document, in the I-20 issued by my university, it specifies enough funding from the university (includes my personal savings, salary per year, and funds available to cover my tuition) mentioning in it. Do I still need to show the bank statement or the I-20 will take care of this? Comments please.

    I found these questions are little tricky while answering to VO. I would really appreciate your time and answers to the above said questions.

    Thank you in advance.

  50. Khushboo Parmar says:

    Dear Lucky,

    my visa got rejected on 9th sept 2011 @ mumbai. Interview was as follows:

    VO- is ur husband still continuing with XXX university
    Me- yes he is doin Ph.D
    VO- in whc subject
    Me- Electrical & comp engg
    VO- is he working
    Me- he is doin teaching & research assistanceship
    VO- he is getting stipend for that
    VO- wen is he expecting to complete his course
    Me- may 2014

    After dat he started writing something in the PC and then returned my passport saying “im sorry bt i cnt gv u d visa nw n u can apply again n better luck next tym”

    the paper whc he gv me says that i was nt able 2 convince him dat i wil be returning to India after my tempopary stay. I was presumed 2 be immigrant under Us immigration law. section 214 (b)

    bt im confused as to hw shld i convince him dat n wat supporting documents shld i keep wid me 4 dat.

    plz help me out so dat im prepared for next tym.


    • Niketkumar Patel says:

      Hey Khushboo,

      Actually, I came across your comment regarding your visa interview? My wife got rejected in quite similar type of rejection on F2 for 214(b).

      I am wondering if you have applied again for the visa or any success for it?
      Is there anything you want to suggest or share from your experience?

      I really appreciate your help in this regard,

      Niket Patel

    • xyz says:

      hi i am in same boat n want your if can please share ur experience. did u get ur visa.

    • Concerned replyer says:

      you responded wrongly on the stipend part… It means is he getting paid while working there…. They are not allowed to work….Thats why you were rejected.. You mentioned yes instead of no….

  51. Shilpa says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My visa got rejected on sep 7th..

    He only asks….
    1) what did ur spouse do?
    2. where did he stay?
    3. when did u got married?
    4. can i see ur spouse pay stubs

    He sees the pay stubs 3 times and said that iam sorry, iam not giving visa..hope ur husband come soon to india???????????

    What is the main reason….

    may husband OPT Period is upto july15th 2012 and he his getting 70,000$ per anum

  52. Jasmin says:

    Hi lucky,
    I hav few question…I m gonna throw your post and thank u so much for making this blog….
    I m on opt,working in my own company (partnership) and getting fix pay $30000.. My husband wanna apply or f2..i have around $7000 in my saving account…he got f1 rejection 3 times..VO says that u not gonna come back…
    Now what he has to says about this question” what u wanna do there when u r not able to study or job”
    Do I need my company’s document?.
    Do I Need to Make my financial condition strong?..
    After getting rejection he went Canada for study..he applied there but vo says u have to go to your home country for document verification…

  53. Grishma says:

    Hi Lucky,
    My husband is on F1 visa in US. I am applying for F2 visa next month. He is working on campus since septmeber. My father is sponsoring me and showing enough funds for my stay in US. My ques is that is his on campus job be a reason for my visa rejection? Is it difficult to get an F2 visa because of recession in US?

  54. Megha says:

    Hello Lucky,
    I am also in the same boat. I got married recently, and my husband is undertaking Masters in Computer Science in USA. He is working On-Campus now. Many of visa counselor says that it is difficult to get F2 visa and I should go on F1 visa, is it so? I would also like to ask u that is it necessary that I should have to show myself working right now when I am appearing for F2 visa interview? I have 5+ yrs experience, but now I am not working. Could you please help with some helpful tips to get visa in first attempt. I am very nervous and in dilemma.
    Thanks in advance

  55. suneetha says:

    Hi lucky,
    u r lucky to many people i think,
    okay i have a doubt .
    I have been in usa since aug and got married just b4 coming to usa , got my vis approved b4 marriage. so now i have send dependent I20 to my husband, he is gonna to attend interview on 3rd oct,, the problem is he has got F1 rejection b4 marriage so is there any issue with that, means they may consider the first rejection and all bla bla bla? does it have any impact on this F2 visa?
    waiting for ur advice.
    thank u

  56. pretty me says:

    hi!! we will be having our interview few weeks for now, i just want to ask if do i need to bring affidavit of support even my husband already submitted it to the nvc… do i still need to provide a photocopy of his passport and id… pls email me… thanks a lot!!!

  57. Grishma says:

    Thank u Matt for your reply.

    We had enough funds in bank. More than as said by visa consultant. We have fixed assets too, but on my father’s name. Appreciated your help and help. Thanks….

  58. Megha says:

    Hello everyone,
    Can anyone please share there recent F2 visa interview questions and experience with me. I am going to attend F2 visa interview in next month. Would appreciate your feedback.
    Thanks in advance

    • Shilpa says:

      Hi Megha

      I have attende F2 visa twise but got rejected, now a days mostly they are not giving F2 VISAS and getting rejects….They ask 3 or 4 questions and tell try for h4 visa without any reason..

      They ask normal questions like
      Q. What do your spouse do in USA
      Q. In which company he his working
      Q. When did he graduated and from which university?
      Q. When u got married?
      Q. Who arranged ur marriage?
      Q. when ur husband get h1b visa
      Q. Show me your husbands pay stubs….

      These many questions i faced and answered clearly but got rejected…..

      Any ways all the best and prepare welll

      • Megha says:

        Thanks Shilpa for your help. I would surely prepare well and try my best for not getting rejected. I hope you should also get the visa soon.

      • Megha says:

        Hi Shilpa,
        Could you please let me know that is SEVIS fees of my and my husband necessary for F2 visa? My husband says that this fees are not required for me, and he has misplaced the said receipt. Please help me in this matter.
        Thanks in advance.

  59. kbr says:

    hi lucky….
    how much bank balance i have to show to support my spouse

  60. SJ says:

    I am on F1 Visa and my wife is applying for F2 Visa. My brother lives in USA and she is a US Citizen. When I applied for F1 Visa, I did mention about my sister but now they are US Citizens. In my wife’s DS Form, we mentioned NO for the question, any relative in the US? What should she reply if the VO asks, any relatives in the US? I did not submit the DS form so I can still change it… Should we mention about my US Citizen sibling?

  61. Khushboo says:

    Hi lucky, i have posted my query since many days but havent yet received reply from your side.. plz guide us.. its really very imp for us.. thx..

  62. ammu says:

    my husband is doing ph.d in usa, his visa was expired on auguest month but right now he is in usa, im going for f2 visa interview, regarding this expired visa of my husband,wht type of questions they will raise? nd how should answer that questions?
    waiting for ur advice….

  63. Megha says:

    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone please let me know that is SEVIS fees receipt of my husband necessary for F2 visa?
    Thanks in advance

  64. karuna says:

    every one
    i m going to face visa interview day after tomorrow an after reading all the above mentioned ques an suggestions just got confused that after answering clearly for all ques why they reject visa.

    • Megha says:

      Hi Karuna,
      Had u got the visa? Can u please share your experience and VO ques with me? I am about to go for F2 visa in next month. Would appreciate your help.
      Thanks in advance

    • karuna says:

      thanks for all the above ques an answers mentioned on this page
      as all this helped me a lot an i got my visa
      thanks everybody

      • Megha says:

        Hello Karuna,
        Congrats for yr visa. It would be helpful to me if u share your experience and VO ques to me. I m taking my interview date next week. I am so much affraid and depressed about the situation.
        Thanks in advanced

  65. Amith says:


    I have a F2 Visa Interview this month in Hyderabad. I have attended in September and was rejected saying that my Immigration visa is pending. I have my parents staying there and wife is studying there for the last 10 months. I have applied again. The reason being, my Immigration visa is not pending, my grand mother applied for immigration to me in 1998 and there is no movement from then. Can you give me some tips on how to go with the interview.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Megha says:

      Hello Amith,
      I had also applied for F2 visa from Mumbai Embassy, but got rejected saying that I am not eligible for visa and gave common rejection letter. Now I want to apply from Hyderabad Embassy but I want to know that do I have to submit my relevant documents to VFS office 3 days prior as I had done for Mumbai Embassy? Can you please let me know your experience and ques asked? I would be helpful I you help me in this situation and share basic experience.
      Thanks in advance

  66. kbr says:

    I got f2 visa

    hi …..i attended interview on 17-oct-2011 @hyderabad,my appointment time is 8:15am
    at gate1 they checked my passport and appiontment letter at 8:00am and they told me stand on line2 in that place they asked me to put my plasticcover in tray including documentfile to scan for security check and we have to go through metaldetector. after security checking process we have walk straight for 1min then after there were counters 4,5,6 we allowed to stand in any counter in that place they keep all documents in order pls keep one photograph with u….i went to the counter6 she arranged all and gave and told meto go counter8
    in counter8 they taking my finger prints and guide me to wait in wait place …
    in that place they gave token no …we have two digital screens in that we have to swaitwhen our token num is to be called..there we have water&restroom facility
    my turn came they announced me to go the counterno 15
    i went there all ready 2 ppl standing on my counter for their interview
    vo calld me for interview he is very youngamerican he asked me following qns
    me:hello,goodmorning sir
    me:i gave my passport and i-20 of mine and my spouse
    vo;who is sponsoring u
    me:my spouse
    vo:what he is doing?
    me:i said he is doing his m.s in ……..univ
    vo:how he will support u?
    me:he is having graduate assistanceship
    vo:oh good
    vo:he ask marriage certificate and wedding album
    me:i showed
    vo:why u not went along with my spouse
    me:i have no passport before marriage i got it after marriage
    vo:he saw issue date on passport…and smiled ..i will give u visa
    me:thank u sir

    finally i got visa ,so be confident while giving answers….
    all the best for all who applying for f2 visa

  67. kbr says:

    I got f2 visa

    hi …..i attended interview on 17-oct-2011 @hyderabad,my appointment time is 8:15am
    at gate1 they checked my passport and appiontment letter at 8:00am and they told me stand on line2 in that place they asked me to put my plasticcover in tray including documentfile to scan for security check and we have to go through metaldetector. after security checking process we have walk straight for 1min then after there were counters 4,5,6 we allowed to stand in any counter in that place they keep all documents in order pls keep one photograph with u….i went to the counter6 she arranged all and gave and told meto go counter8
    in counter8 they taking my finger prints and guide me to wait in wait place …
    in that place they gave token no …we have two digital screens in that we have to swaitwhen our token num is to be called..there we have water&restroom facility
    my turn came they announced me to go the counterno 15
    i went there all ready 2 ppl standing on my counter for their interview
    vo calld me for interview he is very youngamerican he asked me following qns
    me:hello,goodmorning sir
    me:i gave my passport and i-20 of mine and my spouse
    vo;who is sponsoring u
    me:my spouse
    vo:what he is doing?
    me:i said he is doing his m.s in ……..univ
    vo:how he will support u?
    me:he is having graduate assistanceship
    vo:oh good
    vo:he ask marriage certificate and wedding album
    me:i showed
    vo:why u not went along with ur spouse
    me:i have no passport before marriage i got it after marriage
    vo:he saw issue date on passport…and smiled ..i will give u visa
    me:thank u sir

    finally i got visa ,so be confident while giving answers….
    all the best for all who applying for f2 visa

    • Megha says:

      Hello Friend,
      Congrats first for yr visa. It was too nice of you that you had shared your experience with this blog. I am also applying for F2 next week. Can you please let me know how much bank balance should I show for visa? My father is sponsoring me, would it be good for this. I would appreciate if you help me in this matter.
      Thanks in advance.

  68. SBJ says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am applying for F2 visa. I have heard Financial support is one of the main reasons for rejection of F2 visa. My husband is doing his PHD. He has around 6000$ in bank account and is getting monthy stipend from his uni. Will that be sufficient to get through the interview?

    Thanks in advance!

  69. Shilpa says:

    Hello friends,
    I am going to apply for F2 visa next month, I had already been rejected once in Nov 11. Can anyone please advice me some important tips for getting success in this interview. What type of clothes should be weared during interview?
    I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks in advance.

  70. VirajK says:

    My wife’s applying for F2 visa day after tomorrow @ Mumbai Consulate. I am on OPT and work for a acclaimed healthcare organization. Anyone with F2 visa approved while spouse on OPT please share your experiences? Thats should boost her confidence!!!

  71. Rozana says:

    I just need to know, should I bring original bank statement of my husband’s bank account? he has sent me the online bank statement copies of his account, is it okay to show the print out doc of those?

  72. Soumya says:

    Hello viraj,

    Did u wife god the F2 visa?

  73. Prince says:

    Hello Lucky,

    On the onset I have to tell you that you are doing a great job in helping people who needs guidance the most with the visa application.

    My Case: My wife will be approaching from her F2 visa interview along with my two kids aged 3 and 1. I have done the i-20s for them which states the amount of $45 K. I am doing my masters from a private university with no scholarship offered by the university and I am currently not working and have a little over a year to complete my masters (is there a concern me not working)
    my second question. I am planning to show total funds of $50K as my personal funds ($25K in indian bank account and $25K in the US bank account) The amount that I would show here will be transfered to my account by my sister from India and 25K is transfered by my father to my Indian account. Does this make sense to you or should I let my father and sister sponsor my family directly? I was thinking that if she is my dependent it makes sense to have funds in my account, the only problem is the movement of funds just before the interview, will this be an issue. Please advice your view points on my case and the best approach as per you given my situation.
    Thanks & regards

    • Lucky says:

      Regarding your first question, you not working should not be a concern. For your 2nd question, you are right, from my point of view, it is better to show your funds in your US bank account. And the amount to be shown should be equal or more than what is specified on the I-20 of your dependants. I think as far as you can get bank statements showing that you have the required funds in your bank account, that should be fine.

  74. Sean Connery says:

    By responding to our queries and removing doubts, you are doing a great service and I salute you. I wonder if you can help me out on a certain issue.

    I am an MBA student on an F1 visa and will be completing my course in May. I already have a job offer with a reputed consulting firm and will start work in June 2012. While initially I will be on OPT, the firm will apply for H1B as soon as I join.

    My question is: when my wife fills in the DS160 form, what should she write for expected length of stay? She can write May 2012, that is until I graduate, but since I will be filing for OPT in February 2012, she will of course be staying longer. My concern is that she is given F2 visa valid till May 2012, and then I have to renew it again. At the same time, there’s no denying that my I20 clearly states 20th May as graduation date.

    Please advise.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello, as far as I know it will depend upon the remaining duration of your I-20, perhaps if you can get, get the renewed I-20 for your wife for longer duration. However, in past I have seen a case of F2 getting visa longer than what was the duration of I-20. I think it depends anything is possible.

  75. Vishwas says:

    Hi Lucky,

    This is a very nice site and is helping 1000’s of people around the globe. I am working on OPT which is expiring on July 15th of 2012. I got married last month and my wife is going for her F2 interview on Jan 6th. Can the OPT Expiration date be a block for her interview? Any suggestions on how she should answer questions in the interview?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Vishwas,
      It is very difficult (or almost impossible) to say what can happen during visa interview and really any think is possible so one should be prepared in all ways possible. That said, it would be better for your wife to show that you have job offer beyond your OPT expiration date, or your company is going to apply for H1B before that (or has already applied), or your company is going to extend your OPT period, or any sort of documents that shows you are going to work beyond the expiration date. Frankly the time gap between your OPT expiration (15th july, 2012) and your wife’s visa interview date (6th jan, 2012) is not significant and might be a block during the interview. Again, I am not saying that your wife will not be granted visa, but it is better to be prepared that regretting after that. Anyway best of luck to you and your wife for the interview.

  76. Vishwas Setty says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I recently got extension at my company till Dec 2012. So will it be good if i can get a client letter stating this for her interview? Is it okay to say that i will be applying for H1? will they not think that i am trying to become an immigrant and a citizen later on? Should i also have the tax return forms sent to her for her interview?

    Thanks again for your great suggestions. You are doing a great job of helping people.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Vishwas,
      Yes it is always good to send as much documentation as possible that can make your case better. So it is good to carry the document that shows your work extension till Dec 2012. Also it is good to send tax documents too. With regard to H1B, H1B is dual intention so showing intention of immigration is not wrong if one is on H1B. Since you are not on H1B, I am *NOT* sure if saying that your company will be applying H1B for you is right or not. I think it really depends what kinds of questions your wife is asked. In general my suggestion is to always answer to the point that means never answer more than what is being asked. I just wish that visa interview for your wife will be real easy and no trick questions will be asked.

  77. Shilpi says:

    Hi Lucky,

    It is too nice that you had shared such a great block to get success in visa.

    I had recently got F2 visa from Mumbai consulate. But the problem is that my visa only for 1 year ie for December 2012. In this case what can be my future problems. Do I have to return back to India for visa extension??

    Please guide me in this matter. Thanks in advance


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shilpi, one needs to have a valid visa stamped at the time of entry. However, stamped visa does not decide the duration of your stay in that country. There is another document depending upon your visa type, like i-20 for F1, I-797 for H1B that decides your length of stay in that country, and generally stamped visa expiration date is based on this document. So even if your visa expires in Dec, 2012, you might stay in the country as far as you get another valid approval document. But if you visit India after Dec, 2012 (or before Dec 2012 and there is a change in your visa status), then you will have to go for visa stamping to get a valid visa for re-entry.

      Anyway, congratulations for your F2 visa. Perhaps you can share your experiences with others to help them.

  78. Vishwas Setty says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am trying to get the letter from the company which shows my contract till 2012. Thanks for your prompt reply and help. Will keep you posted.


  79. Shilpi says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for your response. I have also one doubt in regard of my visa. After my visa approval after how many months can I go to US? If I want to go in Feb 2012 to US is it ok or my visa would get canceled as I got my visa on 7 Dec 2011 and gets expired on Dec 2012 so there would be a 3 months gap after my visa approval.

    Thanks in advance. Would appreciate your feedback


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shilpi, you can go in feb 2012 without any issues, and infact you can go anytime until your visa expires. I am not aware of any rule that says you should go within a particular period.
      And thanks for sharing your experiences, I am sure others will find it very useful.

  80. Shilpi says:

    Hello Friends,

    I had got my F2 visa approved on 7 Dec 2011 at Mumbai consulate. I am hereby sharing my experience with you all. Hope all of them trying for F2 gets success from experience.

    My visa timing were at 8:15 am at BKC, Bandra. I reached there at 7:45 and there was a huge rush of people at consulate. There was a big Q and the officer told me stand in the Q holding my original passport, I-20 and interview letter in hand. After security check we all were let in the complex. There I handed my documents to the counter for my token number. The officer returned my passport and I-20 with a sticker of token number back to me. Then I hand my fingerprints confirmation, and was asked to take a sit. There are 2 sections for Immigration and non-immigration at Mumbai consulate. After 30 minutes my token number was displayed on the TV screen alongwith the window number. There are in all 44 windows at consulate. I got 23 window, an old man was sitting on the other side of the glass to take my interview. My interview was as follows.

    I : Hello sir, good morning
    VO : Good morning
    VO : In which university is your spouse?
    I : XYZ university
    VO : Good. Can I see your marriage album and certificate?
    I : I showed
    VO : Show me your favourite picture?
    I : I showed the mangal phera photo.
    VO : How many circle you take around the fire?
    I : Sir 7
    VO : Congrats your visa is approved
    I : Thanks sir. Have a good day

    The VO took my passport. But according to me its all about luck to get a US visa. Contrary you should be confident to VO and never distract them. As this was my 2nd attempt for a visa. There were many rejections on the same day. So from me best of luck to all the appliers for F2 and prepare well.



  81. supriya says:

    hi…..i need f2 dependent interview questions
    my husband is doing mba in us and i am going 2 us dependent to him

  82. rajib says:

    hi lucky,
    I have gone through the blog. It was very helpful for me. I am planning to apply for PhD next year ( for fall 2013). I am married and want to take my wife with me as F2. Will visa be tough to get if I am accepted by the university with a research assistantship of around $25,000 per year ? What should be the ideal answer if they ask my wife – Why do you want to go with your husband? I have my family(parents) in India and also my own house (not my father’s). Will these be sufficient to prove that We will be coming back to India after completing my PhD? Please help.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rajib, first your assistantship seems enough amount so that might not be a problem.

      Regarding second question, I think that it is very unlikely that your wife would be asked such question since it is obvious after marriage, husband and wife would like to stay together. But my suggestion is that your wife might answer that she wants to take care of you during your studies. At no point should your wife indicate that she wants to work (or do part time work) there, since one is not allowed to work at F2. A more probable question for your wife might be that how would she spend time at home? Your wife should always emphasize that she just wants to stay at home and wants to take care of you and herself.

      Regarding third question, your points seem fine, and in addition to those, another point might be that you have to come back to take care of your family.

      My suggestion is that whatever you or your wife answers, answer with confidence. Best of luck for your visa.

  83. rajib says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Happy new year to you and all the readers.
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    Hope we can make good use of them.
    Shall be asking for your help again if I face any problem.

  84. Vishwas Setty says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I just wanted to let you know that my wife got her F2 Dependent visa with ease. Her appointment was at Chennai consulate at 7.30A. I just wanted to thank you very very much for the information and positive words. The blog as a whole helped a lot for my wife to prepare herself. Here are the questions that was asked:

    My Wife’s interview was at 7.45A Jan 6th 2012 @ Chennai Consulate.

    VO: Good Morning
    My Wife: Good Morning Sir.

    VO: Can I see your husband’s OPT Card?
    My Wife: Gives the photo copy.

    VO: So, what does your husband do?
    My Wife: Sir, he works for so and so company.

    What will you do after you go there?
    My Wife: Sir, I am going to stay at home and support my husband.

    VO:Where does your husband stay?
    My Wife:Sir, he stays at so and so place.

    VO: What do you do?
    My Wife: Sir, i work for so and so company.

    VO: OK, I will give you the visa.
    My Wife: Thank you very much Sir and walks away happily with a bigg smile.

    No documents asked except the OPT Card. How lucky my wife is and by god’s grace she got a very nice VO and her process went so easily. I hope these help others.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks a lot Lucky once again. Keep up the good work.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Vishwas,
      Congratulations to you and your wife for getting F2 vis stamped. And thanks a lot for sharing F2 visa experiences. I am sure that others would find it very useful.

    • asha says:

      Hi Vishwas,

      Could you please let me know in how many months your opt is goin to expire?
      thanks in advance

  85. Vishwas Setty says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thanks. I really appreciate all your help and support. Have a good day there! 🙂


  86. pinky says:

    hi lucky!!

    m in urgent need of ur help!! m going to attend f2 visa interview with in a week..i am residing in A.P but i selected chennai consulate for interview bcz it is nearer place to me..
    people are saying like as i am resident of AP i have to apply in hyd consulate…wat i have to do now..will i get rejected in chennai consulate for this reason.please respond to this

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Pinky,

      I am sorry that I am really not sure about this issue. My guess is that if you have been working in Chennai (or in some other place in Tamil Nadu) for some time (i think more than 6 months), then it should not be an issue. Perhaps others in this forum might help you. Or may be you can call them and find out in advance if it is ok or not. Anyways, I wish best of luck for your interview.

  87. megana says:

    hi lucky…please help me out…m applying f2 visa after 6 months of my marriage..what if vo asks..why did u not go vth ur spouse?? the actual reason is we waited for opt extension approval…what could be the proper answer for this..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Megana,

      I think you are fine and it is very common to not go with your spouse at the same time. And even if VO asks about this, you already have a valid reason. Or you may also say that you were busy in finishing your studies or some other work. Or your spouse wanted to set up some stuff there before you could go there. I think just be confident whatever you say.

  88. rajib says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Hope you are doing fine.
    This is the third time I am writing to you.
    I want to know –
    1. if I get full financial funding from the university (for F1 + F2), shall I still need to show sufficient ‘fund’ in my bank account in India ?
    2. is there any possibility of getting my F1 and my wife’s F2 visa interview appointment at the same time ( I mean, together or on the same day)?
    Shall be looking forwards to your response.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rajib,

      Regarding your first question, technically I am not very sure about that. However, it is always good to show as much as possible (perhaps VO wont ask but just in case) or at least the required amount for first year expenses. Since you already have full funding that is a positive for you.

      Regarding your second question, yes it is very much possible to get appointment at the same time and in fact everybody does that. When you take appointment, you can always specify your dependents who would be coming along with you.

  89. Tony Kumar says:

    Dear Friends,

    My wife is applying for F2 visa at HYD in this following week.

    As per the requirements she got all the documents for F2;
    Marriage certificate
    Wedding invitation
    Bank statement for $7000.00

    I got bank statement from USA from my current bank, you think that will be enough for the visa requirement?

    Please do let me know if any changes that would be really appreciated.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Tony,
      Just a suggestion that the amount shown should be same as specified on I2O for dependents. So as far as you think that $7000 cover the amount then I think it should be fine. Although it may be possible that visa office (VO) may not ask about it, but it is always good to prepare as well as possible.

      • Tony Kumar says:

        Hello Lucky,

        Thanks for your quick response. Last week my wife went to interview in Hyderabad and she got rejected due to insufficient amount in Bank Statement. As I mentioned above that I got $7000.00 statement from my current US bank, even though they rejected because they are suspicious that I am working illegally and earned that statement.

        In interview she mentioned to consulate that my father is supporting for everything for me and as well for her, and VO asked for proof of my fathers’ income and proof of supporting me. So in that scenario she doesn’t have an answer because I didn’t provide that details to her. It’s totally my mistake and to be honest I really don’t know.

        So I suggested her to give another shot; again she is going for interview sometime next month.

        As an Andhra Pradesh resident you think she can go to Chennai for her next interview? What if the Chennai VO asks that why you came to Chennai instead of Hyderabad?

        This time she is taking Indian bank statement of my dad’s income and as well proof of my support. Just wondering I really don’t have any clue about Indian bank statements, could anyone please suggest me how much it has to be on my dad’s bank statement that will support for both of us? Straight question just to fulfill the US embassy requirement how much I have to show on bank statement?

        Please do the need full guys.


        • Lucky says:

          Hello Tony,

          1. If you are on F1, then you must have got dependent’s I20 that shows the amount of money needed to support your spouse. So make sure you show enough funds as per the dependent’s I20 either in your US bank account or in indian bank account.

          2. Regarding the interview, there are 2 things that decide where you can take interview:
          a) During your visa appointment booking, you have to select the consulate you have chosen when you filled DS 160.
          b) Which consulates are allowed to you for taking visa interview when you book your visa appointment.

          So in brief, you have to make sure you book visa appointment at the same consulate as you specified in your DS 160. I would also suggest to contact VFS through this link
          https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/USIndia/contactus.html and mostly they should give you a right advise.

          3. You can convert the amount as specified on dependent’s I20 from dollar to rupees and I assume you should atleast that much amount or more than that in your father’s bank amount.

  90. madhu says:

    hi Lucky,
    I have seen all your replies pls help me….my husband is on f1 before we got married and after marriage he has applied for h1 it was unexpectedly revoked by the employer so he came back to home country mean while i also came as F1 .The sad thing was he applied for F2 again it was rejected twice i really don’t know what to do.I am in my final semester.

  91. megana says:

    Hi lucky
    Thank u for ur response…i have a concern regarding the visa appointment letter..while filing the SEVIS ID in appointment letter,i wrongly entered the sevis id on my(dependents) 120 istead of my husbands(principal applicant) sevis id.The interview was scheduled on 24th of this month..after knowing its a fault..i cancelled the interview and rescheduled it..n i got the appointment on the same day…will it be an issue now..will VO asks about it??

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Magana,

      I do not think that this should be an issue. First of all I do not think that VO would ask about it and even if VO asks you have a genuine reason you can tell to the VO. I do not think that you should be concerned about it as anybody can make such a mistake.

  92. Swapna says:

    Hello Lucky,
    I appreciate you for helping all the persons who are attending their Visa interview. Please help me also . I have got married recently and my husband is working in USA on opt. Unfortunately he has to return back to india because of health problem. but he is planning to return back to USA in feb. I have an F2 visa interview on jan 27th 2012. Since my husband is india can i attend a consular interview on jan 27th 2012. What would be your suggestion do i need to cancel my appointment and attend the interview once my husband returns back to USA.

    Please let me know your suggestion as soon as possible .

    Thank you

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swapna,
      I think there is no such requirement that your spouse (who is on F1/OPT) should be in USA for you (F2) to appear for visa Interview. However, I would like to ask that does your husband have valid visa, job offer and other required documentation so that he can return to USA without any hassle? If there is no such issue then I do not think there should be any problem. But you only know situation best and should act accordingly.

      • Swapna says:

        Thank you lucky. My Husband has a valid visa and it is valid for another six months. He is currently working and has all the required documentations. Thank you very much for your help.

  93. rajeswari says:

    hai friends

    am going to attended the interview for f2 can you please help me …am so nerves


  94. vj says:


    This is Vj, my wife is having F2 visa interview on this monday@hyd. I already have required documents and also maintaining 10000$ in my account to show my financial status. Do we need any CA statement which gives information about my propeties back in India?

    Thanks in advance

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Vj,
      I really do not think that a CA statement is required for F2 visa. But as they say that the more documents you have the better as the visa interview is very random.

      • vj says:

        Hi Lucky,

        Thanks for the information. Unfortunately my wife’s visa didn’t get approved, VO has given 214-b form and said that ‘ we can’t issue visa at this point of time’.

        VO asked few questions only like when did he finish his master’s?
        where he is located? and also asked for my bank statements, paystubs ( My wife had 3 months bank satements and 6 paystub at the interview).

        Could you please suggest what i can do with 214-b form. Am i eligible to schedule another appoiontment for the visa?

        Thanks in adavance

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Vj,
          I am very sorry to hear that your wife’s F2 visa was refused. 214-b is generally issued when VO officer thinks that the applicant is a potential immigrant and the applicant can not show very powerful reasons to return to his/her home country. Or in other words, if the applicant can not show very strong connections to his/her home country, either socially, financially, professionally or in other ways so that VO is not convinced that the applicant would return, VO issues 214-b. As I have always said that visa procedure is very random and it depends upon VO too what his/her state of mind is on that particular day.

          Although I think you can schedule another appointment for your wife’s visa, but my suggestion is that you should not be hurried. You should first prepare well and find out how you can improve your case next time your wife apply for F2 visa/ or any other visa in case your status changes. So the most important thing for you to do is how you can change your situation significantly so that your wife’s visa does not have any issues next time. I would like to suggest perhaps you can try following things:

          1. You can try for getting a job that can sponsor H1B visa, in that case your wife can apply for H4 visa that might help your case next time.
          2. Or you should work very hard in preparing documents that can show very strong connection to your home country and can convince VO that you and your wife would return to India.

          Please let me know if I can be of any other help.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hi Lucky,

            Thanks for the information.

            I have been working for a company since one year, they are going to sponsor H1B for me. Lets assume that my H1B has been approved. Obviously H1B status will start from october 1st as we know. My question is, when can my wife attend h4 visa and what will be the earliest possible time to come US.

            Thanks in advance

          • vj says:

            Hi Lucky,

            Thanks for the information. I have been working a company since one year, they are going to sponsor my H1b for this year. Lets assume that my h1b has been approved, when can my wife go for h4 visa and what is possible earliest time to come USA.

            thanks in adavnce

            • Lucky says:

              Hello vj,

              I think as soon as you get approval document I797A (I129 type) for H1B, you can get approval document I797A (I539 type) for H4 (dependent visa) at the same time. Once you have both approval documents, you can send a “copy” of your H1B approval and original of H4 approval (although H1B approval document is most important) to your wife. It is not necessary for you to have H1B visa stamped, and your wife then can go for H4 visa stamping in your home country, and once your wife gets H4 visa stamped, she can travel to US.

              In brief, as soon as you get approval for H1B, it is just a matter of applying for H4 visa stamping in India, which should not take much time.

              Also if your job is direct employment, or in other word, you are a direct employee of your company (not through some contractor), then it becomes even easier to get H1 or H4 visa stamped, based on my experience.

              For more information regarding H4 visa you can visit following link on this blog:

              • vj says:

                Hi Lucky,

                If i apply for H1 for this year, it will be valid from october 1st of 2012. Can my wife attend h4 before october 1st or should we meet for h1 start date which october 1st?

                • Lucky says:

                  Hello Vj,
                  Yes you are right, your H1B will be valid from 1st Oct, 2012. As per VFS link https://www.vfs-usa.co.in/USIndia/working_faqs.html one can apply for H1B visa before 90 days of employment date that would be 1st October, 2012 in your case. My guess is that your wife should be able to apply H4 too before 1st Oct 2012, but will not be able to travel before 1st Oct, 2012 as H1B validity will start after that. Hope it helps.

  95. dev says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My wife is india right now. I am on opt. working. Would be right answer for few question if you can help. 1. As you have fultime job why you want to go there ? 2. He is on opt so is he planning to come back or not ? His visa is expiring in December why you want to go there ? should i have documents of my father supporting her in india or her family ? if he is planning to come back in December when his visa expires then why you want to go there right now its only 6 months.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Dev,

      I can only give suggestions so here they are:

      1. As you have fultime job why you want to go there ?
      Suggested Answer: I want to stay with my husband and take care of the house.

      2. He is on opt so is he planning to come back or not ?
      Suggested Answer: Yes he is planning to come back to take care of his family. or whatever reasons you want to give for coming back.

      3. His visa is expiring in December why you want to go there.
      Suggested Answer: Same as the first answer,

      4. should i have documents of my father supporting her in india or her family ?
      Suggestion: I do not think these documents are required so its your call whether you want to have those documents or not.

      5. if he is planning to come back in December when his visa expires then why you want to go there right now its only 6 months.

      Suggested Answer: (who says its 6 month, its almost 11 months from now). I think your wife can confidently say the same answer as the first one.

      It seems the answers for your 1st, 3rd, and 5th questions should be same. My advise is that your wife should be confident whatever she answers. Generally you can take a mock interview of your wife so that she knows what to answer and she does not have to think at the interview. Just my suggestions.

      Best of luck to your wife for F2 visa.

      • dev says:

        Hi Lucky

        Thanks for the answers. It was very helpfull.
        I have few more questions.

        I assume the process of applying for F2 visa is much more similar to that of F1. Correct me if i am wrong.

        For how many days is the HDFC fee receipt valid?

        Say i book the interview dates and due to some reason i have to cancel it, will cancelling the interview end the validity of the HDFC receipt used and DS160 form. Please let me know how to proceed in such scenarios. As i have a chance of facing this due to delay in getting dependent I20 from my university.

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Dev,

          Although I am not sure what do you mean by your question that “applying for F2 visa is much more similar to that of F1. Correct me if i am wrong.” but yes I would say they are very similar. Still if you can specify something specific you want to ask, that would be more helpful.

          HDFC fee receipt is valid for one year from the day it was issued, and it is true for any visa as far as I know.

          I think if you can cancel your appointment, it should NOT end the validity of the HDFC receipt and DS160. Your HDFC fee receipt can be used once for appearing in interview for visa. So you can cancel the appointment and reschedule a new one with the same HDFC receipt as long as your HDFC fee receipt is under its one year period.

  96. megana says:

    m gng to attend the interview tommorow….dnt knw what happens??

  97. rajib says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I am sorry to be late in responding.
    Best republic day wishes for all.

  98. megana says:

    hi..i attended the interview on 24th of this mnth in chennai..VO gave me a blue sheet saying like i need to submit additional docs under 221(g)…the interview goes like dis..
    me:hai..good morning.how r u?
    VO:fine.how r u?
    me: fine.Thank u
    VO: what s ur husband doing in US?
    me: He completed his MS..he is under practical training since 6 months.
    VO:when did he completed ms?
    Me:2010 dec
    VO: show me his pay stubs
    Me: (given pay stubs along with employment letter).she discussed with someone in the middle..and again came to me
    VO: do u have his employment authorization card?
    Me: shown
    VO: Do u have OPT card.
    (i gave extended opt card..she asked for the OPT card before extention..but i dont have tat..she gave me blue sheet mentioning that i need to submit my husbands OPT.she returned my passport and told me to submit passport along with OPT card in vfs consulate..i submitted the OPT to VFS on the same day…donno wat happens..donno the processing time!!!)
    what are the chances of getting approved..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Megana,
      I am very sorry to hear about it. I think you should stay positive and since you have already provided the requested old opt card, I am sure you must be getting your visa stamped sooner that later. Based on my experience, if the applicant provides the requested additional document then it is just a matter of time that they send the passport with visa stamped. I wish you get the passport with stamped visa as soon as possible.
      Anyway thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I hope you share the good news of getting visa stamped soon.

  99. Dev says:

    Hi Lucky

    Was following reply of meghana. Got few questions,
    1) Should we provide all the documents such as Passport, OPT cards I20’s Employment letters, paystubs etc all originals or photo copies should be fine?
    2) How many months of Bank balance should i show in my account?
    3) Is any dress code required? or a saree should make it ?
    4) As in Meghana reply, if VO asks what your husband is doing, is it better to say that he finished his studies and working on OPT or just tell he is working on OPT?
    5) What is employment authorization card ? is that not OPT card ?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Dev,
      My suggestions to your questions:
      1) Yes it is always better to have as much documentation as possible as you never know what VO may ask. I think for F2 visa you only need to provide original copy of dependent’s I20, and others are not mandatory documents. Since these are not mandatory documents so only photocopies should be fine too. Or if possible I think your wife can take original (if it is possible for you to provide) just in case. Only give photocopies if asked by VO until and unless VO specifically asks to show the original (something should not happen). You should never give original documents except for the required documents. Specifically as you asked in your questions:

      passport: F1’s photocopy
      passport: applicant’s (who is applying for F2’s) original and photocopies
      OPT cards: photocopies (I do not think VO should ask for original, since OPT cards are supposed to be kept with the F1 person who is employed)
      Employment letters: I think you can provide original if possible and photocopies.
      paystubs: (there is nothing like original, I think in case of paystubs), you can just provide printouts. I think several companies even do not give payslips anymore as a hard copy. Employees should print paystubs online, atleast that is the case with my company.

      2) I think 6 months or past one year should be fine.

      3) I do not think any dress code is required. Although saree should be fine too and might seem more authentic from indian marriage point of view. In general it should not matter until and unless VO has lost his mind.

      4) Just tell to the point, that he is working with so and so company in so and so field. (I think do not say about opt until and unless VO asks and anyway VO must be knowing that you are working on OPT anyway).

      5) Yes as far as I know employment authorization card is OPT card.

  100. pooja says:

    hi , i am pooja my husband is studying in us since last 3 years he’s doing MBA there ,he’s being garduate on july 2012 , we marriage on 2009 i want to stay with my husband so which month should i go because my documentation on procedure please reply

    • Lucky says:

      Hello pooja,

      I think it depends upon when you F2 visa stamped. Once your visa is stamped, you can go anytime after that.

  101. Prince says:

    Hello Lucky,

    Do you think that there is a certain disadvantage of being on OPT while applying a F2 visa for the spouse as it can be taken as ‘immigration intent’ does it make more sense applying while a student with enough funds (the primary purpose of providing an F1). Please comment.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Prince,
      I think you are right Prince. Since OPT is for 1 year (17 months extension for stem), it might be seen as immigrant intent. Although there are several cases where people have got F2 even during opt period, but still I think it is a risky situation. My suggestions are:
      1) apply for F2, when F1 has sufficient time left in his/her studies. Yes showing funds is anyway necesary.
      2) Or apply for H4 when you have been sponsored H1 and got H1B approval.
      Just my suggestions. As I always say I am not really expert, these are just my experiences based on my discussions with my firends who have been is USA or my collegues in the company I work for.

  102. pooja says:

    my husband is in us he’s doing mba he left 7month to complete his study i want to go there so which month should i plan to go and can i get visa for this short period

  103. pooja says:

    hello lucky
    i have planning to go for the interview on next week please tell me, my husband left 7 month for his graduation and 3 month for opt so there is any problem to get visa for me
    please assist me
    thank u

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Pooja,

      I am not sure if I get your question right, but approval of visa is always very random and nobody can predict the outcome. My suggestion is to just prepare well to the best of your ability, and leave the rest on God. You can find all sort of cases where people have been approved F2 without any issue on OPT, and there are some who got rejected. It depends upon VO how he/she examines a particular applicant.
      So best of luck for your visa.

  104. vijay says:

    Hello Lucky,
    I appreciate you for helping all the persons who are attending their Visa interview. Please help me also . I have got married recently and my wife is doing Phd in USA.

    I am applyinf F2, but the problem is I am from Andhra Pradesh and working as a Software Enginner in Mumbai. So, I am planning to attend Visa Interview at Mumbai.

    My Question is, If the VO ask, What are you doing in Mumbai? If I say, I am working in Mumbai, then there is a chance that VO ask, why are you going to US and you have a good Job in India. For this what I have to answer. Please help me.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Vijay,

      1) You can say that you are working in Mumbai and I think it should not be a problem as far as I think.
      2) Regarding your 2nd question, you can say that you want to stay with your wife and support her during her studies.

      • vijay says:

        Hello Lucky,

        Thank you so much. Regarding to 1st question, Suppose If the VO ask further question like, are you taking any leave or resignation from your company? If I say Leave/Resignation, then is there any chance to ask Leave request document? or Resignation document?


        • Lucky says:

          Hello Vijay,
          I think it depends upon what you want to say. Either you can say you are on leave of absence and can show the document. Or if you are leaving, then you can show them your exit letter or resignation document. My guess is that such thing won’t be asked, but you never know what VO might ask so you can carry this document with you anyways.

  105. Lily Potter says:

    Hello Lucky!!

    Thank you for creating this site, it is really really helpful. Here is my case, my boyfriend came to the US on August 2011, and I came on November to spend holidays with him (on a tourist visa, I have come several times to the US, but this has been my longest stay because of my boyfriend), but my visa has expired (I-94 still valid so my stay is legal) and we want to stay together until the end of his studies, so we will get married, I will come back to my home country and will apply for F2 visa after marriage in the US. He is working on campus now as research assistant, we have sufficient funds and besides he has a scolarship from our government (which requires us to come back after he studies), do you think we have good chances to get this visa? I know it is uncertain but your opinion would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks

    • Lily Potter says:

      I forgot to tell, my boyfriend’s visa is still valid and he will continue studying until June 2013

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Lily,

      Given your situation that your boyfriend has enough time left in his studies and you have sufficient funds as you specifed, I think you have very good chance to get F2 visa as per my experience. Although I always say that nobody can predict the outcome of visa process except the visa officer who is talking your interview.

  106. Prathyu says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My F2 visa was rejected twice till now once in october and again in december. I got recently married in october. My husband was in OPT at that time and was working for a company. Two times i applied in Hyderabad US Consulate. Two times i was interviewed by same person over there. He always says the same reason for rejection that you might not return India. I strongly try to convince him that i have strong relationship with family in India. But still same rejection. This time am going to apply for Chennai US consulate in February. Could you please suggest me what can be done. Now he is not in OPT. he recently joined another college and got F1 back. Was that OPT status a reason for rejection? Now will i be having a chance?? quick response would be appreciated.. Thanks!!

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Prathyu,
      It is very difficult to predict for me your chances this time, as visa process seems to be very random and is at the discretion of visa officer. However, I think your chances might be better this time, as your hausband has joined another college so he would have enough time left in hist studies that should help you convince VO this time that you do not have any immigration intent and want to stay with your husband during his studies. Also as you are going to different consulate that means a different VO woud handle your case and hopefully this time you get a better VO.

      • Prathyu says:

        Thank you Lucky..and one more doubt..would they have the reasons for previous rejections documented???
        If not, could i say the reasons for previous rejections as “i think am not able to convince the V.O” ..Would this be a better answer?? or should i tell them the exact reasons which were given to me.??

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Prathyu,
          I think they will have all the information about you as far as my understanding goes. But my suggestion is that you should not be worried about it, as that is beyond your control. You should concentrate on your preparation and stay positive.
          Another answer may be that you can say you could not provide all documentation. I guess from my point of view saying the reason of previous rejections really depends upon how your interviews flows, so you should perhaps prepare more answers and depending upon situation you can provide an appropriate answer. As I always say just answer to the point, nothing more or nothing less. Best of luck for your interview anyways.

      • Kaushik says:

        I had applied as my wife f1 visa december and jan,both the times got rejected in hyd consulate as i got f1 visa for 5 yrs and got expired oct 2011, my wife’s visa expires in the month of august 2012.Is it better to apply in chennai consulate or it doesnt matter.If my wife in on OPT is it weigh anything…as iam plannig to apply for her grad walk.

        Please need an advice.

  107. megana says:

    hi lucky..i recently shared my experience…i received blue slip saying like i need to submit additional docs..i submitted on the same day..i attended inter view on 24th of this mnth and waiting for 6 days for the resukt..today i got mail like my passport is ready for courier..but they didnt mention whether m in or out..m very tensed..wht coul be the chances of getting visa..people are saying like..if they issue visa,they wil take sum time..but it only 4 days excluding holiday??!!

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Megana,
      My guess is that good news is not far from you and you should be getting your passport with stamped visa soon. So just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  108. megana says:

    yepeee i got my passport stamped..thank u for ur support lucky..

  109. Amar says:

    Hello Lucky /All

    I been trying to schedule F2 visa appointment in Telugu language ,Form the past few weeks i am unable to schedule the appt every time it displays a message “NO appointment avaliable at this time”.

    Did anyone schedule an appointment in Telugu during JAN / FEB 2012?
    Is telugu language applicable for F2 VISA Class?

  110. Saurin Patel says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am doing my PhD and have a teaching & research assistanceship that pays well. I am planning to get married this summer and immediately apply for my to be wife’s F-2 visa. She graduated 3 years ago but was not working, should that be of any concern? If the VO asks her about that what should be her answer? Also on which other points should I pay particular attention? Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  111. swathi says:

    Hi lucky garu,

    myself completed btech and mba n dont hav any work experience n got married recently on dec 18th 2011. my husband completed his ms der n doin his phd (last year about to complete his phd around june 2012 )present. he is f1 visa holder. he has assistantship n getin stipend der. he couried me my i20 ,bank statement (showing 8350$ checking account on dat), support letter(mentioning about his stipend n attenship details on dat).
    myself once tried for f1 visa after my btech n got rejected in the year 2008. after rejecttion joined mba in india…..
    I am about to attending for my f2 visa in a couple of days.

    my douths is

    1) during rejction of f1 visa i had issued blue paper..wht dat mean ? is dis goin to attend my present interview?

    2) funds shown on bank statement 8000$ around is sufficient r not?is my husband ok to sponsor me??

    3) how much chances der get f2 visa in dis present situtions…

    thnq n plz reply soon as possible….dat helps me a lot

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swathi,

      Congratulations to you on getting married. Regarding your questions, here are my views:

      1. As you got blue slip, did they ask to submit more documents or did they reject you on some other reason? Anyway my guess is that (and I hope that) should not matter now as you are applying for a different visa. However, visa stamping is so random, that it is difficult to predict what can affect the outcome as lot of depends upon the VO who will handle your case.

      2. If the funds shown are as per the dependent’s I20 requirement, then it should be fine. You should know the amount shown on your I20 and make sure you show at-least that much amount.

      Your husband sponsoring you is fine so no problem there.

      3. As I said, it is almost impossible to predict the chances of getting visa, my suggestion is to just prepare well that means, carry all documents as much as possible and prepare for all possible questions you might be asked. And never ever give any hint of any immigration intent (always be rigid that you have to come back to India) and also keep in mind you can not work on F2 visa.

      Best of luck for your interview and visa.

      • swathi says:

        thnq very much for ur reply lucky garu…..
        on d page of i20 expenses for i20 its mentioned 4000$ n in the bank statement showing 8443$ around….is dat ok i think by ur words……
        one more smal doudth sir, my husband visa is goin 2 expire on 2013.. is dat goin 2 effect my visa ?
        wht about sevis fee ? is my husband sevis fee recipt is sufficeient for me?

  112. Prathyu says:

    Hey swathi which consulate are you attending at ?? Chennai???

    • swathi says:

      hyderabad prathyu….

      • swathi says:

        can u suggest me in my case mentioned above???

        • Prathyu says:

          what could i suggest , even i faced rejections twice …once u complete your interview just post the questions and reply what happened to ur visa…okies? all d best..as lucky said prepare well for al possible questions.. 🙂 When is ur interview??

          • swathi says:

            thnq …. very much
            al z well
            me attending interview with in 2 days….after dat i wil let u know wht ever may happen…..
            can u plz post wht questions asked in ur interview n wht is d reason for ur rejection if u dont mind plz……

  113. Sloka says:

    Hello Lucky,
    I appreciate you for helping all of us who are attending for their Visa interview. Awesome Blog you have created.I am attending for F2 visa next month. I got married in Jan 2012.my case n situation is little different from others. I went to U.S and did my M.S and worked there for 1.5Yrs and came back to India in Jan 2011 for H1-B stamping , i got approved in Feb 2011.But I have to stay back in India for personal reasons and had quit my job.Now i got married and my husband is doing Ph.D in U.S.So i am planning to go to US on F2 visa. would there be any problem that even though i had approved H1-B i Didn’t go to US that time and I want to go now after a year.which type of questions can I except from VC. and If VC asks why did you not go that time when you had approved H1-B?what answer should I give him.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sloka,
      Thanks for good comments. As you are never sure what a VO might ask, so you should prepare for all type of questions. In case VO asks that why you did not go when your H1B was approved, you might say that you had to take care of your family, just my suggestion. If you have a genuine reason that prevented you from going to US after your H1B was approved, you might tell that too. Just prepare in advance so you can answer confidently before VO.

  114. Swapna says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I had my dependent visa rejected this month on 02 feb 2012 because my husband’s bank balance was low. I have an appointment confirmed for 17th of this month now my husband bank balance is being shown as 10000$ would this be sufficient enough for me to attend visa and what should i tell if the VO ask how did your husband got that much amount as savings in a short period of time. please help me.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swapna,
      If the amount shown is more than what is specified in your I-2O (dependent) then that should be fine from my point of view.

      Regarding your question that “if VO asks how did your husband get that much amount as savings in a short period of time”, The only answer I can think of that your husband might say that he borrowed money from his parents or from somewhere else, so just my suggestion.

  115. Anonymous says:

    i am planning to apply for a F2 visa and was wondering that the marriage certificate issued by the subjective religious law is valid or do i need to apply through a register office…
    I am a muslim and me and my husband were married as per the Muslim law and we have a certificate of marriage by the chief kazi, one of my cousins said that such certificates are not valid, now every one has to go through a register marriage sort of a way, however my husband said that this should do the trick however i want to be sure before i run in with the VO……so could you please shed more light on this 🙂

    • Lucky says:

      I think it is always better to get a marriage certificate from your city’s registrar office as that will be authentic and recognized everywhere. And it is not very difficult as you need a few witnesses from each side (bride and groom ) who can sign and then you and your husband with your witnesses can go to the registrar office to get the marriage certificate. I think you can get a marriage certificate with in one or two weeks. Marriage certificate is very important document and it is required at several places so it would be good to get a government certified marriage certificate.

  116. Amar says:

    Question for the Guys who attended interview at Hyderabad.

    Did you happen to get interviewed by the same person during your 2nd/3rd attempt of F-2 Visa interview

    Replies are much appreciated !!!

  117. Nimesh says:

    Hello Lucky,

    Thank you for helping all people towards their career. I have couple of questions and if you can share your knowledge would be very helpful. Am on my OPT status in US and working for Merck pharma company. Company is going to apply my H1B this year. Before that I want to apply for F2 visa for my wife. Q1) If suppose F2 is rejected, is there any negative effect on applying H4 in future..? Q2) Do I need bank statement for 3 months in a row or just one time bank statement is good (Nearest statement before interview date)..? Q3) is it ok to apply for F2 if my H1B file is on processing…?

    Thank you


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Nimesh,
      Thanks for your good comments. Regarding your questions, here are my suggestions:

      1. It is very difficult to say if F2 rejection would have any impact on future H4 visa application. My understanding is that since H1 is a a dual intent visa, so perhaps F2 rejection should not have any impact. However, it really depends upon how the VO looks at your case so anything is possible.

      2. I think you can take one bank statement on bank letterhead that shows your current balance. For this you will have to got to your bank and request for such statement. Just to clarify that this bank statement is different from monthly statement printout you download by logging to your bank account. You can also take printouts of monthly statements for past 6 months or 1 year as proof to show that your bank balance has accrued over period of time by your earnings and you have not got money just recently in your account from some source.

      3. Technically you can apply for F2 for your wife if your status is F1. However, applying F2 when you are on F1(opt) is always tricky as you have to show very strong ties to your country and convince VO which is not easy always. My suggestion is that your better bet is to apply for H4 when you get H1 approved if that is at all possible for you.

  118. swathi says:

    me got f2 visa on feb 9 2011 @hyd….

    at 9:15 they allowed me in to the consulate….
    at 10:00 around after checkup of al the things with us and arranging documents they told me to stand me in a line….
    first line is for check up of documents….
    next line is for finger prints….

    final line is my interview line…..

    me got interviewed by a young lady who can speak both telugu and english….me selected english language……

    here is my interview process….

    VO : good morning ….
    myself : good morning….
    VO: can you give me your certificates…
    Myself : yes mam, me handed over the cerificates to her…

    she never seen me face to face she always doing somthing in her computer i think she is checking the details ……

    VO: where is ur husband stuyding?(which university)
    myself : university of ………

    VO: so what he is doing there?
    myself: he is doing his phd in …..univeristy…

    VO: how is funding himself there?
    myself: he has assistanship there and getin stipend there..

    VO: can you show me the certificate issued from university…
    myself : sure mam, and me subimitted the certificate issued by university which was a proof of my husband assistnship n stipend ….

    VO: so when you got married??
    myself: on date/month/year ..

    Vo: is is aarranged marraige?
    myself: yes mam , its an arranged marraige ?

    Vo: ok how many people attented ?
    myself: around 100 plus mam…

    VO:ohk…good i am accepting ur visa…u wil get ur visa by courier in a week…thnq u..
    myself : thnq mam…

    this is my experience……

  119. Kaushik says:

    I had applied for F2 in the month of december 2011 and jan 2012,both the times got rejected in hyd consulate [as i got f1 visa for 5 yrs which expires oct 2011], my wife’s visa expires in the month of august 2012.Is it better to apply in chennai consulate or it doesnt matter.If my wife in on OPT is it weigh anything…as iam plannig to apply for her grad walk.
    In DS160 – is it better to say i have a business or iam working[show him employment letter]

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Kaushik,
      You seem to have a tricky situation as your wife is on OPT, you got rejected twice, and you were on F1 previously which expired. If you are just planning to go for her grad walk. another option might be to apply for visitor visa with return tickets after the grade walk.

      Regarding your first question, I think more than the consulate, it depends upon which VO is handling your case and how he looks at your situation. But as I said, you are in a tricky situation. My suggestion would be, to wait, if possible, in case your wife gets H1 and you can then apply for H4.

      Regarding second question, although it does not matter much if you are in business or working, but the main thing is to show a genuine letter that can convince the VO. Still, my suggestion is to say that you are working and carry your employment letter and it would be better if your employer is a known name, and that you can show that you have to come back for your employment.

      I do not want to discourage you as visa procedure is very random, but still your overall situation does not seem very convincing. I think you should try your best with lot of preparation so that you can present a much more convincing case before the VO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks lucky,
        In both of my refusals,they asked me about my wife’s OPT and whether she is working ,at that time she is not on OPT ,as she will apply this month.Before giving me the 214b paper they said mmm u already have a F-1 visa ?
        When I asked them the reason,they said if you want to apply again you can,but most likely you may get the same answer.

      • Kaushik says:

        Hi Lucky,
        In my previous visa refusal’s,my wife is not on OPT.
        She will be applying OPT this month.
        Is her graduation ceremony will be helpful.
        Is it better for me to apply for f-2 or visitors visa.
        As I am working for company right now and I do have a employment letter.

        Thanks for your time.

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Kaushik,
          Sorry for late reply. Actually, her graduation ceremony might be helpful if you are applying for visitor visa with return tickets in that case they are somewhat sure that you would come back. Bu getting F2 is always tricky given your situation. I wish something gets worked out for you.

  120. Anu says:

    Hello lucky,
    Its a vry awesome blog, u r really clarifying peoples douts nd suggesting them by sharing ur knowledge, I really appreciate ur work, god bless u ….

    Actually my F2 visa got rejected twice in hyd cons, 1st time they keep me in pending asking some other documents but unfortunately it was rejected u/s 214(b), nd 2nd time also rejected u/s 214(b) the VO was telling the reason that my husband is not working so how u people can survey thr? , but i try to convience that i have strong financial support, i showed my husband bank bal $25k nd CA too, but VO has clearly said that he is not working so i cant issue the visa im sory, cum back when he was working… and 1st time of my visa interview he is working even though they rejected…

    im having visa interview this week in hyd, my husband was doing ph.d but recently on jan month he changed to masters, when VO was raised this question, wht answer should i give to the officer? nd he is working on cpt now…

    lucky plz help me out i badly need visa, next month our 1st anniversary is thr…

    waiting for ur reply…

    • Kaushik says:

      I had the same issue..wife in usa.I was rejected twice in hyd consulate under 214b .
      Is it better to apply in Chennai or it doesn’t matter.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anu,
      Regarding your question that “when VO was raised this question, wht answer should i give to the officer? nd he is working on cpt now”, I would say that your answer might be that “during years of his study as graduate student, he realized that the PhD problem he chose does not have much scope to be specified as phd thesis, and it was not possible for him to choose new problem very soon, so he and his advisor decided to go ahead with MS at this point of time.” Just my suggestion, you and your husband should be the best to judge what is the most appropriate for your guys.

      Anyway congratulations in advance for your 1st anniversary, and I really wish that you get your visa without any issue this time.

  121. Anu says:

    thanku u kaushik, but i have interview in couple of days so i cant do any changes now, just hoping for the best…

    Lucky, can u plz clarify my dout iam waiting for ur reply… i really appreciate ur help..
    waiting for ur advice…

  122. Nirali says:

    Hi ..
    I am going for visa interview next week..My husband is studying there with having graduate assistanship. and Actually I have got rejection twice on F1 and here am going for F2 so is it affect me on F2 because of my twice rejection on F1? Please give me some advice and some tips for the same.

    Thanks in Lucky…waiting for your reply…

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Nirali,
      It is always difficult to say that if your previous rejetction would have any impact on your current visa application. It might depends upon several factors, for example, when your F1 visa was rejected last time and what the reason was. Which VO is handling your case and how he looks at your case. The most important stuff you have to take care is:

      1) Prepare all possible documents
      2) Show your strong ties with your home country that shows your strong intentions you will come back for sure
      3) You do not want to work there on F2 at all
      4) And you are not taking this F2 route to go for F1 as you had rejection before

      So my suggestion is that you prepare based on the above points keeping in mind, and dont think about uncontrollables, and only work towards what you can control.

  123. Anu says:

    hello lucky,

    thank u for ur advice nd wishes lucky, 2marrow im having visa interview im just hoping for the best, i really want to spend1st annivarasary with my better half….lets hoping the best, crossing my fingers.. will share my expreience after interview….

    thank u……

  124. shravani says:

    hello lucky…
    its a very informative blog for all of them… i have gone through everybody’s experiences that have been shared over here. even it helped me a lot by clearing most of my doubts.
    we got married in the month of june 2011. actually we thought to apply for visa after completion of his masters just becoz even i was dng my masters in india. my husb has recently graduated (in dec 2011) and also got his OPT approval (started from feb 2012) and he started working as an intern. now i am planning for F2 visa. i have all the financial support from my father n hez my sponsor er. even my husb is showing $6000 in his account. its a legal amount, becoz he used to work as a RA in his university and we also have the wage forms as a proof. even my father in law is sponsor er for my husband. i think everything seems to be perfect.

    even then i’m a bit nervous abt my visa interview. could u please suggest me if any document is missing or any questions will be raised by the VO… will there be any problem reg his OPT… becoz it starts frm this month itself…
    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me lucky… i’ll be very much thankful to u….

    thanks in advance… will be waiting for ur reply…

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shravani,
      Sorry for late reply. Thanks for your feedback.

      Regarding your questions “will there be any problem reg his OPT… becoz it starts frm this month itself…”, I think that it is difficult to predict the outcome of your visa interview. Generally getting F2 on OPT is little bit tricky but not to discourage you, there are several people who get F2 visa without any issues, so I would say it is really very random and almost impossible to predict. Only thing I can suggest is to prepare well for your visa and rest depends upon VO who would handle your case.

      Few things you might take care are:

      1. Carry your spouse’s all current and previous OPT related documents.
      2. Include employment letter from the employer of your spouse
      3. Carry all financial documents related to your spouse’s taxes in USA
      4. And all documents as listed here: http://binaryjunction.com/2010/06/22/docs-for-f2-visa-interview-united-states-of-america/ .

  125. Anu says:

    helloo lucky

    my visa has got rejected in hyd con, the VO has asked which university he was styding? which company he was working? and he asked the W2 last year? and asked CPT, he saw CPT date of completion month nd he told that next month CPT will be completed so after that no job i cant give u visa sorry, i told him we have financial support and again next semester he will get cpt and he works again, but VO said im sry..

    lucky can i apply for vistor visa is it possible to get ? can u please suggest me….

    waiting for ur advice..

    • Prathyu says:

      EVen i have same situation Anu..My F-2 Visa got rejected 3 times till now.. Even i need a suggestion lucky..Wat can be next step? should i wait till he apply for H1 or is there any other visa type which could be applied for.. Badly need to go to U.S

      • Amar says:

        Hello Anu / Prathyu

        Did you happen to get interviewed by the same person during your 2nd/3rd attempt of F-2 Visa interview

        My Wife is planning to for 2nd attempt ,we are in a confusion whether to attend in HYD /Chennai.

        Can you please reply for the above question ?

        Thanks in Advance

        • Prathyu says:

          Hi Amar,

          I got interviewed by same person in hyd consulate 1st and 2nd times. 3rd time i applied in chennai..but it was of no use..

          • Amar says:

            Prathyu ,

            Thanks for the reply , can you share your chennai interview experience.

            Thanks in Advance

            • Anonymous says:

              As usual there were all common questins..
              1) whr u want to travel in u.s
              2) what is your husband doin? which university?
              3) is he doin a job there?
              4) how did you both meeT?
              5) is it a lov mrg or arranged?
              6)w ho is goin to sponsor you?

              Just..these questions and i answered well and confidently for above all questions.. there was no problem in any documents or answers..but they gave the reason like..as your got rejected twice previously we cant issue a visa accordign to u.s law.

              Thats IT…No more words i could say.. at that moment..

          • KAUSHIK says:

            hi prathyu
            i have two barcodes on the left side of interview letter….you have the same

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anu,
      I am extremely sorry to hear about your visa rejection. I think the main mistake you made was showing CPT that ends this month. You should have shown an extended period of CPT employment or at least an I20 that have some significant time left. But anyways now nothing can be done.

      Regarding your visitor visa question, that is something to try and the reason you can give that you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your husband. It may be possible you get it if you can convince VO with your return ticket that you are coming back too. But again they might ask why are you not applying for F2 when your husband is on F1, so be prepared for that too.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Any,

      One more thing I would like to suggest that it may not be very good to apply visa at so much less intervals as it might be difficult to prove that there is really any change in your situation.

  126. Anu says:

    helloo amar,

    my suggestion is better to apply for chennai, even i got same person 1st nd 2nd time of my interview but 2nd time the VO said i have already got a chance to discuss with u so please go to so nd so counter nd wrote counter no.

    Prathyu i can understand ur pain even im in a same situation, lets hoping for the best…

    lucky can u please suggest me, in this case we have any alternative choice like another visa type, acutally my own sis she was in Canada with her family so can i apply for vistor visa for canada? how much possibility to get canada visa? because i have already rejected 3 times… please advice me…
    waiting for ur advice.. please give me quick response….

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anu,
      I think ofcourse you can apply for visitor visa for Canada, and there is no relation between your canadian visa and USA visa so it does not matter even if your USA visa application was rejected 3 times.
      But I am wondering how would you travel to USA even if you have Canadian visa? The only think then I can think of your husband applying for canadian visa too so you both can reunite in Canada.

  127. Anu says:

    hello lucky,

    Yup exactly, my husband want to apply for canada but i think its just temporary solution rite… lucky shall i wait for some more time or can i apply to chennai? soo what are the chances to get visa? nd this f2 rejection will effect on h1b nd h4 in future? actually i read recent article about USA visas denial…. hr is the link…


    nd thank u very much lucky for ur advices…..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anu,

      Yes you applying for canada for visitor visa seems like a temorary solution to me.
      Again it is very difficult to predict your chances of getting visa if you apply in chennai. As I always said the only thing you can do prepare well to the best of your ability. Still I would suggest if there is no change in your husband’s visa status or there is no change in related to any other aspects of your husband’s stay in USA, it does not make much sense to apply anyhwere soon.

      Yes I think F2 rejection would not have any impact on your future aspects of getting H4 visa as your husband gets approval of H1 visa, since H1 visa is considered dual intention so different category altogether as compared to F2 visa.

  128. Niketkumar Patel says:


    I am currently doing PhD at NY, USA. I have valid I 20 till 2014 which is my expected date for graduation. I got married last summer (July, 2011) and applied for F2 visa for my wife in Jan 2012. I have teaching fellowship (getting paid from university) for last 2 years. She was not much asked (may be it’s an excuse) and got rejected with 214(b) which is inability to show sufficient evidence that you are not intended potential immigrant.

    She is applying for the visa on 6th March, 2012 again. I understand she need to show them or convince them enough for the rejection reason given in the previous one.
    Are there any documents that might help her to show strong ties to the home countries or help her to convince the consul office?
    Any suggestion regarding this is really appreciated.

    Her first interview was in English. This time it’s in Gujarati.

    Please suggest me that might help.

    Thanks in advance,
    Niket Patel

  129. Suresh says:

    I have B1 Visa in 2010. I arrived to US on that and after words I changed to F1 status.
    Now I have an appointment to my Family F2 on March 1st. What could be hard situation or questions my wife will face. Any one can help in this please…

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Suresh,
      I think that one of the hard questions your wife can face would be about convincing VO that she is not a potential immigrant as you changed your visa from B1 to F1. So showing very strong ties with your home country that you and your would come back are very much needed.

  130. Swapna says:

    Hello Lucky,

    My dependent visa got rejected on feb 4 2011 due to low bank balance in my husband account. Now my husband has arranged the required funds needed for my visa. My husband i20 shows dependent expenses as 4000$ and total of 19000$ needed per year including fees. My Husband finished has finished is studies and working on opt now. He is showing a bank balance of 14000$ will this be sufficient enough for my visa.

    2) Last time i have attended the interview in english i was not comfortable so i requested my husband to book my appiontment in telugu. Will this has any affect since i have a degree in english medium. What should i answer if the VO asks me why are u attending the interview in telugu when you are well educated? Please advise me
    My husband does not want to take any kind of risk so he wants me attend the interview in english.

    3) My husband told me that if the visa is rejected twice in 1year we need to wait for some time. He is not sure about this. Please let me know how long should i wait if the visa is rejected twice in 1 year.

    4) I appreciate your help earlier and thank you in advance.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swapna,
      Sorry to hear about your visa rejection.

      1. It seems that $14000 should be fine I think because your husband has graduated now and does not need to pay fees. But the more the better.

      2. I think attending visa interview in telugu should not be an issue, and you can always say that you were not comfortable in answering questions in english in your last visa interview, as it might be difficult sometimes to pick up the American accent, and you want to avoid any miscommunication this time. So well educated does not mean you can speak like a native english speaker, so yo can always give this as another reason.

      3. As far as I know there is no such limit because I have seen people applying for visa interview even for 3rd time within a couple of months, perhaps you can check comments from other people on this blog. But I agree and it is good that your spouse is being extra careful as you are going for second time.

      My suggestions are:
      1) please take your time, do not rush,
      2) And prepare well, and think carefully how you are going to manage visa interview this time.

  131. Swapna says:

    Sorry forgot to ask you one more question. Can i book a slot at chennai consulate if the visa dates are not available in hyderabad.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swapna,
      I think you are required to book visa interview in the consulate depending upon your place of stay. However, I have seen some times that people have booked visa appointment in other places also, so it may be possible but I think it is not right as per their rules, until and unless there are other circumstances which makes you eligible to apply in consulate in other places too.

  132. Sushmitha says:

    Hello lucky…
    I’m attending for F2 visa next month. My husband is on F1 and he is doing MBA in US… He went to US for MS and when he is on opt he worked for bank of America and then he quit the job and joined MBA.now he took cpt from university and he started working sinc feb and he is so attending lectures . And I’m showing my father in law as my sponsor and I prepared the documents and bank statement . But I’m always worried coz my husband dint receive any pay slip as such.. If they ask me I cn show them his cpt approval from university and also the offer letter…is this okey?? And what are my chances??I’m applying in Hyderabad

  133. Rahul says:

    Just need to clarify.. I got the F2 by showing a balance of $5000. But need a clarification – Need I have to show the entire amount(apprx. 39000) for for MS program again when my wife goes for visa interview ( as in I20 which is issued for my wife shows the exact break up of my course fee) or this $5000 is only required? I have two more papers to complete MS.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rahul,
      I think your dependent I20 shows the amount required to cover expenses of your spouse. So you should show amount more than that. If you are getting funding/scholarship, then you can show that you are getting (bi)monthly salary in your bank account and you have enough amount in your bank account to cover both of you. I think it is not really required to show complete amount needed for your MS program if you are getting scholarship.

  134. priya says:

    hello lucky
    my marriage is in next month, my fiance is working on opt, he is on 17 months stem extension,it is valid up to aug-2013.I am applying for f2.. what are the questions can i expect for visa interview? what are my chances? As my fiance is working on OPT will this e a problem for my visa? what are the documents i need to produce for my visa interview?

  135. sam says:

    i wanted to know which visa to apply for…my husband is on OPT nd he has his visa till november’2012…i was working here in india nd took a leave for 6 months for marriage purpose nd have a letter from my employer tht i will be joining again in september’2012… i also have property on my name and sufficient funds in my account and before going to visa interview i will be having complete travel plans with me i.e wid return tickets nd all…so i m confused now tht i should apply for which visa F2 OR B2…i mean which is safest??

    • raj says:

      If you are surely coming back in sep then I would say B2 visa is safest because u can assure them I am going for six months and then i ill come back.
      if you are applying for F2 then they can ask you, your husband’s visa is expiring on Nov 12 so u can stay here till that time or they can ask you let him get H1B visa.
      See, I am not an expert but I am just suggesting you.
      All the Best

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sam,

      I think Raj answered your questions very correctly and I agree with him.

  136. Niketkumar Patel says:


    I posted earlier here regarding F 2 visa application for my wife. She got rejected first time and now she went again for the visa. And her visa got rejected second time too for 214 (b). What should I do now? Should I reapply? I understand my circumstances have not changed. But what are the options? I still have to wait for yr or so to file my H 1. What are my options? Kindly reply me. It will be big help.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Niket,
      Sorry for my late reply. Based on my experience, if there is not much change in the situation then it might not help much. Perhaps you can try following points,

      1. Wait for some more time, and try another consulate/embassy in different city.
      2. Try to take visa appointment in different language than the one your wife first/second appeared.
      3. Perhaps your wife can show that she is on leave from her job and must come back to continue her job after your studies to convince VO that she is not a potential immigrant.
      4. Or any other personal or professional ties to show as proof of strong ties with her home country.

      But these are just suggestions and might not work (as I have seen people have tried points 1 and 2 and these did not help in some cases but worked in some other cases) and might work you never know as visa process is very random. I would suggest that you should think about it very carefully and “please do not rush or take another appointment with out given it a lot of thought”.

      • Niketkumar Patel says:

        Dear Lucky,
        Thanks for the blog. It’s kind of strange relief you get when you find people in the same situation hoping for the best.

        As I have mentioned that my wife’s visa has been rejected twice and thanks for the suggestions you gave me. I still have almost 24 months till I finish my studies so H 1 is far away and I am not considering to stay here long after the study. To add, will it make any sense if she applies for F 1 visa (gets admission in some college and apply)? or it’s better to reapply for F 2 only? and any good duration should I hold till I go for third trial?

        I know some of the questions doesn’t even make sense and has no answers but you must have better idea.

  137. Aleena says:

    I hav my interview on 9th @ hyd ..My husband is on opt m applying for f2 dependent can u please suggest how do I face my interview … I had already applied once in may 2011 whn ma husband waz studying on f1 … The vo told me dat time k u can cum again once hr gets his job n gave me 214(b) m vry much nervous dis time can u temme chances of getting my visa approved
    thnk u

    • Swapna says:

      Hi Aleena,

      Dont worry aleena i think you got the 214 (b) last time as you were not able to convince the VO. Carry all the documents showing that your husband has a valid job and income. you can carry the offer letter and most recent paystubs of your husband as a proof. If your husband is not working and if he is still studying then you need to show sufficient funds for both of you.

      Be cool and confident and every thing will be fine. Please share your experiences in this blog after your interview is done.

      all the best. good luck…….

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Aleena,
      I am sorry that I am really late in answering your question as I have been very busy with my personal and professional for a couple of weeks. I wish that you were to able to get your visa without any issues. Just for your information, it is almost impossible to predict visa outcome as it depends upon VO how he/she looks at your case.

  138. sushmitha says:

    hi…i attended for F2 visa on 5th march and i got rejected on 214(b)….vo considered my husband as intended potential immigrant….now i want to stay with my husband so badly atleast for a short period…now im very confused….how safe is it to re apply for F2 VISA?? or should i apply for visitors??? and i also wanna know how may times can we apply for visa appointment in an year??

    • shravani says:

      hi sushmitha… i’m so sorry for ur rejection… could u plz share ur experience… i mean wat VO has asked you… becoz my visa interview in next week.. so could u plz share ur experience so that it would help me a lot…
      Thank you in advance….

    • Swapna says:

      Hello sushmitha,

      sorry to hear that your visa got rejected.i am also in the same boat i have an interview on 20th of this month. so can you please share your experiences as it will be useful to all of us.

      I heard my husband saying that there is a law firm called murthy’s law firm known for visa documentation. try to contact them as they may help you in right way next time. the office is in hitechcity hyderabad. If you need additional details about this go to website http://www.murthy.com

      • Sushmitha says:

        Hello Swapna … Make sure that you are confidently answer to the questions.. Just to the point.. But visa approval is just random so it’s truly your luck… I had al documentation but VO dint ask for anything… He felt that my husband actions are like intended potential immigrant.. I’m a doctor VO asked me what do you do? I told him I’m a dentist and me and my husband want to return after he completes his MBA but he was not convinced . My education shud have given him impression that I wil be an immigrant . He dint say reason but just gave me a letter saying I was rejected under 214(b)..I’m applying again and planing to book my slot on 20th… But girls visa approval is just random.. Some people get visa without any interview I was not asked to show anything related to my marriage ..

        • Swapna says:

          Hello Sushmitha,

          Thank you for your advice. I have a small question sushmitha how much finances did your husband show in his bank account. Did he show the amount that has been described on his I20 or more

          Please let me know. Thank u in advance

          • Lucky says:

            Hello Swapna,
            From my point of view, if you show more than what is specified on I20 then your spouse should be fine, because generally amount on I20 covers several things and should really be sufficient to cover your spouse expenses. However, it is always good to show that your bank account has been accumulating those funds over a period of time instead of obtaining those funds from some other source in a very short period. Sometimes VO might want to see that you have recurring income to cover your spouse expenses.

          • Sushmitha says:

            Heylo Swapna what hapend with your interview???

            • Swapna says:

              Hello Sushmita,

              My visa has been rejected on the ground that my husband as potential immigrant intent. so i am waiting for his h1 to be approved to apply for h4.

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Sushmitha,
          I agree with you completely, and you are right visa interview is very random and nothing can be predicted about it.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sushmitha,

      Sorry to hear that your visa got rejected. I am not sure if you have looked at the following link, it is very helpful:


      The section “IS A DENIAL UNDER SECTION 214(B) PERMANENT?” might be helpful for your information. Overall the above link contains lot of useful information and might help you to take decision when is the right time for you to apply. Even my suggestion the next time you apply, please make sure that your are in a much better situation than now about convincing VO that you have strong ties with your home country and not a potential immigrant. If there is not much change in your situation, it might not help much no matter how many time you apply.

      As far as I know there is no such limit on how many times you can apply in a year, because I have noticed people have reported on this blog applying for 3rd time within a couple of month of their rejection. So I think you should not be worried about how many times you can apply. Infact your focus should be how to prepare well so that when you apply next time, your chances of getting visa are excellent.

  139. Swapna says:

    Hello All,

    My wife is attending an f2 interview this month in telugu. Will it be a problem if she attends the interview in telugu since she has a degree in english medium. What is the best possible answer she can give if the VO ask her why she is attending the interview in telugu. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

  140. Naresh says:

    Hello Lucky,
    Let me first thank you for creating this blog as it is was very helpful for us to know the the required documents and possible visa interview questions.
    I want to share my wife’s visa experience as it might be helpful for others. My wife had F2 visa on 28th Feb, 2012 in Hyd and her visa got approved. Below are the questions which visa officer has asked her.

    Me: Hello how ru?
    VO: I am good how ru?
    Me: Good, infact very happy as I got married recently.
    VO: Good, so when did u got married?
    Me: I got married on Feb 24, 2012.
    VO: Oh, just 4 days back. So where was ur marriage?
    Me: In XXX marriage hall at hyderabad.
    VO: OK, how many guests attended ur marriage?
    Me: around 1500 ppl.
    VO: How did u meet your husband?
    Me: My parents saw him in a family function and got details of him from his parents and later I spoke to him on phone and we found we shared similar thinking so I told my parents that I like him and we got engaged in Dec, 2011.
    ( Even though ours was love marriage I read somewhere to tell it as arranged marriage so I told him the above story)
    VO: Good, Do u know where does ur husband live madam?
    Me: Yes in XXX city and XXX state.
    VO: OK, Do u know what is he doing now madam?
    Me: Yes, he is on OPT.
    VO: OK, Do you have his pay stubs madam?
    Me: yes and I gave him the pay stubs.
    VO: looked at 1-2 pay stubs and told me ur visa has been approved and u will receive ur passport with 3-5 business days.
    Me: Thank you very much.

  141. Naresh says:

    Sorry I forgot one more question

    VO: what do u do now madam?
    Me: I completed my Master’s from UK and I am a home maker now.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Naresh,

      First of all congratulations to you and your wife for F2 visa approval. And thanks a lot for sharing your wife’s experience. I am sure your questions and answers are going to be very helpful to others as recently I noticed some F2 rejections whose spouses (F1s) were on OPT, so I think your case might give some sort of positiveness to them.

      • Amar says:

        Hello Naresh,

        Are you on OPT /OPT extension …

        I have seen people getting approval on OPT but not on extension.
        You response is worthy.

    • Raj says:

      Hi Naresh
      Thank u so much for sharing visa experience with all..
      could u please tell me how much amount u showed in ur pay stubs?
      i got my paystubs that has around $4700. i am not sure that is enough or not.
      i will be really appreciated if u share with me.
      waiting for ur reply…


      • Naresh says:

        Hello Raj,

        I did not understand ur question clearly. hwat do u mean by $4700? Pay stubs are our monthly salary slips. I showed my 1 year pay stubs.


        • Raj says:


          I mean to say : my monthly salary is $5500. My pay stubs get generated of $5000 after tax. So i mean to ask what is ur salary ?


  142. Naresh says:

    Hello Amar,

    I am on OPT Extension which expires Nov, 2012.

  143. Naresh says:

    Hello Dev,

    We have taken the documents as listed in this blog. VO only asked the mandatory documents which are listed below:

    Mandatory documents:
    1. Applicant’s passport.
    2. DS-160 application confirmation letter with CEAC bar code.
    3. Original HDFC bank visa fee receipt with two bar code stickers.
    4. Interview appointment letter.
    5. Applicant’s I-20 (original) (your spouse must have got this from his/her university, and sent to you).
    6. Photocopy of your spouse’s I-20 document.

    Apart from above documents VO asked the pay stubs.

    • Dev says:

      Hi Naresh

      Thanks for the reply. How about my passportand OPT cards, should i hand it over to my wife in originals ?Did you show any bank balance ? if yes how many months bank statement is required ?

      • Naresh says:

        Hello Dev,

        They don’t need your passport and OPT Cards originals. They just need photo copies of them. I had bank balance statements for 3 months, but VO did not ask for them, so did not showed it.


        • Dev says:

          Thanks for your reply…
          But handing over my original passport and OPT cards to my wife ,will it harm?

          • Anonymous says:

            yes .. always better to go with photo copies…there is a possibility of confiscating Ur originals…both will stay in ur homeland.

  144. Kaushik says:

    HI Lucky,

    Is it better to have an appointment in the morning or afternoon or it doesn’t matter…Does the interview have anything to do with the time.

    • Vijay says:

      Hi Freind,

      I am in a very tricky situation…I attended H1b stamping in September 2010 and got 221g blue form, admin processing and got approved within 2.5 months. Recently again in nov 2011 with my new h1 extension, i had attended for h1b stamping in hyderabad again and got 221g blue form…i came to india for my wedding and got stuck here….. my wife is on opt ext and its valid until june 2013……now i am planning to apply for f2 visa on…….my question???

      1. if i get my f2 visa approved, can i still wait on my h1 221g case or it would be cancelled?

      2. if i get my f2 declined, would my 221g processing continued or it gets cancelled?

      3. so what could be my chances of f2 approval?

      4. if VO asks, should i tell that i have h1 query but since i am marreid, i want to go and stay with my wife?

      Please post your valuable suggestions…

  145. Deepak says:

    Hi Freind,

    I am in a very tricky situation…I attended H1b stamping in September 2010 and got 221g blue form, admin processing and got approved within 2.5 months. Recently again in nov 2011 with my new h1 extension, i had attended for h1b stamping in hyderabad again and got 221g blue form…i came to india for my wedding and got stuck here….. my wife is on opt ext and its valid until june 2013……now i am planning to apply for f2 visa on…….my question???

    1. if i get my f2 visa approved, can i still wait on my h1 221g case or it would be cancelled?

    2. if i get my f2 declined, would my 221g processing continued or it gets cancelled?

    3. so what could be my chances of f2 approval?

    4. if VO asks, should i tell that i have h1 query but since i am marreid, i want to go and stay with my wife?

    Please post your valuable suggestions…

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  146. KAUSHIK says:

    I had applied for F2 in the month of december 2011 and jan 2012,both the times got rejected in hyd consulate .For the third time,I have two barcodes on the left side of interview letter….Is this normal to evry1 attending interview for the third time or….

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I had my F2 visa interview on 16th March which got rejected. I had chosen Gujarati as my interview language. My husband is doing PHD in Missouri Univ. Rolla.
    He has shown 26000$ funds and is mentioned on his I-20.
    Following were the question asked.
    me: good morning
    vo: good morning
    vo: why do u want to go to usa??
    me: My husband is doing PHD there so i wanna go to him.
    vo: From which university??
    me: Missouri University of Science and Technology.
    vo: How is your husband supporting you??
    me: He is getting a half time by his prof. for the PHD.
    vo: How long have you been married?
    me: 1 and a half month
    vo: where did u’ll first meet?
    me: we had a love marriage and used to study together in college?

    They rejected it under 214(b) section.
    I am reapplying again and have my interview soon.
    Could you pls help me?

  148. Soumya says:

    Hello Lucky, Hw r u?
    I am soumya my F2 visa got rejected twice and I am going apply H4b visa soon. I have one question, As it’s not an issue that it’s love marriage or arranged marriage then why every VO ask that question, is it love or arranged marriage? I doubt they only grant VISA to arranged marriages…..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Soumya,
      I do not think it matters whether it is love or arranged marriage. The thing that matters is that fake vs genuine marriage. So as far as one has photographs/wedding albums, wedding cards, or any thing else to prove that his/her marriage is an authentic one, then thats all is needed.

  149. Swapna says:

    Hello All,

    Lucky first of all i would like to thank you for all the support you have provided to me.
    My F2 visa got rejected again so this time i have decided to apply for H4 Visa after my husband gets his H1B approved. I was rejected under section 214b again.Here is how my wife interview went on March 20th 2011.
    1 Good morning sir,
    V.O: Good Morning.
    V.O: can i see your husband paystubs
    my wife: Gave him the paystubs what she had.
    V.O: just looked at couple of them and asked my wife about opt card.
    My wife: She gave him the opt card.
    V.O: He has asked when did u get married?
    my wife: on so and so date.
    V.O: Mam you have been waiting for last three months why can’t you wait another three months your husband will be back.
    My wife: She told him she was not able to spend much time with me after her marriage and she is travelling to USA to spend some time with me and return back with me.
    V.O: The officer was not convinced and he rejected her under 214b saying that your husband has potential immigrant intent and suggested her to apply for H4.

    It seems like the validity of my OPT period and type of visa that i hold now is creating issues for my wife. I have noticed that a couple of my friends spouses got their F2 stamped recently. we are all from the same univ and showed equal amount of finances as bank balances. only diff is my friends had opt validity period more than me ie they have 6months of opt period left.where as i had only 4months. Apart from this luck is also a factor to get visa.

    so my suggestion would be guys who are planning to apply F2 visa see that your spouse opt period is valid for atleast 6months and have sufficient balance in our account. this is just my opinion. I have shared the exp what i have seen recently.

    i dont have any idea about cases getting F2 approved with less than 6months opt valid. many cases that have been rejected F2 had opt validity less than 6months. a couple of them are posted here in this blog.

    that’s it from my side. My best wishes to all those who are applying for visa’s to visit USA.

    thank you lucky once again for the all the time you have spent to help others.

    • Sushmitha says:

      Hello swapna even my F2 visa got rejected second time on 20th march in Hyderabad . Onething im sure is that it’s just luck..many of my friends got F2 stamped but now I have to wait for my husband to get H1 B and then apply for H4… Really tough days ahead 🙁

      • Prathyu says:

        Hi Sushmitha,

        Even i am on same boat.. When is your husband applying for h1? I guess in this april??
        So you have to wait till october to apply for h4 right??

      • Swapna says:

        Hello Sushmitha,

        Sorry to hear that your visa got rejected again. It is the OPT validity period of our spouse causing the issue. There is not other way except to apply for H4 visa.

        Yes really tough days ahead.

    • Kaushik says:

      HI SWAPNA,



  150. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Let me first thank you for creating this blog as it is very helpful for us.

    I have a tricky question,

    My wife’s F-2 visa got rejected on 13th March. I am on OPT extension expiring on July 2013.

    Question : I am going to apply for H1 Visa soon in this April quota and my company is going to apply that in premium process. So, if I will get approval soon let say in May or June…. So, If my wife has to appear for the Visa Interview in June on what status she can apply for – F2 or H4 ?

    I will really appreciate your reply.

  151. priya says:

    hello lucky,

    thanks for creatng such a useful blog.. its really helpful..
    i attend visa on 22 march i got my F2visa…
    my interview was very simple and easy,
    i can suggest others just carry all ur hubby’s documents (pay stubs, employment letter, ur I20 original,ur hubby’s I20 copy,opt copy,visa copy)
    if ur documents are all correct then definely u wil get ur visa… just check up ur hubby’s opt shud hav min of 6 months validity.
    pay stubs nd employment letter matters a lot to them… and u shudnt be desperate of getng visa atleast pretend u r nt desperate of getng visa infront of VO.
    anyways thanks a lot lucky onceagain….

    i request all the people who got the visa plz do post in this blog after ur interview,as i was really scared by seeing the blog as major of them are rejections… so people who visit this blog wil be confident if they c there are approvals also…

  152. Soumya says:

    Hello lucky ……

    Thank u very much for all your answers and quick response…..My f2 visa got rejected twice and my husband going to apply h1b in April in premium process, suppose if his h1b approves in may should I attend h4b visa in may? if i get h4b, soon I can travel to US? or I have to wait for till OCT………

    • Anonymous says:

      I am having same question ? Any suggestion…..

      • Swapna says:

        Hello all,

        Guys i have heard from my friends that the international advisors can provide us some info on this matter. I have already emailed my school advisor but did not receive any reponse yet. can some one else try to email their school advisor to find out about the status we will be in after our opt expires. or after our H1b is approved but have a start date of oct.

        I will try to post the info as soon as i receive reply from my school.


        • Amar says:

          Even your Husband’s H1b is approved in May ,He will still be in F1 Status until his start date ( Usually OCT)…I’M not sure whether you can attend for H4 or even I’M on the same boat ,if you find any info please share

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Soumya,

      You can attend H4 visa in may if your husband H1B petition is approved. for you to attend H4 visa you need to have your husband approved I797 copy with you.
      But remember you will be able to enter USA only after your husband H1B start date.

  153. Syed says:

    Hi Lucky,
    My wife’s F2 visa got rejected twice in jan and feb at the hyd consulate under 214(b). I’ve had all the documents properly done. I’ve got 2 more semesters till I start the opt. My university provided a recommendation letter to be submitted during the next visa interview at the consulate, will that be helpful? If I show my on campus job letter will it be helpful and also I’m planning to change the language this time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Syed,

      Since you are saying that your wife has been rejected under 214(b). You should know the reason given by VO for her rejections. as far as i know 214 b has three reasons. one is insufficient balances or funds, 2) potential immigrant intent and 3) Not able to convince the VO. I think the number 2 reason does not work in your case the only reason VO would have rejected your wife is for insufficient funds or your wife might have not answered correctly to the questions asked by VO. so my suggestion would be check that you have sufficient money in your bank account and prepare your wife well for the visa interview.

      Luck is also another factor. A recommendation letter will be advantage to your wife this time. But see that you have all the sufficient funds and prepare well your wife for the interview. All the best for your interview.

  154. Syed says:

    Thank you Swapna for your response. She was rejected for potential immigrant and not able to convince the VO. I had the financial documents done as per the requirements of my I20. But then the problem is that they dont see no documents to verify.

    One of my friend suggested me to wait till November till the elections are finished in US and then the laws would be eased, dunno how true?? But I’m not gonna wait that long and also I’m not sure if the VO is gonna see the recommendation letter..

  155. riya says:

    hello lucky,

    i have my visa interview in a couple of weeks , i’m very nervous and even excited . My husband ‘s younger brother is also working there in U.S.A , now what to say when vo asks me this question Q. Does your spouse have any siblings in USA? what do they do? Where do they live/ work in USA?

  156. dev says:

    Hi Lucky

    I have a wierd situation. My OPT ends November 2012, and planning of applying for H1 this April or May. Going to India to get married in May.
    1. If i apply for H1 and go to India will they ask for stamping while coming back to USA(in case it is approved)?
    2. Or will it show up on my file (in case not approved yet).?
    3. Say i apply for H1 and go to India, when my wife goes for visa will they be able to see my H1 petition on my file ? If so what should my wife say ?

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Dev,

      you are in the same situation as i was a couple of months back. I have travelled to India to get married without filing my H1B in last october. But now i am facing trouble in getting F2 for my wife. The reason behind this is my opt period is valid for less than 6 months.

      There are two options for you to travel to India.
      option1: Apply for H1B this April wait until the application is processed. once approved you can travel to India but you need to get the H1B stamping in India. without stamping you cannot enter USA again with your left over opt.

      the problem you face with this option is H1B stamping. You might already know that it is little difficult in getting H1B stamping in India now. If you prefer to stay for a while in India then choose this option. Most people wont choose this for several reasons. If your employer is flexible in providing sufficient time for you to stay in India and work from home then prefer this option.

      Option2: Travel to India on your opt get married and bring your spouse on F2. carry all the documents with you before your travel and make your wife attend the visa interview as soon as possible. Make sure that you have the following so that your wife F2 is not rejected.

      1) Your Opt should be valid for atleast 6 months.

      2) Carry 6 months to 1year of paystubs.

      3) Carry offer letter and end client letter with you.

      4) Show sufficient amount of balance in your bank account. you should at least show the amount shown as living exp on your I20.

      Number 1 and number 4 are the most important things so be sure you have them at any cost.

      you will see a lot of F2 visa rejections in this blog and most of them have been rejected for this reason. i.e opt period was less than 6 months. so make sure your wife attends the visa as soon as possible after your marriage.

      If you need any other details you can make a post here someone will help you.
      I have provided my suggestion with the experiences i had. so please make your own choice that fits best for you.

      I wish you all the best and advance wishes for your marriage

  157. Krishna says:


    I was rejected for F2 visa today at Hyderabad consulate.

    I had all the documents mentioned in this website and apart from them, I had 8lacks in my bank account to be my own sponsor.

    The interview went something like this.

    VO: Who is going to sponsor you?
    Me: I have enough money to sponsor myself, apart from that my wife will.
    VO: How is she going to do that as she is a student?
    Me: She is working on OPT.
    VO: where is she working?
    Me: *** City
    VO: Can I see her Tax returns… I see she is earning very less.
    Me: She is earning more than enough for her living expenses (My wife is getting an above average salary for working in a consultancy)
    VO: So she is working for *** company, based in *** state but she is living in *** city in a different state.
    Me: Yes, her client is based there.
    VO: Is she working in Job Shop then? (He later explained that Job Shop is a consultancy)
    Me: (I tried to convince him that the company is good and has good benefits too)
    VO: But her client can take her off and she has to go back on bench and would not earn, and this is a liability.
    Me: (I had to agree with him, but tried convincing that the money I have is enough for both of us to fall back on, and we would not need the government to support us in any manner. And in any case if it happens we would come back to India and I can re-join here)
    VO: How much do you earn?
    Me: *** rupess
    VO: The company your wife works for does not have good reviews.
    Me: It has a good client base and lots for H1 applications successful.
    VO: there are lot of rejections too… How long do you plan to stay there?
    Me: till her visa ends next year.
    VO: 1 year is a long time and there are lots of cons against your case and I am not convinced that she is not going to apply for another extension or H1 after that. I cannot give you a visa.

    Apart from this I was asked which countries I visited, when was I married.

    I was not asked any other document other than W2 of my wife. I find that there are lots of Dependent applications today (Mostly parents) and many rejections too. Do not apply unless you have all the creditworthy documents and reasons with you as Hyderabad is the toughest place to get a Visa.

    Now I have a question, if anyone can answer. Should I reapply after my wife gets an H1, with everything else remaining the same or should I ask my wife to find a different Job either on OPT or H1?

  158. Nimesh says:

    Hello Lucky,

    What would be the best answer if VO ask, what will you do when your husband OPT will finish in July 2013…..??? Waiting for your reply. Having interview in couple of days.

    Thank you.

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Nimesh,

      The visa category(F1) we are in itself suggests that we need to return back to our home country as soon as our visa terminates. Applying H1B is secondary you cannot say that you will apply for H1B. If you say so your visa will be denied under 214b saying that you have a potential immigrant intent.So you should probably say that you are going to return back to your home country and settle here with the work exp you have gained during your practical training period.

      this is just my suggestion. so it is up to you to frame a correct answer to this question.

  159. Nimesh says:

    Thank you Swapna,

    I am thinking the same thing, just wanted to make sure the answer. Thank you so much for your reply.


  160. Maddy says:

    Hi Guys,
    I got a lot of help from this forum and so I thought of sharing my experience so that it might help others. I am currently working on OPT and have only two and a half months remaining in my OPT expiration. My wife recently got her F2 visa from New Delhi Consulate. The VO just looked at my wife’s I20 and my visa photocopy. The only question asked by VO was where did your husband graduate from. So guys, in my experience confidence is the key and to be confident you definitely need to prepare well. So my suggestion, that worked for me, would be that prepare well and be thorough with all the details like where the F1 person studied and when did she/he graduate, field of study, area of research, current job, place of residence etc. And some things most people ignore is the attire and the body language. I highly advise everyone to strictly wear a formal attire and carry yourself well. So prepare well and be confident. And if your case is genuine, there shouldnt be any problem in getting the visa. All the very best!

  161. Happy says:

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to thank you for your advice, the information on this website was really really helpful, my F2 visa was aproved today, I agree with Maddy, just be confident, have faith and everything will be alright. Don’t be nervous and be polite. They asked my spouse’s name, university and major, they asked a copy of my spouse’s F1 visa, SEVIS receipt, my I- 20 and that was it. Good Luck to everyone and always hope for the best!!!! And Lucky, thank you for creating this site!!!!

  162. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Currently My wife is doing MS in USA and got assistance ship.

    I am a Software Engineer and planning to apply for F2 with my ‘Kid’,
    Can you please let me know the chances/possibilities/probability of getting visa if I say that I am working as a S/W engineer to VO? Else can i say I am currently doing business and resigned my job a year ago? Please help me.
    Also, If VO asks “why didn’t you go along with your wife?” can I say that ‘initially we thought our kid can stay with out my wife at least till she completes her graduation. But It’s been around 9 months we are staying at different places. We are missing her (my wife)especially my kid. so we just wanted to go and stay with her and support her”?? please let me now.

    Thanks in Advance,

  163. Rahul says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Currently My wife is doing MS in USA and got assistance ship.

    I am a Software Engineer and planning to apply for F2 with my ‘Kid’,
    Can you please let me know the chances/possibilities/probability of getting visa if I say that I am working as a S/W engineer to VO? Else can i say I am currently doing business and resigned my job a year ago? Please help me.
    Also, If VO asks “why didn’t you go along with your wife?” can I say that ‘initially we thought our kid can stay with out my wife at least till she completes her graduation. But It’s been around 9 months we are staying at different places. We are missing her (my wife)especially my kid. so we just wanted to go and stay with her and support her”?? please let me now.

    Thanks in Advance,

  164. vinutha says:

    Hi Lucky
    I am working since 4.5 years in India. My husband is applying for F1 in couple of weeks. we got married on 13th may 2011. We are expecting I20 from the university in 3-4 days, I am planning to apply for F2 along with him.
    We have shown the required funds for I20 (1 year expense for him + 6k$ for a dependent). To show funds for 2 years, we have applied for education loan, we will have loan sanction letter from the bank when we go for the visa interview.
    My question is “is it a better idea to apply for F2 along with F1 ? or is it very risky for F1 ? because of F2 applicant F1 shouldn’t get rejected, that’s the concern I have”
    please suggest me what I should do? Nways I am not planning to travel immediately along with him but I want to keep my visa ready so that I can travel anytime when I get opportuniy.

    Thanks for your help in advance…. waiting for u r suggestion…

  165. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am planning to attend F2 Visa in the coming week. So Can you advice me on the above 2 queries ASAP.


  166. rahul says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am planning to attend F2 Visa in the coming week. So Can you advice me on the above 2 queries ASAP.


  167. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am Rahul, Please suggest on the above 2 queries. Also I am palnning to show 20 laks and property worth of 2 crore while attending f2 with my kid. please let me know if this is okay?
    else let me know how much amount i should show to him?
    2)If my wife doesnt have the amount in her a/c which is mentioned in the i-20 then can she ask her frnds to transfer the amount to her a/c and get a statement before attending f2 visa?

    Waiting for ur advise.


  168. Rahul says:

    Hi Lucky,

    This is Rahul again,
    1)I am planning to show 20 lacks in my saving a/c and property worth of 2 crores to VO while attending f2 as I am going to attend with my Kid. Will it be fine?
    2) If the amount mentioned in the i-20 is anot there in my spouse a/c then can she ask her frnd to transfer some amount to her a/c and take the statement?

    Waiting for your advise.


    • Swapna says:

      Hello Rahul,

      1) I would like to suggest you that the amount you are showing in your account is much more sufficient. I strongly recommend not to do the second option you have mentioned in your post. As there are many chances of getting caught.

      If you think that your wife’s bank account is not having enough funds to support you Wait until she gets her next pay deposited to her account. this way you can have a proof (paystub) that the money belongs to your wife. you wont have any kind of proof to show the officer if your wife borrowing huge amount from her friend and depositing to her account.

      you will be easily caught because bank statements in USA reveal the amount being deposited to your wife’s account and number of deposits being made also. If the officer finds more number of deposits in a month. he will definitely ask you to explain how did your wife got that much amount. so don’t do that instead attend the interview with all your wife’s documents, your financial documents(to prove you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in USA), your offer letter or property documents(which will serve as proof to show strong tie up with home country) and simply say that your are going to sponsor your self for period of your stay in USA if your wife is not able to show enough finances in her account.

      all the best for your interview. Good luck…………

  169. Blessed says:


    Many thanks for this forum, its very informative. I recently got my F2 visa application refused on merits of “not having strong ties back home”. I have a good job back home and just want to visit my wife, who’s studying for her PhD. We got married last year and we both miss each other very much. I intend to re-apply soon but my question is: While applying for F2, Is it okay to say that you want to visit for just one month because you need to return to work? Or stating longer period of stay in the US is better for F2. Please help.
    Finances don’t present a problem.
    Would very much like to hear your opinion.
    Thanks in advance.

  170. Anjali says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Please take sometime to hear me..

    My husband went on F1 to XXX University, due to some personal reasons he transfer to another ABC university another place.when 2 quarters are left to finish his grad there was a riad on the university, then to be on a safer side he again rejoin the 1st xxxUniversity and started from the begining.now hes gonna completing his grad by Marc2013.he is now working fultime there,will I have to mention this as CPT or OPT

    the other side i have tried for F2 in 2011 once when my husb is studyin in ABCUniv and got rejected. now i have my interview on 2nd May. I am confused that the VO would know that he is working,even though if they ask would i have to tell that he is working?
    i have planned to visit only for 30days and mentioned the same in the application.my 21months son is accompanying me.iam totally confused lucky … can u suggest me the best option. how can I produce my application strongly

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Anjali,

      I have just provided my suggestion based on the info in your post. If you would have provided some more info like how is your husband covering is tuition it would have helped us to provide you with a better suggestion.

      Since your husband as enrolled himself as a full time student and if he is working then probably it should be on CPT. so you need to say he is working on CPT. but remember one thing it will not be a fulltime job as a F1 student he is only allowed to work for 20 hours a week on CPT. you can say that he is working as an intern. I suggest you to carry a offer letter saying that you are husband is working as an intern if you want to mention that your husband is working in the interview

      but i suggest you to confirm this from your husband. He is the right person who can tell you on what grounds he is working (i mean CPT or OPT)

      If you are confused then simply say that you are husband is focussing much on his studies and his expenses are being taken care by his family members(parents) in india. If you say so you need to show sufficient income or bank balances that can cover your husband’s tuition and your expenses. So in this case you need to have strong financial documentation (CA document) as a proof.

      These are just my suggestions anjali. I wish you all the best and request you to post your experiences after the interview on this forum as it will be help ful to others.

      Let us know if you have any more questions.


  171. Nimesh says:

    Hello Lucky,

    After how many days, we can RE-APPLY for F-2 dependent visa (Mumbai) once it gets refused 1st time…..?? Please reply back that would be great.

    Thank you

    • Swapna says:

      Hello Nimesh,

      There is no time frame for you to reapply to F2 Visa. But see that you have all the necessary documentation before your reapply. since i don’t know the grounds on which you have been rejected first time i cannot tell you the time frame. If you have been rejected for financial reason i suggest you to wait for atleast a month get better documentation and then reapply for visa.

      If you have been rejected under 214b and the VO said that you had a potential immigrant intent. Then see that atleast you have property documents or offer letter saying that you have job back in india and will return back after a certain period of time. this type of documentation will help you in overcoming this section.Then you can apply in a one week time from now.

      Rest is luck. i wish you all the best for your next interview.

  172. Sujji says:


    I am going to attend F2 visa interview in couple of months so please help in following :
    1) i am working in IT and i having 5 years of exp. i applied H1 1 and half year back but that status is in pending
    2) my wife is in OPT and working as a full-time employment and her OPT satus is upto nov’2013
    3) what are the documents i need to carry when i am going for interview?
    4) already my H1 status is in pending is there is any problem when i apply for F2 visa?
    5) VO may ask why i want to go US and what you will do ?
    6) why you didn’t went thru spouse?
    6) Any leave approved letter required for visa?

    Pleasereply asap.

  173. nithya says:

    Hi lucky,
    My husband is on OPT, last month i attended an F2 Visa interview an got rejected. my conversation with VO is as follows….
    1, VO : where ur husband stays?
    Me : stamford, connecticut.
    2, VO : Can i see ur I20 papers?
    Me : I gave, ( and my husband studied in Texas A & M university ).
    3, VO : hey its Texas ?
    Me : Then i revealed like my husband is on OPT
    4, VO : when u’ll come back to india ?
    Me : i said my husband visa is expiring in 6 months, after 6 months i’ll be back with
    my husband.
    5, VO : if it is only 6 months whats the need u to go their?
    Me : I said i got married recently, i cant be far away to him, i just want to make a
    long honey moon trip.
    6, VO : when u got married?
    Me : i said 20 days back on march 15th.
    7, VO : Can i see ur husband W2 ?
    Me : I gave….
    8, VO : Can I see ur Husband pay stubs ?
    Me : I gave….( one year pay stubs )
    9, VO : oh American unit…. Do ur husband wants to convert to H1?
    Me : i said no…. we have business over here, we have to look over that….anyway my
    husband visa is going to expire with in 6 months so we’ll be back with in 6
    10, VO : returned my Passport and said try next time…. n said some thing else i could
    not understand as i felt blank….
    plz lucky help me…. did i spoke any thing wrong with VO….. again im going to attend an interview in chennai on MAY 7th 2012….. suggest me some tips….. and what will be the best answer for the question Do ur husband wants to convert to H1 ?

    • Krishna says:

      Hi Nitya, I faced a similar situation at Hyd consulate when I applied for F2 on 12th Apr. I too applied for 7th March at Chennai, but was recently suggested not to go to Chennai as the VO will question the motive behind the move. This will act against our case and we are at risk of another rejection, this time without any questions asked. Did anyone else suggest the same to you?

      • Swapna says:

        Yes krishna you are right you should not attend the visa at a different consulate. you can only attend at a diff consulate if you have a residential proof for a certain period of time in chennai or bordering cities in AP near by to chennai. OR if you are not able to find a slot at HYD consulate.

        Otherwise as you said you will be asked to go to HYD consulate. Moreover changing the consulate does not guarantee you a visa since everything is centralized the VO at chennai will be having your entire case info.

        suggest you to give another trail at HYD itself. all the best for both of your for your interview.

        • Krishna says:

          Hi Swpana,

          I took your advice and changed the consulate to Hyderabad, but the result was same.. This time I had a client letter from my wife’s client and complete Property valuations.. I ended up in the queue of the same VO I had the interview earlier, I shared the details earlier.. The VO sent me to another counter and she was dealing with Visit and Business Visa’s till then.. Accepting a few and rejecting a few..

          The interview began with she examining my wife’s W2 and asking questions on the company.. This time I have shown the client letter and this still did not help, I was rejected saying that she did not believe that I will come back to India.. I tried to tell her to take a look at my property and education documents, but she has already made up her mind..

          I have decided to wait for my wife to apply for H1 and subsequently I apply for H4, and if possible with a different company..

          Nitya, Can you please share your experiences too.

          • nithya says:

            Hey i approved in chennai visa interview where my native is HYD …….
            i got visa on may 7th 2012
            my conversation with VO is as follows
            me: good morning mam
            vo: good morning
            vo: did u ever visited USA before ?
            me: no mam
            vo: where ur husband stays ?
            me: stamford
            vo: what is his status ?
            me: he is under training
            vo: asked some company details
            me: im not clear but company details and all im really sorry ( wontedly acted like innocent )
            vo: can i see ur husband pay stubs
            me: sure…
            vo: checking some thing on her PC
            vo: ur approved and u’ll receive ur passport
            through courier….
            me: thank u mam

            when it comes to dependent visa, Act like innocent….. dont be too clever as u know every thing, answers like im not clear abt that, will also help u some times

            it does not depend on the place…… while filling DS-160 (interview place) it is mentioned that u can block visa interview any place in india…. So place is not a matter even if the question raises, u can answer like i dint get the slot in Hyd on specific day so i came to chennai, if VO ask why only on specific date ? u can answer like i believe in numerology bla bla bla…… our aim is to convince VO and to get visa approved not all answers should be correct 🙂 hope my comment help some people….. All the best

  174. Shweta says:

    I have my visa interview next week.
    My husband had took a semester off officially till April 2012 and left on 2nd may 2012. I scheduled my appointment on 11th may.
    Can you please suggest me an appropriate answer for-
    your guidance would be appreciated.

  175. Rahul says:

    Hi Swapna/Lucky,

    My wife is on f1 and I am planning to attend f2 visa with my kid. I am planning to tell the VO that i will come back to india as i applied for vacation. So what could be the better answer if VO ask if you really want to come back why did n’t you apply for visitor/tourist visa for ur self and f2 for ur kid?

    Please suggest.


  176. Anu says:

    Hi lucky,
    I got my f2 visa 🙂 at chennai cons on 4th may 2012,
    Actually i wanna share my exp to this forum members and others it may be helpful. I was attended interview at chennai con on 4th may, at 8.00 a.m, (and my f2 visa got rejected 3 times in hyd con, and on that time also i shared my exp u can check it out in the above), My interview conversation between vo nd me like this-

    VO: gud morning
    ME: gud morning sir (I said with smiling face, dont keep nervousness face)
    VO: can i see ur documents
    ME: yup sure sir (and i gave my documents passport, i20, DS160, my hubby’s i20)
    VO:which university ur husband studying
    ME:he is studying in so and so university, doing so nd so course
    VO:ok, how he is surveying
    ME: he is on cpt working in so nd so company as a so and so,
    VO:uh ok, can i see ur husband paystubs
    ME: yup sir (and i gave his paystub)
    VO: how he is receiving salary on what base
    ME: he is getting montly salary (and vo checked salary amout and noding his head)
    VO: urs is love or arranged marriage
    ME: Its a arranged marriage
    VO: how is ur married life
    ME: its absolutly fantastic life, im having great married life (i said with big smiling face)
    VO:thats gud (he said with big smiling face, and asked another question )when did u got married
    ME: so and so date
    VO: ok, when was ur last visa interview
    ME: feb month 2012
    VO:ok, i approved ur visa will be couried with in 4 days, gudluck (he said with smiling face)
    ME:thank u sir….

    Guys i seriously prefered to the chennai cons rather than hyd because in hyd con i have attend 3 time and they keep on asking each and every documents if we having that documents also, they will reject us without no reasons, actually i was observed in the chennai consultant while i was waiting for my token no. and the vo’s are asking questions nd they are not dragging the topic very deeply (if u have required document as per the visa type) and i observed most of the visas got approved,
    And girls i wanna tell u about dressing also go in a traditional (saree) im not saying it is compulsory but it gives a positive sign as per my assumption. be simple and dignified, and dont be nervous at all answer him in a little smiling face, i really pray for u who dint get visa because even i faced that pain, soo be confident and keep on trying u will get it, it doesnt matter how many times u r attending infact i got my f2 visa stamped in 4th time..
    Lucky thank u very much for ur guidness thanks a lot….. 🙂

    • Rahil says:

      thanks for sharing your experience as it would be very helpful..

      i guess u r the resident of andhra pradesh then how did u go to chennai consulate ? did they ask you about it ? So i just have two questions:
      1) which consulate did u choose in ur DS 160 form ?
      2)which State did u choose for interview appointment? if u selected Andhra Pradesh then did it show dates in chennai with hyderabad or u just selected Tamilnadu as state of residence ?
      could you please let me as soon as possible as my wife has been rejected 3 time in hyderabad consulate also

      thank you
      waiting for ur reply…

    • rahul says:

      Hi Anu,

      This is Rahul here. I have attended b1 once from my company in chennai. So can I attend the f2 visa directly in chennai? but for that do i need to select tamilnadu state as Rahil mentioned above? Pls let me know.


    • asha says:

      Hi anu,
      when u applied for f2 ,how many months gap is der for opt expiry ?

  177. Anu says:

    Hi Rahil,
    Yup u r rite, im from A.P, for ur question how did i went to chennai cons? because my visa got rejected 3 times in hyd cons so he is not giving visa infact i was carrying each and every documents legally my motive is to get visa so i just want to try once at chennai cons. well while in the interview the vo did not ask anything about my residency, bank statement, w2. he just asked i20, paystubs (he specifically seen the salary amount i think my husband getting enough funds, by seeing the salary amount he is nodding his head) thats i,t he asked only two documents.
    1) i selected chennai consulate but i mentioned my residency as A.P only.
    2)after ds-160 we will select the interview appointment date rite, thr i selected tamilnadu state and when the dates released select chennai available dates.
    If u have any other queries feel free….

    • karthik says:

      hi anu,could you please guide me for chennai appontment date…how to select

    • raj says:

      hi anu,did you select state of residence as what in scheduling the appointment date for chennai….pls guide me

      • Lucky says:

        Hello Raj,
        Yes, you have to select state of residence when booking appointments. However, if someone is in USA already that that person might choose any consulate as far as I think.

  178. Nisha says:

    Hi All…

    I got my F2 visa today!!! Both me and my husband(F1) booked the same slot and at the consulate we were interviewed together. We appeared from the Kolkata consulate. The VO was a sweet and young American lady. She was smiling and that made us very comfortable. There were a lot of applicants and we don’t remember seeing any rejections, whatever be the visa. Here I am sharing our experience:

    VO : Good Morning
    We : Good Morning
    She checked the HDFC receipts, our passports and the I20 documents.
    VO : So, why do you want to go to USA?
    He : I am going for my MBA in XYZ University
    VO : Why this university?
    He : Because it comes under the top 20 universities and it has a very good program for Consulting and I have strong interests in Consulting.
    VO(to me) : When did you get married?
    I : Just last month on so and so date.
    VO : Was it love or arranged?
    I : Love marriage
    VO : How did you meet?
    I : He was in my city on an official tour last year.
    VO : What is an official tour?
    I : His company sent him there on some business.
    VO (to husband) : How will you fund yourself? Since she cannot work, you will have to support her as well!!
    He : I will use my personal savings and I have a scholarship from my University and also I have applied for a students’ loan
    VO (Looking at the personal savings (over $40,000) ) : How did you save so much? Since how long have you been working?
    He : For 7 years now.
    VO : Full-time?
    He : Yes, full-time
    VO : Congrats!! Your visa has been approved. You can collect it tomorrow, else it will be couriered to your home address
    We (beaming with joy) : Thank you so much! Have a good day!!

  179. harsha says:

    Hi lucky,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions. My wife’s F2 visa interview is on may24th. I am on OPT(17 month extension) now.It is valid until dec 19 2012. So I have just got close to 7 months.

    1. If the VO asks, it is only for 6 or 7 months, why dont you wait and he will b back? what would be the best answer?

    2.I was in India for the month of April. I have pay stubs from jan 2011-feb 2012. But I am not yet paid for march.So do not have the pay stub for March.Does this matter?

    3. My employer has changed since april 24.I do not have any pay stubs from my new employer.Can you please let me know if the VO can think that I am not currently employed and reject the visa. I have an employement verification letter from my new employer.


  180. Alan says:

    My Wife went for F2 stamping a few months back when i was on my CPT and her visa got rejected under the section 214(b).
    Now I have started working on my OPT with a new employer and have my OPT until May 2013.
    Also my employer has applied for H1 B under premium processing for the fiscal year 2013 quota.

    So my question here is,
    1. If my wife goes again for a F2 VISA, assuming the fact that i would apply for her F2 after getting a H1 B approval and attaching this approval notice to her application. Will there be chance of her dependent F2 VISA getting accepted considering the fact that, I will already have a H1 B approval notice and that I will be shifting over to H1 in October 2012 ?

    2. Also is it necessary to apply for the dependent VISA from the same consulate that I had applied previously ?


    • Alan says:

      Please reply asap… i am in need of this info.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Alan,

      I am not sure how is it possible for your company to apply H1B for 2013 quota because H1B for 2013 can not be applied before April 1st as far as my understanding goes. Are you sure about it, Or you mean 2012 H1B quota? I would suggest you to check with your company about it.

      1. Regarding your first question, I am assuming that you are talking about 2012 H1B quota. My suggestion is that it is not good to show H1B approval when applying for F2. Since F2 means you do not have any intention to stay in US, and are not potential immigrant. However, if you carry H1B approval that means you have intention to migrate to US which is against F2. Infact my suggestion if you are going to wait for H1 approval, then why dont you apply for H4 for your wife instead of F2? It might be easier to get H4 than F2 for your wife. Anyways, if you still want to apply for F2, it is better to go without H1 approval as it wont make your case stronger. Also, since you have OPT until 2013 may, it may be good for your wife’s F2 approval this time. So think about it carefully before deciding between F2 and H4.

      2. Regarding your 2nd questions, visa should be applied in the consulate according to your wife’s residency status in India. Although there are sometimes cases where people have applied in other consulates too. It is better to check with the consulate before applying in different consulate. Also it is not always necessary that applying in other consulates would improve your visa approval chances.

  181. Anuj says:


    Iplan to start my MBA program in January. The school would start processing my I-20 by next month. My wife would like to join me. She has done her MBA in India and currently work for an Indian Bank. We also have stamped l1 and l2 visa. she had joined me in the US for 10 days while I was working on L1. I have been in the US for 2 years and also made several business trips

    My question is would it be fine if we apply for f1 and f2 visa together and go together for the interview?

    Thanks in advance

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anuj,

      It is perfectly fine to apply and appear together for interview for yours and your wife’s visas.

  182. Anjaneya says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I have recently appeared for f1 visa and have got it approved.
    Now my wife is looking forward to attend the visa interview sometime in a week or two , as soon as i receive my passport in hand.

    I have used an I20 where dependent travel details werent present during my interview. But later i requested the univ to send a new I20 with dependent finance details.

    Below are my questions

    1 ) Can my wife carry my new I20 along with her ? Or will she have to carry the photocopy of the old one ? ( i understand my SEVIS number didnt change , but for visa interview i appeared with the old one which didnt have dependent details )
    2 ) I have my CA certificate and other bank statements as of june 5th , can she use the same finance documentation , if she is planning to attend the interview in the third week of June ?
    3 ) She is working currently , and has a savings of 3 laks , would it be a problem?
    4 ) I was earlier on L1 and returned to india , si milarly she was on L2 while i was on L1 , would there be any questions surrounding this ? —
    5 ) what will be best answer to give , if the visa conseller asks my wife if she wants to study while she is on F2.

    • Anjaneya says:

      Can you please provide answers for my doubts ?
      we are planning to book a visa date in the coming week

      • swapna says:

        Hello Anjaneya,

        Question1:When you have requested the school to add dependent they should have sent you two I20’s one for you and another dependent I20. In your I20 you will notice under the remarks sections “spouse has been added”. Give your wife this I20 and her dependent I20.

        Questions: As per my knowledge any financial documentation which is older than a month should be good enough. If it is possible try to get a new one. or else it should be fine.

        Question3:No it wont be create any kind of problem if your wife is having some kind of savings with her. It all depends who is going to sponsor her visa. I mean if you are sponsoring her then it is your bank account that should have enough balances to support both of you.

        Questions4: I don’t think they will ask your wife any questions regarding her L2 visa but as you said in your question 5 they may ask her intention of doing studies.

        Question5: It is not going to harm you in any way even if she says ‘Yes’. But make sure that you show enough funds to support this if she says yes.

        These are just my opinions based on my experience. It is up to you to make a right decision as you are the one who knows your situation much better than me.

  183. kish says:

    hello, I am very happy about this blog
    please i need help…. I am applying for f2
    1. I just started a small business in india… no money coming in yet..no customers yet…and want to say I will be travelling back from time to time (every 4months) to check my business but I want to go us to stay with my husband. what documents will i need to back this up as no income is coming from the business yet. Is this a strong tie that we will come back to india? or is the business too fresh will it ruin my chances?
    what is ur advice… thank you

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Kish,
      I do not think for F2 you need to take that pain. Also given the current situation of your business it does not seem right thing to show for your F2 visa. If you really want to go for this path, perhaps you might apply for B1/B2 visitor visa. So my suggestion is that for strong ties, you might show your family ties and other properties ties, but this business does not seem to be very helpful in this case.

  184. Deependra says:

    Hello Mr. well wisher

    My wife’s F2 visa interview is on may24th. I am on OPT(17 month extension) now.It is valid until Jan 9 2013. So I have just got close 7 to 8 months.

    1. If the VO asks, it is only for 6 or 7 months, why dont you wait and he will b back? what would be the best answer?

    2.I was in India for the month of April. I have pay stubs from jan 2011-feb 2012. But I am not yet paid for march.So do not have the pay stub for March.Does this matter?

    3. My employer has changed since april 24.I do not have any pay stubs from my new employer.Can you please let me know if the VO can think that I am not currently employed and reject the visa. I have an employement verification letter from my new employer.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Deependra,

      Sorry if I am late answering your questions.
      1. Yes it is not very ideal situation to have just 6/7 months left when applying for F2 visa. Perhaps if you have permanent job offer letter from your company that might be helpful.
      2. Yes it matters, because generally they look for most recent pay stubs. And it is not good to not have match pay stubs. It is better if you might arrange march pay stubs too. Even if you were in India in April, you might have to show pay stubs for April too unless you were on unpaid leave.
      3. Your situation seems very tricky and it does not seem right thing to apply for visa in such situation. Just my suggestion, but you know your situation well and should act accordingly. Still my suggestion is that please act in a manner so that your future chances of visa approval are not jeopardized.

  185. sudha says:

    hi lucky.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sudha,

      I think you must carry some affidavit that shows that KURAPATI SUDHA and THATIPAMULA SUDHA are same person. Or I am not sure you might say that since in India, married girls have surnames of their husband, but still i think it is good to carry some sort of legal proof. Because when in USA, you might need to show marriage certificate at some places, and without a legal proof, it might be difficult to prove that KURAPATI SUDHA and THATIPAMULA SUDHA are same person. Just my suggestion. And you never know that a VO can ask any questions.

  186. shifa says:

    hi am appearingfor f2 visa interview in couple of days..my husband is on f1 visa but his visa is expiring in august but he has valid i-20 till 2014…if vo ask dis question what shud b my rply?n am 7 months pregnant vll my pregnancy affect my visa approval?my father in law is supporting both of us as my husband is not wrkin der ,vll 4000$ b sufficient in bank account?other dan dis v have properties n rentals vll dis b enough as financial support? what vll b ur advise …thank you..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shifa,

      1. I think your husband’s stay in US depends upon I20 validity not on stamped visa validity so it should not be a problem and I do not think that VO would ask such question after all it is fact that your husband’s visa expires in august and there is nothing related to this, except that your husband would have to go for visa stamping again if he travels after august.

      2. It is very difficult (or almost impossible) to predict what might affect the visa approval. Although there is no law/rule that says that pregnant women should not be allowed visa. So I really do not think that it should affect your visa chances.

      3. Its better to show strong financial support as there will be 3 persons (your husband, you, your kid) to be supported, so $4000 seems kind of less. I think you should show financial support atleast what is mentioned on I20 for dependents. I think having properties or rentals might be not very good, but having money in cash in banks is better.

  187. sima says:

    hi lucky

    am applying for f2visa nxt week.
    my question for u is,my husband applied for f1 visa n got approved ven he was in xxx university n on his visa its shows xxx university name…now due to high tution fee he had transfered to some other abc university n my i-20 is from abc university which am applying for f2 visa…vll dis b ny problm 4 r my visa approval.and if vo ask me why did he change the university den what would b my answer?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sima,

      1. Regarding your first question, No I do not think that would be an issue. Its very common in US to transfer to another university from some other university.
      2. Regarding your 2nd question, one suggestion is that you might say that your husband’s research interests and study goals are more aligned with the programs offered in this university. Or you might say some other genuine reason as I said it is very common to change universities here in US so it should not be much an issue from my point of view.

  188. sima says:

    plz rply soon

  189. rani says:

    hi lucky
    my husband is from unva university of northen virgina which is an unaccredated university i am plannin to apply for f2. vll it b 5n ..or shud i wait till my husband get transfred to nother university?wat wud be ur answer?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rani,
      I did not know about unva so just searched in google and found that there was investigation/raid on its campus sometime last year. Although I am not sure if your husband’s current univ which is unva would affect your chances of visa approval, but giving the situation, it seems little risky to me and you may get or you may not get. However, if your husband transfers to some reputed university, that might improve your chances for sure although not guaranteed. So if its possible for you to wait, my suggestion is that its better to wait and apply then.

      • rani says:

        hi lucky
        my visa was refused bcoz of the university …now can i apply for b1/b2 visa,coz i dont think der are any chances of gettin f2 visa on dis university,one thing i wanted to know is does husbands visa shud b valid for b1/b2 ?bcoz my husband visa is expiring in a month shud i apply bfore dat?vll dis university b again a problm 4r b1/b2?

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Rani,

          B1/B2 have nothing to do with the university. You will have to show the reasons why you want to visit USA and for what purpose and you have all intentions to come back after your visit. Also, it does not seem a good thing to do for you to apply very soon just after your f2 rejection. As such your husband F1 visa does not have any relation to you applying B1/B2. However, you can show that you are visiting USA to attend your husband’s graduation or something similar but you have to be careful given that your F2 is rejected already. My suggestion is that if you plan to apply for B1/B2, you might show your return tickets (may be tentative and just blocked ticket not confirmed in case you do not get tickets without visa) to prove that you are coming back. Finally my suggestion is for you is to wait for some time and think about it carefully before taking any further step.

          • rani says:

            hi lucky its bein 4months as my f2 got rejected,am planin 4r b1/b2 visa for me and my son.wat is ur suggestion ?my husband visa got expired.wat all do i need to go to interview..

            • Lucky says:

              Hello Rani,
              what was the reason they gave for your F2 visa rejection? My suggestion is to try for f2 again instead of applying for b1/b2. It might not reflect good on VO when the VO finds that you are applying for b1/b2 after getting f2 rejected. It does not matter if your husband’s visa is expired as it will not impact your visa approval chances. Anyway it is your choice which visa you want to apply for, it was just my suggestion.

              • rani says:

                was rejected bcoz of da university..i dnt think i can apply for f2 again bcoz of da university ..my husband will get his opt in nother 2 months..so i plannin 4r b1/b2..wat do u say.

                • Lucky says:

                  Hello Rani,
                  First I am sorry that your visa was rejected. Since you have got rejected for F2 visa, it might be a little difficult to get acceptance for B1/B2 visitor visa, as the VO might see it in negative light. Why dont you try F2 again? I think that your chances of getting F2 visa approved second time do not seem worse than the chances of getting b1/b2 visa. Anyway it is your call what you want to do, but please dont hasten your decision, think carefully and then go forward.

  190. Dhara patel says:

    hello lucky,
    i am planning to apply for f2 visa in couple of days.i have some queries as:
    1) i have done my graduation before 3 years ago.wht should be my answer if i would be asked why you didnt work inspite of having good qualification?
    2) for financial support my husband has Teaching assistanceship and getting good stipend and also having saved mony in us bank. my Q is is it necessary to show balance in indian bank?
    3)how can i convince him that we are going to come back to india after finishing his Phd ?

    your help would be a great pleaser to me.
    Thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Dhara,
      1. One of the things that I have heard about USA is that there are women who dont like to work outside and are happy spending time with their family and taking care of household chores or working at home. So keeping that in mind, its not necessary for someone to really work outside irrespective of qualifications. That said, you might confidently say that you like spending time with your family and doing some work from home or are also involved in voluntary activities.

      2. I do not think you need to show indian funds if your husband is showing sufficient funds in his US bank.
      3. You can show family ties. You might show some professional ties that require you to come back. There is no definitive answer to this I think. It depends how you present your situation, and how the VO judges your situation.

  191. Nirali says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I got married in jan 2012. I have appeared for F2 visa in feb. I have been rejected and the reason VO gave me was that my husband don’t have enough finance as my husband have shown $5000 in his account there at that time. Moreover,he is also having Graduate Assistantship in his college. and I also have shown his Pay proof of the college for the same.

    1)The VO told me that It doesn’t mean that you will not get visa in future. My husband has last semester left now and he will soon be joining the summer internship (CPT).
    So, What should I do now Whether I apply again for F2 when he will be on CPT or I should wait for his H1 or an OPT.
    I am too much confused and really needs your help.
    2) I have applied in Mumbai consulate. I think most of the rejection are there in Mumbai. Can I apply for other consulate where the chances to get it or I have to apply again in Mumbai only..?
    Please give me the proper advice , I really need..!!
    Waiting for your reply lucky..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Nirali,
      Sorry for late reply. I think that your husband must have shown at least the amount stated on I20 for dependants. I am not sure if he did that, did he? Also, it is very much possible (and in facts it happens frequently) that you can get visa next time without any issues irrespective of what happened before. Regarding your questions:

      1. I think it seems that it might be easier to obtain visa when your husband is on H1. Also if your husband is on OPT and has enough time left, then that is also a positive sign. This is not to say that you will never receive F2 visa if your husband is on CPT, because visa process is very random. So my suggestion is that your husband must show enough funds to support you when you apply visa next time, as it seems the main weakness in your case right now to me.

      2. Actually now days everything is online, so it seems to me that irrespective of which consulate you apply next, they can always pull your previous record and find out what happened. That said, you might try applying to some other consulate if you are allowed because as far as as I know that one has to apply in the consulate under their residential status. Still, from my point of view, that more than consulate it depends upon VO who is going to take your interview. So you can try on other consulate next time with better preparation.

  192. Shweta says:

    Hi Lucky,
    My F2 visa got rejected at Mumbai Consulate in May2012 under section 214B.
    Im a physiotherapist by profession and my husband is a doctor doing Masters of public health course.
    I got married in December 2011 & later on my husband took a semester off (till april 2012). he used to work as a graduate research assistant before marriage.
    My visa inetrview was like this:
    VO(young lady):your husband is studying in xxxx university. what is is doing?
    Me: I told her his course name
    VO: when did u get married?
    Me: on xxxx date..4 months back.
    VO: since when is ur husband in USA?
    Me: since Fall 2010.
    VO: Is he working part time?
    ( now here the voulme of ther mike was low and i mistook her question as working on OPT) so My answer was NO and he is left with 3 more semesters to finish his Masters.
    VO: (repeated her question with a confused face) Is he working part time ma’am?
    Me: No ma’am. but he worked part time for 7 months last year and he is looking for a job depending on his research interest.( here my confidence was low bec i mistook her question before)( i dunno if i should have mentioned abt my husbands semester off bec of which he didnt have a part time job currently)
    VO: so who is funding him?
    Me: I mentioned his parents name.
    VO: im sorry but i cant grant ur visa.and later on she said something which i didnt get bec i was shocked and blank..
    Visa officer didnt ask anythin regarding my sponsors. they were my in laws, my father and additionally my husband. VOs are so unpredictable.
    Now we are thinking to apply again once my husbands part time job starts and he gets 2-3 pay checks .
    There is two more query abt DS 160:
    1) we mentioned in DS160 form abt the Intended Period of Stay in USA as 1 year though my husbands visa is valid till 2014. so wht should we mention this time bec my husbands masters is gonna finish in April2013. there would be hardly 6 months left. VO might say that only 6 months are left so why do u wanna go? They might compare my old DS160 even if we extend period of stay.
    2) I m working in India so i had mentioned in DS 160 about my current working status and my hospitals name. Did this go against my case?
    I dont understand how can we show strong ties to India when the VO doesnt ask any question related to that like property value, siblings in india, professinal tie ups..etc etc.
    Do I still stand a chance to get visa next time after my husbands part time job?
    Please reply.. Im in a big trouble..
    Thanks you.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shweta,

      1. I think you should fill your intended stay approximately same as your study of duration or the time left as per your husband’s I20. But what I think that it does not matter much what you states on your DS-160 as intended stay as I20 decides the actual stay period.

      Also since, only 6 months are left in your husband’s study so this seems little concern. May be you might wait until your husband’s get OPT and employment offer letter, then it might be better since on OPT one can stay for 1 year at least and in that case you will have sufficient time left to show.

      2. I do not think that just because you were working in India it might go against you. Still you should be prepared to answer questions related to your employment in India as VO might ask why are you leaving your current job and what would you do there in USA, etc. etc.? You should prepare very convicning answer related to these. But again, just your employment should not be an issue, it depends on how VO perceives your overall case.

      Yes prior rejections do not mean that one can not get visa in future. But before applying next time, you must make your case stronger, so please do not hurry and take your time so that you go next time with better confidence.

  193. Shweta says:

    Hi Nirali,
    If you don’t mind then can u elaborate your visa interview..My F2 visa was also rejected at Mumbai consulate.. May be we can share something important for our case.I have also heard about rejections at Mumbai.

  194. riya says:

    hello lucky , i would be very pleased if you can help me on this i attended visa interview yesterday on 3rd july 2012 in chennai consulate and got rejected under sec 214(b)
    my interview was like this:
    me – good morning sir
    vo- good morning
    me- i gave all the doc s passport, i20,ds 160 ,appointment letter,my husband s passport copy and visa copy
    vo- u got married recently married
    me- yes i got recently married
    vo-in which university your husband studying ?
    me- i said he has finished his studies from so n so univ
    vo- since how long is he been studying there?
    me- since 2 yrs
    vo-where is he working?
    me- he s working as xxx for xxx company
    v0 -how did you both meet?
    me- we are family friends we knew each other from a long time
    v0- you come again next time
    lucky ….the vo who interviewed me was a young american he was really sick in asking questions i didn get what he was asking and asked to repeat the 1st question another time i think this behavior of mine made vo uncomfortable and rejected me he didn ask for any of my documents ….lucky can u plz tell where did i go wrong i need your help seriously ……………….plz help me in this regard and tell me when can i reapply ..can i try in hyd this time ….??

    lucky this vo was so tough he didn give me any chance to explain on any regard nor he asked for my documents ..plz help me what should i do ?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Riya,
      I do not think that there was anything wrong on your part and i think it was just bad luck. Your interview does not give any hint about what went wrong, and there seems nothing negative about your situation. It is really difficult to give any suggestions in such cases as yours. I can only suggest that you might think about applying next time and hopefully this time you get a good VO who would grant you visa.

      I think you can reapply as soon as possible within in few months as I do not think that there is any time restriction when reapplying. Generally one has to apply in the same consulate as your state of residence. However, you might trying applying to Hydrabad consulate and see if they allow you to do so.

      I would suggest that please do not get discouraged as visa rejection is very common and there is no fault of yours. You can only prepare in a better way and apply again.

  195. Swapna says:

    Hello Riya,

    Sorry to hear that your visa has been rejected. My wife’s visa was also rejected twice under the same section 214B. She was also asked the same questions and answered same like you. I don’t think you answered wrongly. It’s all luck and the visa officer who dealt ur case.

    Generally different VO have different way of thinking. Some think that as a F1 student we need to complete our studies and return back to home country. That’s the reason why we get rejected under 214 B. Don’t worry if your husband opt is valid for more than 6 months try to reapply again. If it less than six months i would suggest you to go for H4 instead F2.

    Chennai consulate is much better than hyderabad. so i would suggest you to reapply at chennai itself. You can find posts from many people whose visa’s got rejected in hyd consulate in this forum. So it’s your wish changing consulate will not guarantee you a visa as everything is centralized now a days. I mean the VO can know why was your visa rejected last time.

    Hope every thing goes well for you this time. I wish you all the best for your interview.
    Need any additional info you can leave a post here. you can also browse this forum for some more details.


  196. Nirali says:

    Hi Lucky….!
    I am waiting for your reply…..

  197. Swati says:

    hi, what should be the answer for the below question:

    Why you are not planning to study in US??


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Swati,

      My suggestion is that you might say that you want to take care of your family and are more interested in spending time at home.

  198. Isha says:


    Firstly, I want to appreciate all the people [especially the admin blogger – Lucky] who are participating in this blog and helping out each other.
    Secondly, I want to put forward my case for your suggestion and comments:-
    I am an IT professional with 6 years of exp. I got married last year in Dec, 2011. And my husband is on OPT extension currently [he completed his MS in June 2011].His main employer is a NJ based consultancy but he is been working with end client who was based in Colorado until 13 July, 2012. Now, he would be joining new end client based out of Oregon under a new consultancy [as he has also changed his employer].

    Since past 6 months, My company was trying for my L1B peition, in between they sent out a RFE and when RFE was replied. I finally got my L1B petition rejected.
    Now, I am planning to Apply for F-2 Visa [I would be resigning from my job if i get F2] and i have following concerns:

    1/ will my L1 rejection pose a case where VO can suspect me as potential immigrant?
    2/Will this recent change of employer and client on my husband’s I-20 create any problems for me?
    3/Do I need to wait for another month for new pay stub,as my husband would be getting his Salary from new employer.
    4/ My husband was also on unpaid leave for 3 weeks, before he resigned from his previous client & employer’s place?

    Pls suggest, if there is anything specific I need to keep in mind?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Isha,

      I appreciate your nice comments and it makes me happy that this blog is proving helpful for some people. Now regarding your questions, here are my suggestions:

      1. No, every L1 rejection may not mean that one is potential immigrant however it is one of the most common reasons for rejection. What was the reason they gave when your L1 was rejected? Also F2 and L1 are not related in general. But as everything is online and information is connected, VO can see your previous history. So you must have very strong case this time to prove that you are not potential immigrants.
      2. Not always but it depends. If enough time is left on your husband’s OPT, then it might not be an issue.
      3. Yes that is very important to show 2/3 months of recent pay stubs (6 months might be better too), so it make sense to wait until your husband gets salary stubs.
      4. I am not sure what is your question in 4th point? could you please specify?

      Some of the main things to keep in mind are that your husband must have employment letter/recent pay stubs/sufficient funds to support you/enough time left on OPT, and you must be able to show that you are potential immigrant and you and your husband would come back after OPT is over. Hope it helps.

  199. Shweta says:

    Hello Lucky,
    Thanks for the reply.
    My husband has a part time job now and its been 2.5 months now since my first F2 visa got rejected( when my husband did not have a part time job). but after reading forums i strongly feel that F2 will get rejected again for no reason. I guess thats their policy to approve H4 visas and not F2. And on top of it they dont ask questions related to tie ups in India. We have lots of answers prepared to show that. we just cant help it when they have decided to reject without asking questions related to tie ups.

  200. Kabir says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I have already got my F-1 visa and my newly married wife will be applying for her F-2 in a couple of days. My question is: what should be her answer if the VO asks whether we are planning to have kids in USA?

    Thanks a lot, by the way, for putting up a very helpful article. Best wishes.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Kabir,
      Sorry for my late reply. I am very sure if a VO asks such a question that means he/she has gone nuts. This is any human’s fundamental right. Although I have never heard that any VO has asked such question, but in case such question is asked, you can very well say that yes you do have plans to have kids in future but have not decided yet when. hope it helps.

  201. rina says:

    hi lucky

    hi i got rejected twice for f2 visa and now am planning to apply for b1/b2 .my query is while taking appointment for next interview there is an option saying have you got rejected twice in 12 months ?what option should i click yes or no because now am applying for different category.please help.

  202. Meera says:

    Hi Lucky..

    I will be applying for F2 visa in next 1 week time… my husband is in US , milwaukee, Marquette University since may 2009 on F1 visa, doing his MS. We got married last year on 6th Nov 2012..

    I would like to visit him as our first marriage anniversary is coming near but, his studies are getting completed by this dec 2012..

    My only concern is that Visa department will put up question that why i would like to Visit US for just 4 months…

    Kindly suggest me with your couple of great ideas..


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Meera,

      Just 4-months left for graduation does not seem ideal to apply for F2, but this is not to discourage you in any way. Is your husband apply for OPT or has any job offer letter, as then it might be easier to make your case solid as your husband will have more time left on his stay in US? Also if you are just planning to be there for a few months, you might apply for visitor (B1/B2) visa and show your husband’s graduation as reason for your visit, just a suggestion. Anyway regarding your question, you might answer:

      1. If you have just finished your studies, one reason you might give that since you wanted to complete your studies before applying for F2 visa.
      2. You might also answer that you were working on a project (in case you have been working) and wanted/had to finish before apply for F2 visa.
      3. You might say that you had to visit some places (like religious places) with your husband’s family after marriage and that is why you had to stay back and could not apply for F2 visa before and you are applying now.

      Make sure that you have proofs to support whatever you answer. These are just my suggestion as I do not know what might work on that day, as it really depends upon VO on that day. Also, the most important thing is that you should answer something you are most confident with. Best of luck for your visa.

  203. Priya says:

    Hi all …

    F2 visa Approved on 27th June 2012!!!

    How r u ? I wanted to share a good news with u all.. I got my F2 Visa Appproved on June 27 ,2012 . I was interviewd at Chennai Consulate.

    This was my second Interview for F2 visa type. I was rejected once at Mumbai Consulate(4 months ago).

    I was veryy scared but was lucky enough this time to get thru.. The only thing helped me is Documentation.

    I had all my husbands employment letters , OPT card , Husband Letter to VO , Company’s Letter TO VO .Marriage related docs like photos , certificate .

    The Interviewer was lady and she checked all my docs .

    The interview went as below.

    Me: Good Morning Officer

    VO :GM

    Me : How r u?

    VO : I M good.. How r u?

    ME : I m fine Thanku

    VO: Which University Ur husband Graduated?

    Me: XXX University

    VO : What does Ur husband do in USA?

    Me: He recently graduated in may 2012 and is currently working on OPT .

    VO : Which Company ?

    Me: He is working with XY company located at XX city. As per his employer client engagement ..he his placed at client side located at ZZ city.(handed her his employment letter)

    VO: When did he started working ?

    ME: He started working since Sept 2011 . (This answer made her happy coz she got to know that my husband is working since long time)

    VO : Ohh thts gr88 !!! How much is he earning then ?

    Me: XX,XXX $ per annum .

    VO : R u sure ?

    Me: Ofcourse . And Handed her the letter from employer stating his job role and salary details.

    VO: Can i see his Paystubs?

    Me: Yes (handed her all 6 months paystubs with the latest one on top)

    VO : So what is his role ?

    Me; He is working as a programmer on the client side .

    VO : (happy ) and asked me the client name

    ME: told her

    VO : Can you Show me his labour cartificate?

    Me: (Tensed !!! coz i diinn have tht doc with me .) Hmm I have the work authorization card . (And passed that doc to her).

    VO : ( She again asked for Labour certificate ) Your husband dinn gave u that letter ?

    Me: Finally i said NO(Confidently) . (This time i felt that i have agn lost the chance of getting the visa 🙁 )

    VO : Wen did u got married ?

    ME: we got married on so-so date

    VO : WAS is love or arrange?

    Me: We graduated from same college . Ours is Love marriage

    VO : SMiled .. Thts nice . CAn i see you wedding photos. ?

    ME: SURE ..( passed her my photos .. and she was seeing each photo minutely )

    VO: Ur wedding pics are really nice .. but dont have much time to see all of them .

    Me: Thanku . ( i purposely placed vidhi pics on top .. also placed one full family photo in between soo that she get to know i have big family here in india and vil return soon for them )

    VO : Hmmm take all ur letters back.. (she returned all letters and employment papers which i showed her in start)

    Me: ( WAitng to hear the muchh awaited golden words … )

    VO : Ohh K Mam.. I am Approving Ur VISA … HAve a pleasant stay in USA . 🙂

    Me: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) veryy happyyyy… i dinn placed the papers back to the folder also n jus got mad after hearing the result…

    It was such a bigggggggg relief … thanked GOD… n then called up all my relatives after coming out..

    F2 visa is really scaryy… the chances are less .. also we dont have to sound potential immigant… So preparation is must . I prepared all questions listed in this forum to the best .. and finally made it. WHat i learnt is answers are important plus the way u say is also very very important… u shud say it in confidence n louder..

    Stand straight .. dnt lean .. and if posible present document for every answer u give .. thts the only way… (else sometimes they dnt ask for docs)

    I was very tensed before the interview coz i was rejected once .. and was thinking what if she ask me y u were rejected ?

    Also i was staying in mumbai n went to chennai for interview .. so that was second thing which was worryng me .. what if VO asks me Y u came to chennai .. Bt Luckily i was not asked these questions … and i got thru it..

    Now I am in USA staying with my Husband…

    The phase from first Rejection till Second interview (almost 4 months) was veryy tough.. bt now it feels good..

    thanks to this forum which helped me in preparing .. Thanku Lucky 🙂

    Byesss Tak care ..

    ALL d best to guys who r planning to go ..for F2 interview .!!!!



    Hope this Post helps u 🙂

    • Manu says:

      Could you please tell me if you were working when you gave your F2 interview?

    • shravani says:

      hi priya..
      did they ask u abt the consulate… as u said that ur first interview was in mumbai n second interview was at chennai… plz reply.. even i got rejected frm hyd consulate.. nw i’m planning to go to chennai… will they ask abt the consulate….
      plz help me…
      thanks in advance…

  204. Anu Sankar says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My husband is studying in xxx university and he is in F1 OPT. He is doing his internship and it’ll end during oct and his OPT extend till june 2013. Before his internship he worked as a research assistent in his university. So he has enough finance for supporting me and I also ve some 10K$ in my account.I’ll be applying for F2 in few days and i’m currently working in an MNC company. I’ll be visiting him for a month or two and return back to india and again i’ll be visiting him during his graduation ceremony.Is it right tat i can apply for f2 visa? Are there any chances for F2 approval. Kindly help me.

    • swapna says:

      Hello Anu,

      From your post above everything looks ok. i.e your husband is having sufficient funds and enough visa validity period still left. I think you should not have any problems with your visa.

      F2 Visa approval depends on luck and the officer dealing your case. I am telling you this because i came cross situations where applicants had all the required documents and still they were unable to get there visa. So i suggest you to be confident while answering questions from the VO.

      Carry all the necessary paper work like W2’s, Pay-stubs, Offer letter (intern letter)
      bank statements, I20 (both principal and dependent copy), Passport (principal applicant and your’s), EAD (OPT) card,HDFC receipts, VISA Copy, TAX returns (Last two years if you have or a recent one is also sufficient) and all your original certificates . Apart from these anu you need to show strong ties with our home country. For this you need to carry property documents of your husband if you have any. or a letter from your company saying that you are still employed and have been granted leave for a few days to visit USA. As i mentioned these documents will act as a proof that you will be returning back to India.

      Note: You don’t need any original documents. you can carry true copies of all the above said documents. except your passport, dependent I20, HDFC receipts, your offer letter these documents should be original documents.

      I wish you all the best for your interview and please share your experience once you are done. If you need any more help about the documents you can find a list of documents required lucky as already posted it above.

      • swapna says:

        Hello Anu,

        The above said suggestions are based on my visa experience. So it is up to you to choose the right path depending on your situation.

        I wish you once again all the best for your interview. looking forward to hear good news from your side.


  205. Shweta says:

    Hi Priya,
    First of all congratulations on your visa approval.
    I have a query. What do we answer if we change the consulate for 2nd interview?
    My visa was also rejected once at Mumbai consulate 3 months back and now im really worried for 2nd interview. Not even feeling like going to BKC anymore.
    Please reply.

  206. Priya says:

    hii shweta ,

    Even i was worried about that question before my interview but was lucky that they din ask me. Still i prepared below answer for the question :

    Q: Why did you choose chennai consulate (for eg.) ?
    A: During my visa appointment search , I was not able to get dates for this week at Mumbai consulate and so i booked my appointment with Chennai consulate . (with full confidence and smile )

    Also what u can do is while booking ur visa date u may choose a date which is not open at mumbai or not available at mumbai but available at the consulate which u want to go .. then this answer may sound more correct..

    One more thing i would like to share .. i went to VFS Chennai office for some enquiry and the person at the counter was telling to someone else that “You may give Visa interview at any consulate u wish ” I jus heard him saying this and was more sure after that. So its not a problem if u wish to go to any other consulate.
    But finally its ur call .. 🙂

    All d best … !!!

  207. Prakash says:


    I am on F1 visa and will graduate by Dec 2012, Thereafter I will go for OPT.

    I would like to apply for F2 visa for my Wife, and Son who is six year old.

    1. For better chances, please suggest me that should I apply for their visa before I graduate OR it is fine to apply when I am on OPT?

    2. They have visitor visa, so do you think it will be good idea to come here and then apply for change in status?

    3. In case I get visa now, is there any restriction that one should enter USA within certain time period? or they can come 6 month after getting visa?

    4. Right now my son is in Senior KG and I will get him admission here, generally admission process start in December/January so I should have valid visa status before that. Please let me know if we can take admission in mid of session as well?

    Kindly let me know if you have any suggestions for me.

    Thanks for reading untill here

    • karthik says:

      can you please tel me how you scheduled the date for chennai……what did you selected in state of residence and did you gave your home address as mumbai…please explain in detail.

  208. Prakash says:

    Registered for notification…

  209. jasmeet says:

    Hi , My husband has interview next week and his interview is in Punjabi language . He is sponsoring himself. I am little confused about funds. I am doing my bachelors and still I have 2 years visa until 2014. Do he have to show funds:: Funds for a semester mention upon his I-20 *(multiply by) no. of my semesters( that will be 4 or if I should include summers too i.e. 6)
    Our marriage was love marriage but I don’t change my last name. ?
    I changed my school in USA. I went to uni for my first semester then I went to college and now i returned back to university.
    What type of quetions they can ask? Any special document required in our case?

  210. Shweta says:

    Thanks for the reply. Tc

  211. swapna says:

    Hello All,

    First of all i would like to thank you lucky for helping me for my wife’s F2 visa. we were a little unlucky in getting F2 Visa. But i have applied for my H1B recently and
    My wife attended her H4 visa today 03/08/2012 and got it approved. My H1B has been approved recently and i have a start date of oct 1st 2012. Below are the questions asked by the VO to my wife in the interview.

    wife: Good Morning sir.

    VO: Good Morning.

    VO: Can i see your husbands paystubs?

    VO: Reason for your previous Visa rejection?

    Ans: she told him that the my visa validity was only 3 months. so the consular officer denied her by saying that your husband will be returning to india in 3 months and there is no need for you to apply for a f2 visa.

    VO:Give me your tax returns?

    VO: Give me your husband’s W2’s?

    VO: Can you please tell me the contact address of your spouse?

    VO: After asking my wife the reason for her previous rejection? He has asked her for a reason why he should grant her H4 Visa?

    Ans: She simly told him that my project has been extended and my husband will be in USA for some more time. she also told him that she has been waiting for me for the last six months and wants to join me if the visa is granted.

    After listening to her words. My wife told me that the VO laughed for a while and told her the Golden word “your visa has been Approved”

    Lucky i have posted this on your blog because there are many applicants like my wife who got there F2 visa rejected and waiting to join there husbands. I just wanted to convey a message to all applicants not to worry when there visa is rejected. If F2 visa is not approved they will get there H4 visa some time.

    I wish every one all the best for the interview. and please share your experience as it will give some kind of confidence for future applicants.

    My sincere thanks to admin(Lucky) and all other readers who have provided there valuable advice.

    • Lucky says:

      Congratulations to you Swapna. I am sure it would help several F2 applicants who got rejected and are now planning to apply H4 visa. Thanks for your feedback.

    • prathyusha says:

      Hi Swapna,

      Hearty congratulations … I wud lyk to ask u few questions…
      How many months paystubs did you show to VO..
      Is ur husband working in cpt
      and if our visa is approved…when can we leave to u.s as h1 start date would be Oct 1st..
      where did you attend interview hyd/chennai?

      Thanks in advance!!

      • prathyusha says:

        I want to add one more…
        Didn’t they question you like what is ur husband’s present status…n which college he is in ..is he in opt or cpt?? why that college..?? These kind off questions….

        Please reply ASAP

        • swapna says:

          Hello Prathyusha,

          Thank you for your greetings. Below are the answers for your questions.
          1) I have showing last six months paystubs.
          2) My husband OPT has been completed and he is working on CAP-GAP extension.
          3) I will be able to travel to USA on sep 21st 2012 as it is the date mentioned on my US Visa.
          4)I have attended the interview in hyderabad consulate.
          5) No they did not ask me any question relating to school in which my husband studied or about CPT or OPT.

          Make sure you have LCA, I 129, I797, Offer letter and client letter, paystubs, taxreturns and bank statements. these are the important documents asked by VO for most of the H4 applicants. Let me know if you have any more questions.

          I wish you all the best if you have a interview very soon.

          • Amar says:

            Hello Swapna,

            My wife is attending H4 very soon

            What would be the best answer for why your previous 2 attempts F2 Visa was rejected ?

            Also,how bank balance did you show in the bank statement?

            • swapna says:

              Hello Amar,

              My wife was rejected first time for financial reasons (she was told by the vo that i had insufficient funds.) second time she was rejected because of my OPT validity i had only four months left at the time of her interview. So she was questioned why do you want to visit USA when your husband is returning back in three months. VO was not convinced with her answer.

              This time in the interview when she was asked she told them the same reasons .
              So, if you wife knows the reasons give to her at the time of her interview. She can tell the same reasons. If she was rejected under 214B last time.

              If she does not remember the reasons given to her last time. She can simply say that she was rejected under section 214B and does not remember the exact reason.

              Coming to your second question i was in a little dilemma of how much funds i need to show. so i had just 10000 dollars in my account on the day she attended the interview. and a letter from my employer saying that the dependent expenses are being taken care by them.

              If possible take a letter from the bank showing that you have $$$ current balance and you average balance for the last six months is $$$$

              These are just my suggestions. Please make your own decision depending on your suggestion.

  212. Meera says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for your response…Now its too late to change anything .. i will be going for f2 visa..All i can pray..
    One last queation.. when VO ask about marriage album or pics…does the window has enough space to show/ pass him an Album or i should take photographer digital printed..


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Meera,
      I think its better to carry to some loose photographs too in case album is too big to pass through windows.

      • Mitali says:

        Hi lucky..

        what would be the best ans for Que, ”
        How will you spend your time as F2 spouses are not allowed to work or study’?

        Plz reply soon as i have interview in 2 days…

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Mitali,

          You might say that you want to take care of household chores and spend time with your husband.

          • Mitali says:


            F2 visa Approved on 7th Sep 2012 (Mumbai)!!!

            This was my 1st interview & I was veryy nervous but was lucky enough

            I had all the documents with me but Vo did not check even a single document of mine (Except Passport)..

            My interview was like..

            Me: Good morning mam

            VO: goodmorning

            Me: How r u

            VO: M fine, thank u

            VO: so u want to go US to b with ur husband ???

            Me: Yes mam

            VO: from where he did his graduatione ..

            Me: XXXXXX University

            VO: Is he working now ?

            Me: yes mam

            Vo: In which company ?

            Me: XXX company ..

            VO: which company u said? (with Weird face)

            Me: XXX company mam (with smile)

            VO: how much is he earning :

            Me: XXXX

            VO: Urs is a love mrg or arrange mrg??

            Me: Mam we know each other from child hood, ours is a love mrg (With full smile)

            Vo: nice (With smile) & type in computer for few minutes …

            VO: ok… I am approving ur visa

            Me: Sorry !!! (Socked)

            Vo: Have a pleasant stay with ur husband (With smile)..u will get ur passport by curior…

            Me: Thanks mam…

            VO: just Smile

            Me: Have a nice day…bye

            Vo: Bye !!!!

            most of the people use to say it is very scary…but what I think is It’s all about luck, nothing else…

            U dont need to be scared, I had my inteerview in mumbai consulate, before interview my relatives n friends suggest me to give interview in another consulate as according to them mumbai is the most strict consulate among all..But i found them genuine…

            thanks to this forum which helped me in preparing .. Thanks Lucky

            All the best to guys who r planning to go for F2 interview .!!!! Just be genuine & honest…dont be nervous, there is nothing to scared about….

            Take care 🙂

            • Rati says:

              hey mitali! congrats..

              plz gimme some tips. how did u dress yourself? i m having my interview on 18th September. What all did you carry with u?



              • Mitali says:

                Thanks Rati…

                Well I had all the documents with me like employers later, Husband’s letter to VO, Salary stub of last 6 mnths, bank statement, mrg proof (Certi, snaps etc), transcript, photocopy of Spouse’s passport (All pages), Copy of OPT card etc…

                I choose to wore Indian wear (Salvar Sut) on the day of interview…

                All the best for ur Interview..Be confident…Hope u will get visa…

            • Lucky says:

              Hello Mitali,

              Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  213. riya says:

    hello Lucky ,

    first of all i thank u very much for your reply and am glad that there is a quick response from this blog
    this time i attended visa interview at hyd consul on 17 th july last month and once again got rejected u/s 214 b ..

    my interview was like this:
    me : good morning
    vo : good morning , asked me docs
    me: i gave
    vo: before askin any que he demonstrated about my husband s university for a little while and asked do u know about this university?
    me : no i don’t know
    vo : do u know why did he change his university?
    me : i don’t know
    vo : that s ok when did u get married ?
    me : on so n so date
    vo : what is doing ?
    me: he s working for so n so company as so n so
    vo : give me his paystubs?
    me : i gave all recent one s
    vo : your husband s opt is ending this oct and it s just 2 months in here it should be atleast for 6 months u do one thing ask your husband to apply for h1 and you for h4 and come and next time ..
    i could not say anything after that coz i felt the way he said the above thing he had already made up his mind.

    lucky these ppl are not asking questions which were been asked previously and rather did ask about why did u go to chennai consul when your from AP not even about my previous rejection . i guess they are only bothered about opt validity.. i asked my husband to apply for opt extension for 17 months he s getting it confirmed in month of oct ..i guess i ‘ll have to reapply my visa then..lucky please tell me what to do now
    should i apply again on f2 ?
    or should i apply h4 as vo told me ….i cannot apply for h4 right now untill my husband applies for h1 and it takes a lot of time for him to apply for h1 .

    lucky tell me what happened this time i’m so low and don’t know what to do ..is there anything that i have not responded properly or is it my husband s opt ..plz lucky help me on this regard it would be appriciated cuz i want to go to him as soon as possible ..will i be able to do it this time ?? i’m feelin very low:((

  214. riya says:

    hey swapna.. thank u so much for ur reply am very much happy and awaiting for many more responses 🙂

  215. riya says:

    lucky , swapna and prathyu i want your contact numbers if u feel u can give me cuz i really feel that there are some people still on earth who are helping out everyone without any price tags and i seriously like to have friends like u .. or u can mail me on riya.zehra@gmail.com

    • swapna says:

      Hello Riya,

      Sorry to hear that your visa has been rejected. I am posting my suggestions on this blog as my wife was also in the same boat like you. But she may not be able to help you. If you have any more issues you can let us know by posting your questions and we will try to help you.

      Don’t worry i think it is your OPT validity that has created issue for you. You can give another trials once your husbands opt gets extended. Beconfident and answers the questions in bold voice when you appear for the interview again.

      Make sure you have a copy of new OPT card for the interview.
      Six Months bank statements
      Proof of property are some family tie ups that will prove that you will be returning back to india.

      Let me know if you need anything else.

  216. Priyanka says:

    Hello Lucky,

    This is a really good forum with detailed explanations. I wanted to get some opinion regarding F2 visa for my spouse. I am currently on F1-OPT STEM extension with valid visa. My spouse is currently employed and I am going to show my bank statements as I am going to sponspor the stay. Will this make any difference in the VO perspective? Also, my spouse used to study in UK and moved back to India few years ago and works since then. What kind of questions we can be expecting regarding that? Also, is it mandatory to provide travel arrangements for him??? As we really have not made any arrangements as of now. Additionally, I wanted to know that what should be the number of months or days that we should put for his stay in USA. I have entire 17 months of OPT now but I am not sure what we should fill out in the number of months or days in DS-160 for my spouse. Also, his parents are in India and he has a house there. What sort of family ties can we show apart from this? I would really appreciate and encourage your feedback.

  217. riya says:

    hey swapna ,

    Thank you so much for the response and hearty congratulations to you ..

    my question is that what to say if vo asks about my previous rejections ? should i say the same reasons as above that because of my husband s OPT validity ?
    swapna i have one more doubt i guess they are thinking that my husband is potential immigrant how to get through this?
    and swapna how to prove them that i have strong tie ups with my home country without them asking me any docs of finance of my in laws they are jus making decisions on my husband s opt validity and paystubs
    swapna one more thing will i be able to make it this time as my husband s having OPT extension this time ..i dunno what will happen anyways i ll have to stay confident . .
    now that everything has become centralized i guess they will not ask me the questions what they had asked me before cuz 2nd time when i faced the interview in hyd they didn ask what they had asked me in the 1st one ..no repeated questions and can you plz tell me what type of questions do i expect this time plz swapna this time i want to be really care full that s the reason don’t mind if am troubling u…

    plz plz plz help me on this regard plz

    lucky am still waiting for your reponse plz help me out lucky

    • swapna says:

      Hello Riya,

      If you are asked by the VO about your previous it is better to give the same reasons they gave you at the time of your interview.

      I am not sure whether they will ask you the different questions this time. You may come across the same questions. But this time make sure that your husband has enough funds to cover both your expenses.

      How long you have been married riya. If you have been staying away from your husband for quite long time. Simply say that you have been staying in india for last 6 months and now that your husband’s project has been extended and you wish to join him.

      Inorder to overcome potential immigrant intent you can either show property documents of your husband, Bank accounts details if your husband has any in india or family owned business etc. these are my suggestions riya. So, take your own decisions. If needed consult an immigration lawyer by yourself or ask your husband to consult some one in USA who can provide you better suggestions.

      I hope this time you should get through since your husband has enough OPT validity still left.

      Let me know if you need any thing else.


  218. Rati says:

    Hi Lucky!

    I appeared for the B2 visa interview in Delhi Consulate on 7th August 2012 but they denied my visa and asked me to apply for the F2 visa.

    my interview was like this:

    Me: Goodmorning Sir
    VO: Goodmorning. Can you hear me? And adjusted his mike.
    Me: Yes sir now I can.
    VO: Why do you want to go to USA? Who is there?
    Me: To visit my husband.
    VO: What do he do there?
    Me: He is working for ……
    VO: Handed me my passport and said, you must apply for the F2 and not for B2.
    Me: I was blank but i said that i am working here in India and that is why i applied for B2.
    VO: You seem to have strong ties in USA.

    Now i am applying for F2 visa. I have few questions.

    can i apply for F2 visa if I am working here in India?
    And what should i say? (I want to go to USA to be with my husband/to visit my husband) If i say that I want to visit my husband then wont they say that you should apply for B2 visa. Please help me out on this how to deal with this?

    My husband left right after our marriage and its almost 5 months now. i was busy with my career here so i dint go with him. also i added his surname in my name in my passport, that took almost 2.5 months. According to you what should i reply incase if they ask me why didnt i go with my husband?

    One more question. The address stated in my passport falls under Mumbai Region and i attended my previous interview in Delhi because i worked in Delhi/NCR for past five years. is it fine to take the interview at any other consulate or shall i stick to Delhi consulate only?

    I am going to book my interview very soon. It will be a great help if you can answer my questions soon.


  219. Meera says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Would like to share with you that yesterday (16/08/2012) i went to for my Visa (F2) interview in Delhi. By gods grace it got approved…

    I belive its all fate i had only 1% chance of approval rest 99% was negative as my husband F1 Visa is only till Dec 2012. But, yes confidence and specified answers are much needed..

    My interview was like…

    Counslate :: First i had and small interview with an Indian couslate asking me just one question why i want to go to US?
    Me :: I answered him that my husband is on F1 visa and he was scheduled to complete his MS last year May, 2011, accordingly we planned to get married in Nov, 2011. However, his thesis work got extended twicely. Now he is scheduled to be completed in Dec 2012. And its been 10 months since he left me and first wedding anniversary is in Nov. So would like to join him before the winter begins and join him both wedding anniversary and convocation.
    Counslate : Do you have a copy of ur husbands visa?
    Me ; Yes sir, i gave him
    Counslate : wrote something on my appointment letter and gave back my all documents to me saying that to go the finger print window.

    after completing finger prints section i was waiting for my final interview.

    Final Interview:

    Lady Counslate : Your husband is on F1 visa?
    Me:: yes madam
    Lady Counslate : when he went to US?
    Me: May 2009
    Lady Counslate : when did u get married?
    Me: So and so date
    Counslate : was it love or arrange? how u met?
    Me : mam it was love marriage . we met on a friends friends B day party.
    Counslate : had a weried face and thought something … then she asked did ur husband came to india?
    Me : offcourse mam thats how we got married. he came in last yr in Nov 2011. (here i added the same lines which answer i gave to first Indian counslate)..he was schedule to complete his thesis……………..
    Counslate : wht ur husband is doing in US?
    Me: he is doing is MS in mechatronics from so and so university and from ………place. he is majoring in Mechatronics designs of industrial automation for sustainability..
    Lady Counslate : gave a pause and asked me again in which subject he is doing MS.
    Me : Mechatronics… Motion analyser.. mam
    Lady counslate:: saw something in comp for few seconds and kept my passport..:)
    Me: Thank you mam you made my day..
    Lady counslate : smilied……

    Lunky, i would like to thank you sincerly.. Cheers to your website….

    Good luck to all


    • madhu says:

      Hi Meera,
      Could you please help me with the question below

      1.According to your interview i saw that your husband is woking as Motion analyser—do you think that officer had checked whether the job was related to your husbnd master’s degree?

      Thanks in advance..:)

      • Meera says:

        Hi Madhu,

        My Husband is not working, he is on F1 visa and doing is MS in Mechatronics (Motion Analyser) . He is working on his thesis.
        But, yes when you go for interview they take all the history of your husband from there records.

        Thanks Meera

    • Mitali says:

      Hi Meera…

      Congratulations on ur visa approval..

      I have a F2 Interview(Mumbai) in coming week…It wud be great help if you tell me how to dressed up in interview (do they notice that)..??

  220. Shweta says:

    Hello Swapna,
    Congratulations on your wife’s h4 visa approval.
    Can you please tell me whether your H1 was stamped in India when your wife attended H4 visa inetrview?
    Is it important that h1 should be stamped before H4 interview( espcially when F2 visa is rejected previously)? Can H4 visa be rejected for that reason?
    Please reply.
    Thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shweta,

      It is *NOT* necessary to to have H1 visa stamped when going for H4 visa interview. H1 visa approval (I797) is what you need at H4 visa interview time. I do not think F2 rejection or H4 approval are related in anyway as they are different categories of visa and have different requirements.

  221. raji says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My husband is working on OPT.I was rejected F2 visa thrice.Now my husband will be getting his H1 visa in another 3 months.If i go for an H4 visa interview will the F2 visa rejections taken into count?And will there be rejections in H4 visa?

  222. raji says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My husband is working on OPT.I was rejected thrice on F2 visa.My husband got a permanent job in Feb’2012. My husband will be getting his H1 visa in another 3 months i.e by Nov 2012.My husbands Company Name is not specified in W2 forms.And as the W2 forms for the year 2012 will be generated in January’2013.
    Should i have to wait till January’2013 to go for an H4 visa interview?
    If i go for an H4 visa interview,will my previous F2 rejections taken into count??
    And will there be any rejections for H4 visa??

    Please reply…..Thanks in Advance……

  223. Shweta says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Thanks for reply.

  224. appu970 says:

    i was rejected 3 times on F2 visa at hyderabad consulate…in three months my husband h1 visa will be approved……so, if i apply for h4 visa after 3 three months, will i face any kind of probelms because of my 3 times rejection on f2??????……….plz reply….plz help

    • swapna says:


      I don’t think your f2 rejections will hamper your h4 chances.My wife was rejected f2 twice but she got her h4 recently. be sure and confident everything will be fine with h4.

      share ur exp once you are done with interview.

  225. Deepali says:

    My f2 rejeceted . What should I do Now? How many times can I apply for f2 with in one year?

    Thanking you.

  226. keerthi says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thaks alot for you valuable information …….i need to know whether the visas in hyderabad are approved are not…As i gone through the websites many of the rejections for F2 visas are from hyderabad..as my husband is on OPT and im applying for F2 from Hyd couns could you please help me …….

    • keerthi says:

      Hi Lucky,

      waiting for your reply….i also want to say that my husbands f1 visa is expired and he is on OPT extention for 17 months..and it is valid upto november 2013…..

  227. Sujata says:


    I am going to apply for F2 visa in 3rd week of September (my marriage was on 1st Aug) and have few queries.

    I was in US for 6 months in 2011-12 on a tourist visa. After 2 months of me there, I had applied for B2 to H1B conversion in Nov 2011 and I returned to India before my petition got approved. My fiance will start OPT in mid August (he did MBA from an ivy league college).

    I dont want to go for H1B visa stamping for 2 reasons:

    1. I don’t have an end client letter

    2. My job location is very far from his job location and it wouldnt make sense to do a long distance there. Also I will have 1 year contract with my sponsor and can’t leave the job.

    So we think that F2 visa is the best option for me now, else I will have to wait till next year for H4 when the company files for a H1B visa for my husband. Also there is a high chance of H1B visa rejection.

    I have the following questions
    1. Will my approved H1B petition hamper my chances of getting an F2 as the intent is totally different now.

    2. Both me and my husband will sponsor me. We can show a collective funds of approx 35k$ (20k in my Indian account and 15k in His US) and . Both my parents and his parents are in India. Will this suffice as a reason for strong ties with home country?


  228. riya says:

    hello swapna,

    thank you so much for your response i’m glad that you respond so quickly..and ya i have one more doubt if vo asks me what was the reason for the first visa rejection ..what should i have to say cuz as i told you the vo who interviewed me first time in chennai did not tell me anything ..
    but for the 2 nd time the vo told me the reason about opt validity.
    my question here is that what do i have to say this time when vo asks me what was the reason for your 1st rejection..am 90% confident that he will not ask me such a question but in case he ask s what would be the right answer ………please swapna help me i would be waiting for your response ..
    i thank you once again for the help …..i would appreciate if u help me also with this regard..


  229. Krishna says:


    I am planning to go for F2 visa interview in October. Could someone confirm the list of documents i need to carry for the VO?

    1. I20
    2. Dependant I20
    3. HDFC receipt
    4. US bank statement
    5. My bank Statement
    6. Marriage Certificate
    7. Marriage Album
    8. Sponsers Bank statement + Property valuation report by CA (Will Xerox copies suffice?)

    Please let me know if have missed any documents here.

    Thanks in Advance,


  230. Krishna says:

    Can someone let me know the list of documents which i need to carry for the Visa Interview?

    Thanks in Advance,


  231. keerthi says:

    Hello Krishna,
    These are the docs im taking to the interview .

    Appointment Letter(after booking the slot u wil get)
    DS-160 Form
    Form I-20(dependent I-20 Issued by University)
    Copy of primary applicants VISA
    Copy of primary applicants I-94
    Copy of primary applicants EAD Card
    Copy of STEM OPT I-20
    Copy of primary applicants MS Degree
    Employement Verification Letter(Mention as Internship if possible)
    Current Bank Balance Letter (submit only if requested)
    I-134 Affidavit of Support (submit only if requsted)
    Affidavit of Support from primary applicants , and supporting CA statement/ tax return docs, etc
    Marriage Certificate
    Wedding Photo album (Cermony at starting, and with other people later)
    Wedding Invitation Cards
    Copy of primary applicants Passport Full 36 Pages

  232. Sujata says:


    Does being a spouse of person from Ivy League College have a better chance at F2?

    I have a H1B approved petition and my worry is if it will be held against me during my F2 interview.

    Also wanted to know if I need to take the entire wedding album or take print of 30-40 main pics and make a smaller album.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sujata,
      Its difficult to predict what might work or what not. There is *NO* general rule that says all F2 applicants whose spouses are from Ivy league schools will be considered differently. It really depends upon the Visa Officer (VO) who will be taking your interview. What matters for a VO though is if an F2 applicant has any intentions to migrate permanently to USA or not. So I think that more than the Ivy league school, your presentation of your intentions and the judgement of the VO at the time of interview would decide the outcome.

      In general, H1B and F2 categories are different and does not have any relation as such. But everything depends upon the discretion of the VO how the VO looks at your current situation as the VO has all the previous information about you.

      Regarding your album question, I think that it should be OK to take 30-40 main pics like a smaller album. I think it is also a good idea to take some loose photographs so that it is easy to pass through the window. And carry the main album as backup in case the VO does not get satisfied with a few pics. One general rule from my experiences is that why to take chances and carry as much as possible.

      • Sujata says:

        Thanks for your reply Lucky.

        I got my I20 now and the funds mentioned in it is $30000.
        Does it mean I need to show proof of funds for that much amount?

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Sujata,
          As far as I know you must show at least funds for 1 year support for your dependants and its best to show some recurring income/salary coming into your bank accounts. Always the more financial support you show, the better.

  233. Ameera says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My Husband and I got married last year. Right after the wedding, he returned to the US were he was studying and two months after the wedding I went to visit him in the US with a B1/B2 visa I obtained before the wedding. However, at the port of entry, I did not tell the immigration officials that I ws visiting my husband. I said I am visiting family and friends and when they asked further, I said friends and sibling. Now I want to visit him again. He has concluded his studies and currently has OPT. I do not want to apply for F2 because I do not want to join him yet. So I want to travel on B1/B2 again and tell the immigration official at the port of entry that I am visiting my husband this time. Do you think that the fact that I did not mention that I was visiting my husband the last time would affect this current visit? Do you also think it would affect and application for an F2 or H4 visa in future? I would appreciate your advice.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ameera,

      I do not think that it should not have any impact at the port of entry. I think if you are carrying the returning tickets (if you have) and can show (only if asked) that would be good too. I do not think that these visits on B1/B2 should have any impacts on your future F2 or H4 visa interview.

  234. Krishna says:

    Hi All,

    I have F2 VI on 24th Oct. Much appreciated if someone give me some tips/suggestions.


    • Isha says:

      Hi Krishna,

      I would suggest be confident (make regular eye contact with VO) and greet VO with a smile while answering.
      Also, make sure you know everything related to your spouse.
      His majors, his school, his specialization, his area of work/employer, his address. your wedding details and don’t forget to carry your wedding album and card.

      do let me know, if you need any other info.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Krishna,
      The most important thing is being confident. I know it is easier said than done, but still it is better to practice that way and keep thinking positive, as really there is no magical formula to clear visa interviews. It heavily depends upon visa officers.

  235. sd says:

    hi all
    iwould like to apply my f2 visa on 1 nov at chennai
    i was rejected first at mumbai without any reason
    but this time i want to takr interview in hindi but the datea
    are not available last 20 days plz tell me what
    can i do in this situation can i take the interview in

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sd,
      Yes, you can always take interview in English. I do not think there is any thing you can do or someone can help because availability of dates is not in any one’s hands. So if you want to give interview in Hindi, you need to keep looking for dates and apply as and when the dates become available. And as you asked for interview in English, since the dates are available, you can apply for interview in English too. So it depends upon you what are you comfortable with.

  236. Isha says:

    Finally- I got my F2 visa stamped on 28th Sept from Mumbai Consulate. My heartily thank all the people who posted useful replies and especially Lucky who gave us this forum to share and discuss. I greeted him with a smile but VO didnt respond and that made me little nervous. but I made constant eye contact with him all through and answered his questions with a normal smile.

    My interview went this way:-
    Isha: Hi, Good Morning.
    VO : No response
    VO: So, when did you take admission.
    Isha: I have come here for F-2 Spouse Visa. My spouse took admission in August 2009.
    VO: 2009!! which School.
    Isha: He is a student of XXX university at XXXX
    VO: So is your husband done with his studies?
    Isha: He finished his formal Studies in June 2011, now he is on OPT.
    VO: what does your husband do now?
    Isha: Mu husband is gaining some hands on exp. as part of his optional practical training.
    VO: Where is he working now?
    Isha: he is currently working with XXX employer with its head office at XXX location.
    VO: how much is he earning right now? (I wasn’t able to hear the question clearly.)
    Isha: Sorry, I didnt get you
    VO: what is his salary?
    isha: his Salary is XXXX
    VO: Can i see his pay stubs?
    Isha: (gave the pay stubs and was also taking out the employment letter)
    VO: I didnt not ask for the employment letter madam,
    Isha: oh ya, Sorry
    VO: when did you get married
    Isha: Last year, XX date
    VO: can is ee your wedding pictures
    Isha: sure, its a big album
    VO: no problme, pls open it and show me one by one
    Isha: (Kept scrolling the pages)
    Vo: ok thats good. where did you get married?
    Isha: At XXXX
    VO: what is your highest qualification?
    Isha: I have done XXX

    VO: ok Thanks Madam, your visa has been approved. you may collect your passport within 3-5 business days.
    Isha: Thankyou so much 😀

    I cudn’t believe my ears and was so happy.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Isha,

      Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog and I am sure it would be really helpful for people apply for F2 visa.

  237. ABC says:

    Hi everyone,
    Actually, I am presently on F2 visa in USA, which is expiring in Dec 2012. My husband had got OPT extension upto May 2014, along with my I-20 is also extended. But my visa stamp had not been extended.
    Now, I wanted to visit India in Jan 2013. In this case if I visit India than do I have to go for visa stamping again, which I think is risking. Can anyone please guide me in this matter and show me a better way.

    • Lucky says:

      Your I-20 decides your legal stay in USA irrespective of your visa expiry date. Since your current visa expires in Dec 2012, so to gain entry in USA, you must have a valid (unexpired) visa stamped on your passport, so you must apply for visa stamping. Well there is no better way, this is how it works. For reentry, you must apply for a new visa stamping if you visit India after the expiry date of your current visa.

      • ABC says:

        Hi Lucky,

        Thank you so much for your reply. Is there any way so that I can apply my visa from USA itself, and then I can visit India. Or to get a reentry in USA, I have to get visa stamping from India only?

        I am a bit confused and I don’t want to take a risk of visiting India without having a confirmation of returning back to USA.

        Please help me in this matter.
        Thanks in advance

        • Lucky says:

          There is no way to apply for visa stamping in USA. As per rule, one has to visit his/her home country for visa stamping, so yes you have to visit India for visa stamping for gaining entry in USA again. I have seen some cases with H1(work visa)extensions cases where people have applied in other countries like Canada, but I am not sure if it applies to F2 or not. Yes it is always a risk when applying for visa stamping, but this is something not in our hands and is very unpredictable. In your earlier post, you mentioned that your husband has got OPT extension until may 2014 and this is enough time to show to justify your case for re-entry, so my suggestion is that if it is urgent for you to visit India, you should not worry much and think more about preparing for visa interview. Anyway it is your choice to decide if you want to visit India or not, if you do not feel confident, then it is better to delay your plans to visit India as much as possible.

  238. joseph says:

    what category do i fall in if , im over 21 and my mom stays legally in america , is it F1 or F2, i have a visa interview scheduled on the 27th next month, can i get a sample of the questions they will ask so i prepare cause most the questions im seeing a for married people . i also have a brother who is 10 years ,will they ask him questions? and what type of questions will they ask him?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Joseph,

      F1 is student visa, and F2 is dependent visa (if kids under 21). So I think you can not apply for F2. What is the visa status of your mother in America? Your brother (10 years) can apply for F2 only if he is applying as dependent of someone who is on F1 in USA. I am wondering how were you to schedule your visa interview without knowing your visa category?

  239. sd says:

    hi all my f2 visa interview on 1 nov at chennai
    plz suggest me what can i do then i got the positive

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sd,

      The only thing you can do is to prepare well as results is not in your hands and lot depends upon the visa officer who would taking your interview as it involves a lot of luck too.

  240. Krishna says:


    How far B1/B2 stamping & US visit impacts the F2 visa interview?


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Krishna,

      Theoretically, it should not impact any thing. However, practically it depends upon visa officer who would be judging your case. That said, its better to prepare for F2 interview to reflect that you do not have any intentions to stay forever in USA, without worrying about your previous visits as those are past and you do not have any control over them.

      • Krishna says:

        Thanks Lucky.

        Can someone provide me the way to answer if the VO ask the question “When you have B1/B2, why did you apply for F2?”

        Looking for a more convincing answer 🙂

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Krishna,

          Although it is very implicit why someone would apply for F2 over B1/B2, but I can understand that VOs are unpredictable and can ask for anything. I can suggest that you can say that B1/B2 are for temporary and short visits, but now you want to stay with your husband for as long as he stays in USA so applying for F2.

          • Krishna says:

            Thanks Lucky.

            I have paid the visa fee Online. So, i could not get any proof of payment like the HDFC receipt we get from bank.

            Should i carry any proof of payment?

            Is it the fee payment transaction detail which needs to be printed?

  241. Taskin says:

    My Husband is doing his Ph.D in XXX university in USA. he left on 14th August of this year. Due to some reasons we could not got married before he left. So our marriage took place on October 1st 2012 over telephone, while he is there.

    My question is..can I apply for F2 visa ? We had a grant engagement party and i do have all the pics of that and we know each other for 8 years and its our affair marriage.
    Please help


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Taskin,

      As far as you are “legally” married, you can apply for F2 visa as a dependent of your husband. So you do require a marriage certificate. It is good to have engagement ceremony photos, but most of the times, VO is more interested in looking at wedding photos, as it is common in India to have a grand wedding celebrations and the VOs go by this perception, but this is not a requirement, a legal marriage certificate is the most important thing. That said, I do not see any issues with you applying F2 visa. You can carry your engagement photos during visa interview along with your marriage certificate. If VO asks about wedding photos, then you can explain your situation to him that why you do not have wedding photos.

  242. Taskin says:

    I want to add that my expense can be covered by my husband’s scholarship fully by the university and also my health insurance is also covered by the university.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Taskin,

      That is a positive thing for your interview that your husband can show that he can support you financially.

  243. Raghu says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Im getting married this dec’2012… and my fiancee is currently working for for an MNC… she will be resigning before marriage… I want to get married.. come back in Jan 2nd week and then ask her to go to F2 VISA probably a week later or so…
    My F-1 VISA expires Jul,2013… Im on my OPT-ext period and currently employed…
    What kind of challenges i might face in getting F2 VISA for my wife… Having my F1 only until July will effect her F2 approval ?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Raghu,
      It is always a little challenge to get F1/F2 approved during opt. However, this is not to discourage you as there are several cases where they got f1/f2 got approved with no issues during opt. I think that as far as you have enough time left on opt that justifies the stay in USA, then there should not be any problem I think. Have you thought of applying for H1?

      • Raghu says:

        Hi Lucky .. thanks for your reply…. Yes i do have plans for applying for H1 this April. My wife will be going for in another 10days…. My VISA expires on June 22nd 2013 and my OPT expires Jul 02nd 2013….which leaves about 5 months by the time my wife goes for her VISA…. Do you think the amount of time left on my VISA is going to affect her chances of approval?

        Do you heard of anyone gettting an F2 Visa when their Spouse is left with above amount of validity of VISA and OPT?

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Raghu,

          Yes it might affect your chances of approval as time left is very less and it is not easy to justify the reason for stay in USA for such a short time.

          That said I am sure that people have got F2 visa approved even though they had very less time left. If you search previous comments in this forum, you can find some experiences for sure where someone was granted F2 visa with very less time left on OPT. After all VISA approval is very unpredictable.

          But still my suggestion is that why to take chances if you have a better option.

          • Raghu says:

            Hi All/ Hi Lucky,

            My wife attended for F2 VISA on 02/13/2013 at Hyderabad consulate.
            She Got her VISA approved . My F1 VISA validity was until only 06/22/2013. But she was given the VISA for 5 yrs.

            The VISA officer did not ask for any documents.All he took from her are her passport and the I-20.

            Questions are:
            What VISA?
            Your husband name?
            Is he studying?
            When did he graduate?
            Which company is he working for?
            What is his annual income?

            About her:

            Are you working now?
            DId you work earlier?
            which company?

            Who is supporting you?
            what is your father annual income?

            What is your favourite food?

            And then he issued the VISA.

            It was simple interview for about 5 mins. No paperwork asked.

            Hope this helps.

  244. saritha says:

    I got my F2 visa in march 2012 and i have been to US in March 2012. Due to some reasons i came back to India within a month(in April 2012). Now i wish to get back to my husband. Wat all documents should i need to produce at immigrations in US for my second visit? I only have my passport stamped with F2 status(valid till 2016, multiple entries) and marriage certificate. My husband is continuing his student status(Ph. D) there. Do i need to show i20 at immigration for my second visit which i dont have with me? Kindly help


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Saritha,
      You should carry the same documents you carried first time. Yes you need to carry your I-20 and its good to have a copy of your husband’s I20. And in fact there is no harm in carrying some of the other important documents you carried during your interview as you never know what they might ask at the port of entry. But I think it should be different experience what you had during your first visit, so should not be worried.

  245. Ram says:

    Hi All,

    Finally i took the VI today. The result is 214(B).

    Here are the Questions :

    1. Which visa have you applied for?

    2. Where is your wife studying?

    3. Why are you going to US?

    4. Who is supporting your Wife?
    MySelf and her father.

    5. Are you leaving your current Job?
    6. When you are leaving your Job, How do you support her?
    My Father in law is going to support both of us.

    7. Show me the bank statements?

    Shown 70K USD as savings and 40K as study loan

    8. This amount is not sufficent for two people.So how do you support?

    9. What do you do after going there?

    10. Do you have Childeren?

    11. Why dont you leave with your wife?

    Can not give you visa at this point of time. No strong ties with the home country.

    Any suggestions…What should i fo now?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ram,
      Sorry to hear that you got 214B. First believe that you have not done anything wrong as visa interviews are unpredictable irrespective of how honest your intentions are. Since you have not listed the answers you gave to the VO, it is difficult to say what went wrong, but one thing that I think is obvious to me is that it is always better to show money in US banks accounts held by your spouse. As that gives more assurance to the VOs about the financial ability. Another thing you might change next time, is that showing more funds in your account that your father in law’s account might be better I guess.

  246. SR says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Can you please look into the below query?

    If the amount mentioned in the Application is 30K. Do the amount in Dependant’s I20 should be mentioned as 6K or 36K (Applicants Fee+Expences 30K + Dependants 6K)

    Is it the way the universities give the I20s?

    In our case Principal Applicant I20 is showing : 30K
    and Dependants I20 is showing as : 36K (Including the principal Applicant’s fee)

    • Lucky says:

      Hello SR,
      I think that’s how US universities put the amount on dependant’s I20, i.e. the whole amount. I think as far as you can show more than 36k that should be fine, or at least for 1 year support if your spouse is getting some regular stipend through his/her scholarship.

  247. sd says:

    hi krisna
    howz your interview i hop its good plz shar your
    experience and which place are you applying

    thanks in advance

  248. Shweta says:

    Hi Isha,
    Congratulations on your visa approval.
    My visa was rejected at mumbai consulate in May’2012 and I got married in Dec 2011. im planning to apply again there. If u don’t mind then Can u please tell me whether it was ur first attempt of visa interview or you got it in multiple attempts at Mumbai consulate bec u mentioned that your marriage took place last year.
    It will help me a lot.
    Thank you.

    • Isha says:

      Hi Shweta,
      Yes, this was the first time i applied for F2 Visa after wedding. As I was a working professional I had applied for an international transfer from my office itself.
      but my work petition didn’t work out, So I applied for F2 on my own and my visa got approved in first attempt.
      Shweta, what was the reason that VO rejected your visa for the first time?
      May be, I can help you with some insights…but pray to God. Because as Lucky says – there is NO sure shot formula for visa approval..!!

      Best Wishes

      • Krishna says:

        Hi Isha,

        I have faced a question : “By quitting a highly paid job why do you want to join ur wife?”

        Can you plz give me some convincing answer. I was not able to convince her with my answer.


        • Isha says:

          Hello Krishna,

          Although, its a tricky question and by this as I understand, VO wants to know your intent to come back to India.

          Possible answers can be :
          – Because I want to spend some quality time with my wife, we cudn’t spend much time with each other after our wedding.
          – Because for now, I want to spend time with my wife and by the time her studies get over, We will come back and I plan to join back/ join a job at Mumbai.
          – Because for now, I want to spend time with my wife and we have sufficient funds for both of us. Also, by the time my wife’s studies get over, We will come back and I plan to join back/ join a job at Mumbai.

          but these are not sure shot answers and it also depends what kind of questions VO starts with and what answers do you provide. If VO in not convinced with any of your answers either they will ask you some more tricky questions or close the interview. you should just be confident and answer everything with a smile.

          thanks and all the best

  249. Rahul says:

    Hi Luck,
    I have read almost all the posts on this post and I appreciate your help to all in need. Now even I am filing F-2 Visa for my wife. Currently I am on 12 months OPT which is ending on Jan 31st 2013. I have applied for 17 months extension and simultaneously requested dependent I-20 from my school.
    Now on the dependent I-20, there is 12 months OPT dates and also 17 months expiry. I want to know will this help in getting F-2 visa? My main concern was that my 12 months OPT ends on Jan 31st, i.e. in 2-3 months and that is the reason I requested dependent I-20 with 17th months OPT dates on it. I have a full time job and will file H1b in April. Please give me your insights on my situation to improve her chances of getting F-2 visa. Thanks…..

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rahul,
      It is better you apply F2 after you have received your 17 month opt extension, as this will help to show that you have enough time left to justify stay in USA. So its good to have 17 month expiry on I20. I think the best point is that you can show 17 months left in your opt, and your wife can show stronger ties with the home country. I really feel that you should not be worried much as you seem to be in a good situation, at least to me. I wish VO thinks the same way and approves visa with no issues. so best of luck.

  250. Shweta says:

    Hi Isha,
    Thank you for replying.
    Well, I was simply handed over sec214B letter after asking few basic questions abt marriage and my husbands university.
    My husband is a student and will complete his degree in May2013. He used to work part time before marriage(dec2011) but he left the job and took a semester off for personal reasons .so he didnt have a part time job when i applied for visa and we showed family funds double than required. He got the part time job again after a month of my visa rejection with 29k salary p.a. So now we are thinking of applying for visa again after keeping gap of 5-6months and my husband can also be my sponsor in addition to family members.

  251. Nick says:

    Hello Lucky and All,

    I am going to India in Dec 2012 for my marriage. I am on OPT extension right now and my F-1 visa has been expired in July 2012. Getting my H-1 filing next year in April 2013. I got everything that I need to renew my visa at Mumbai consulate including letter from my college. ISSS informed me that it will be ok if you present all valid documents including this letter. I need advise or if anyone has gone through this situation and got renewed F-1 visa please take a time to share.

    1) How difficult it will be to get renew my f-1 visa on OPT.

    2) Do I need additional documents ?

    3) Has anyone got approved with same situation.

    Any reply will be appreciated.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Nick,

      1. I agree with Sujit that it is not always a perfect situation to apply f1 visa renewal during opt. So think carefully about it.

      2. I think you do not need additional documents as far as you have all the required documents.

      3. I am sure there are some who got approved in this situation. So it is not like with 0 chances, but it seems difficult. How much time is left on your opt extension? Having a sufficient time left on opt extension is good.

  252. Sujit says:

    It is advisable for you to visit India after your H1 gets approved. Now you are on OPT and its difficult to get F1 renewed. If you were enrolled in any school then it would have been a different case. But chances of getting F1 visa renewed while on OPT are slim to none. I have not gone through your situation and its not my legal advice, just that after doing lots of research on visas, this is what I think.

  253. Nick says:

    Hello Lucky and Sujit,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I still got 8 months to go for my OPT Steam extension due. I am aware of this situation that it is difficult to get F-1 renewed but I have to take this chance as I am getting married and as we know it cant be denied. It will be more helpful if I find someone who had same situation and share their experience. Please let me know if you guys find any case or same situation and that would be helpful for me.

    – Nick.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Nick,

      Right now I do not know any one personally, but if I find someone or come across some cases on the internet who have gone through this, i will let you know.

      • Nick says:

        Hello Lucky,

        I have couple of question regarding renewing my F-1 visa stamp. I have a offer letter from Indian pharma company with joining date on Oct 2013 to present at consulate. Addition to this I am planning to have acceptance letter from USA university for MBA just to show them my intense to go back or will continue my study after my OPT expiration on July 2012. Is it good to have both offer letter and acceptance letter or should I just keep only one document either offer letter from Indian company or acceptance letter from USA school ?

        – Please correct me if I am wrong that F-1 visa qualifies for Interview Waiver Program…

        Your advice would be appreciated.


    • Sujit says:

      Hi Nick,
      We all are here to help each other so that is not a problem. Well, I was looking for something else while I came across something which might help you:

      Question: My visa in my passport has expired, but I need to travel outside the U.S. while on OPT do I have a risk for denial of another F-1 visa?

      ANS: Yes, there is a risk of denial. The risk is higher than while you are in active student status, since your stay is now working rather than going to school. The F-1 student visa requires that the applicant must intend to return to the home country at the end of the program, and if the visa issuing officer is not convinced of your intention to return home, the visa application could be denied.
      You need to take a valid passport, recently endorsed I-20, EAD card, and a letter verifying an offer of employment showing your salary, location, job duties, and beginning date. You should also be prepared to discuss how the job experience will apply to a job in your home country and how you intend to apply it.

      Source: http://union.okstate.edu/iss/EmploymentTax/OPT.htm

      • Nick says:

        Hello Sujit,

        Thank you for your reply and this will help me to be aware all the situations which I might have during an interview. I hope I will get through this without any difficulty. Please keep in touch if you have more similar information.


  254. Manu says:

    Hi lucky..

    here is my case.

    1) got B1/B2 Visa in Oct 2008
    Never utilised the visa
    2) L1 rejected in Aug 2011
    3) H1B approved Dec 2011 (Premium case)
    4) Worked in US from Dec 2011- June 2012
    5) Left Job in June 2012 and applied for “change” of status” to F2.
    Since my husband is working on CPT and will be over on 20th Sept 2013 as per I-20.
    6) Came to India due to sudden emergency in July 2012
    7) Got F2 COS approved while in India
    Now this is Important to
    8) 27th Aug 2012, F2 Visa approved
    Qusetions were on
    VO:my husbands studies,university, location,job, marriage.
    ME: I replied all those.
    VO: Are you working?
    Me: No
    VO: Wrote CWOP on my H1b (predictable so it is fine with me)
    VO: So, are you not staying together?
    Me: No mam.
    9) 30th Aug 2012 – Got an email “TO APPEAR AT EMBASSY AGAIN”
    10) 4th Sept 2012, “Same F2 visa REJECTED”
    under section 214B telling you will not be coming back to India.
    and my B1/B2 Visa was also CWOP.
    The only questions asked was ”
    VO: why my husband changed the company”?
    ME: Earlier he was working for a consultancy and now he got permanent job (i should have said- full time job)
    I will be obliged if you could analyse the situation.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Manu,

      My guess is that a few things worked against you:

      1. You have been through other visas and H1B is with immigration intent, so justifying an intent to come back with F2 is difficult.
      2. May be your answer that your husband got “permanent job” might have gone against you too.
      3. Also you answer that you are not staying with husband seems little vague to me, and it may be possible that the VO might have misinterpreted it.

      Well, right now you can either try for f2 visa again after some time, or might wait if your husband gets H1 approval in future.

  255. Manu says:

    Thanks Lucky for the analysis of my case.
    Regarding your 3rd point,actually VO asked me that when me and my husband went to US and it was actually alltogether different locations and timings in 2011. So she asked me whether we are staying together or not. I could have actually elaboraed more on that.

    Do you have any advices for me?
    1) I will also be showing my property papers bought by me and my husband and another property bought by parents-in-law in the same community to show that 2 houses were bought with an idea of staying near to parents while woking at the same time.
    2) Can you tell me if i can actually open my CWOP H1B while in US on F2 ( In case i get it) because if i can then it can go against me? I have 6 years of IT experience.
    but currently not working after quitting the job in June 2012 while in US only.

    Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Manu,

      1) It always good to have more documentation. So you have property documents that is good. However, if they would really help, nobody can predict. Anyway its good to have those kinds of property documents to show ties with your country.

      2) I think that it is OK to apply and get H1B while being on F2. why do you think, it can go against you? As far as I know that if you find an employer who is willing to sponsor your H1B, then you can use the cap from previous H1B petition.

  256. Sujit says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I need help regarding W2 and tax documents to show to Visa Officer during my wife’s F2 visa. I am employed since Feb 12 and so I am not able to get the W2 form from my employer. Can you please guide me, how to get the W2 and Tax documents?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sujit,

      Since you started working in feb 12, you will only get W2 during the beginning of next year. Generally the tax file deadline is US is around 15 april, so you can file your taxes as soon as you get W2 from your current employer any time before april 15. In short, you can “NOT* have W2 and tax documents now. And it is no issue, because your wife can tell to the VO (in case the VO asks) that you started working in Feb 12 so you do not have any w2 and tax documents. You should not be worried about w2 and tax documents at all.

  257. Nick says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I have couple of question regarding renewing my F-1 visa stamp. I have a offer letter from Indian pharma company with joining date on Oct 2013 to present at consulate. Addition to this I am planning to have acceptance letter from USA university for MBA just to show them my intense to go back or will continue my study after my OPT expiration on July 2012. Is it good to have both offer letter and acceptance letter or should I just keep only one document either offer letter from Indian company or acceptance letter from USA school ?

    – Please correct me if I am wrong that F-1 visa qualifies for Interview Waiver Program…

    Your advice would be appreciated.


  258. Dip says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I am doing Masters in Engineering in US. My wife applied 2 times for F2 but got rejected from Kathmandu Nepal. She is trying this week again. I work as research assistant. First time I did not have any on campus employment. Second time I had on campus employment but could not cover all the expense mentioned in I-20. This time the total expense mentioned per year in I-20 is 30,100 dollar and fund from the University is 31,600 dollar. It means I have 1500 dollar more than needed in I-20. I have written a statement purpose and mentioned that I will continue to P.Hd. program in same University. Could you please give me some suggestions for interview preparations and what is the chance in this situation ?

    Thank you much.

  259. joseph says:

    hi Lucky

    i wanted to know what category does a SELF PETITION SPOUSE OF UNITED STATES CITIZEN visa fall in is it h1, h2 or any other category, i have a interview scheduled on the 27th of this month. i have been trying to get sample questions for a self petition spouse of a u.s citizen but the results are always for a student visa , would you kindly help to find sample questions as well

  260. Srujan says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thanks for your posts in this site.
    Finally i got visa yesterday(20-Nov-2012) @Chennai Consulate

    Below are the questions
    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning Officer
    VO: How are you doing?
    Me: Doing good so how about you?
    VO: Marriage date
    Me: Bla bla
    VO: Show your wedding album and marriage certificate
    Me: Given
    VO: What you wife is doing?
    Me: Bla bla
    VO: Arranged marriage or love marriage
    Me: Arranged marriage

    Thats all after that officer said your visa is approved.

    They didn’t ask me any bank documents and paystubs, employment offer.
    I am having 5+ years of exp .in top MNC but they didn’t ask any question regarding my employment, bank statement.

    My wife is working as a full time employment.

    Thanks for all your posts.

    Srujan Reddy

  261. Krishna says:

    Hi All,

    My F2 has been approved with the second try. I was asked only one question.

    1. Can you show your wife’s paystubs.
    Ans : She is not working.
    2. How do you support your expences?
    Ans : My savings.
    VO : Oh! I am approving your visa.

  262. Taskin says:

    Can a F2 visa holder in USA participate in Social Work or some courses like cooking or painting? If she/he wants to join in University and get admission, will it be possible to change her/his status to F1 from staying in USA? or He/She have to come back to his/her own country for visa approval ?


    • Swapna says:

      Hello Tuskin,

      In F2 status you are eligible to participate in social service and to do higher studies. Coming to applying for change of status. You can get exact information about this from a university advisor. Every university has international student advisor also known as district school officer. They are responsible for immigration matters for F1 students. Try to contact them and they will provide you the necessary info.

      Good Bye and all the best

  263. Swapy says:

    My Wife’s F-2 Visa got Approved 🙂
    Embassy: Mumbai
    Date: Nov 21 2012

    Her visa interview was in Marathi, so there were 2 people standing in front of her. All questions and answers took place in Marathi.

    Wife: Namaste !!
    VO: Namaste..

    VO: Where does your husband live?
    Wife: Told.

    VO: What is your husband studying?
    Wife: He graduated in Dec 2011 and now working on OPT.

    VO: In which company your husband works?
    Wife: Told.

    VO: Husband’s annual salary?
    Wife: Told.

    VO: From which university your husband graduated?
    Wife: Told.

    VO: Is your husband going to file H1B visa?
    Wife: No, he isn’t.

    VO: (Weird look on VO’s face)…. Okay, so your husband has only 2 months left on his OPT so why are you going?
    Wife: Yes, but he has already applied for 17 months extension and the receipt has also been generated.

    VO: Show me your marriage certificate?
    Wife: Shown.

    VO: Both of yours age?
    Wife: Told.

    VO: Alright, your visa has been approved.(Aapki Arzi Manzoor Ki Gayi Hai)
    Wife: Thanks…

    So this is my wife’s visa interview story. One of the most feared reason for getting rejected was that my OPT has only 2 months remaining. I applied for 17 months Extension and at the same time requested for F-2 Dependent I-20. This was suggested by my International Advisor. Because of this, on F2 I-20, the extension dates were also printed and we had a reason now if VO asks about 2 months remaining and the same thing happened.

    I don’t know if selecting your mother tongue language really helps but in my case it helped. We practiced a lot, and made my wife ready to face any question VO might ask. So one thing I and my wife have experienced is that you have to tell truth at any cost. I was suggested to deposit money in my bank to show more money but I didn’t do and I am glad that I didn’t. This forum helped us a lot and that is the reason, I am writing in detail so that potential F2 visa applicants get help. I will also answer any question to help potential applicants as I know how hard every husband-wife wants to get together 🙂

    • shravani says:

      hi swapy..
      congratulations… u ppl r really lucky.. can u plz tell me wat all docs u have shown.. can u plz list them… even my husb was graduated in dec 2011.. n hez on opt nw.. i was rejected twice frm HYD consulate.. first time the reason was my husb has been working as an unpaid intern… n second time VO has given me two reasons i.e., opt was just 4 months n the other was reg univ.. actually my husb has got visa for XXX univ later he has transfered to an other one.. will that be a prob… rest every doc was original…
      can u plz suggest me reg docs which i could show them… plz help me.. even my husb has applied for extension… as soon as it gets approved i’ll be planing for the visa interview…

      plzzzzzzzzzz help me… thank u in advance…

      • Swapy says:

        Hi Shravani,
        Sorry to hear about your rejections. First of all, whatever your situation is, you have to tell truth and I guess you must be doing that. Whatever VO asks, make sure you have proper and true answers ready. I have only 2 months OPT remaining still VO approved her visa so its not that people with less OPT duration remaining are rejected though chances are less. Regarding univ, I am not sure what can be done other than telling the reason why your husband changed the university. You can give reasons like he later got admit from that univ and the courses were good etc.
        I have an excel sheet prepared for all the docs which I will upload here soon.

        And this time try to go for interview once your husband gets his 17 months extension approved and also has the OPT card with him which you can show to VO.

        • Swapy says:

          1 Applicant Passport(Original & Xerox)
          Applicant I-20 (Original & Xerox)
          Principal I-20 (Original & Xerox)
          Appointment Letter
          DS – 160 Application
          DS – 160 Confirmation
          Marriage Certificate (Original & Xerox)
          Axis Bank Receipt

          2 Spouse’s Offer letter(s)
          Previous jobs Exp Letter

          3 Spouse Passport (Photocopy)
          Spouse Visa (Photocopy)
          Spouse OPT Card (Photocopy)
          Spouse I-94 (Photocopy)
          Spouse Licence (Photocopy)
          Spouse Transcript (Photocopy)
          Spouse Receipt (Photocopy)
          Spouse SSN (Photocopy)

          4 Invitation Letter (Photocopy)
          Form I-134 (Photocopy)
          Bank Letter (Photocopy)
          Wedding Album

          5 Bank Statements
          Job Paystubs(5-6)

          6 Applicant College ID (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant Voting ID (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant Bank Passbook (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant BirthCertificate (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant Photographs
          Spouse Birth Certificate (Original & Xerox)

          7 Applicant Graduate Marksheet (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant 12th Marksheet (Original & Xerox)
          Applicant 10th Marksheet (Original & Xerox)

          NOTE: Applicant means F-2 visa applicant & Spouse means the principal F-1 visa holder.

  264. deepika says:

    hi, tis is deepika….am gonna get married in feb 2013..and my spouse is working at us and he is under OPT… am done wid my masters in pharmacy in india and planning to leave there after marriage.. am from andhra.. so can u pls suggest me how to prepare for visa interview and what documents should be submitted, wat would be the possible questions there, and the procedure for applying F2 visa and finally how long will it take for the visa get approved from the date of application; so that ill be able to book my ticket as my spouse is planning to take me along with him… expecting a reply soon…thank you…

    • Srujan says:

      Hi Deepika,

      Please book your appointment @Chennai Consulate and OFC @ Hyderabad. If possible book morning slots @7:30-8:00 am

      Below are the point you need to take care
      1) OPT / OPT extension validility atleast more than 6 months
      2) Your spouse working in full time then you will have advantsge in this and need to show savings 10,000 $

      Below are questions they will asked:
      1)Why you want to go US?
      2) How would you spend your time there?
      3)What Visa are you applying for?
      4) What does your spouse do in USA? / Which school is she attending now?
      5) Where is she living? How far is her workplace?
      6) When are you planning to go to USA? Have you made any specific travel arrangements?
      7) Which university/school did your spouse attend? Whicharea did your spouse major in?
      8) Where did your spouse work in USA?
      9) What’s his annual income?
      10) What did your spouse study in India? Where (which school/univ) did your spouse do his undergraduation/graduation in India?
      11) How would you fund yourself there? Who would bear your expenses there? Is your husband going to bear your expenses there?

      Visa Documents….

      If you are working then please take the below documents…
      1) Offer Letter – Current and Previous company – originals and photocopy
      2) Experience and relieving letter – previous company
      3) Salary Pay Slips – 6 months
      4) Bank Statement – 6/3 months
      5) Id Card
      6) Salary Certificate
      7) Form -16 last 3 years

      OFC and visa interview documents
      1) Axis bank fee receipt
      2) DS-160
      3) Interview Confirmation Letter
      4) Original Passport

      Your Spouse documents
      1) OPT Card – Spouse and yours(Original and photocpy need to carry)
      2) Offer letter
      3) Photo copy of your spouse passport
      4) Paystubs
      5) Bank statement & Bank Letter to consulate
      6) Employement Authorisation Card
      7) Visa photo copy with latest departures dates
      8) I-94 PHOTO COPY
      9) SSN Photo copy
      10) MS Certificate and mark sheets
      11) Bachelor certificate and mark sheets

      Your documents….
      1) Education Certificates – originals and photocopy
      2) Property docs
      3) Marriage Certificate -Original ans photocopy – if they will ask please show original
      4) Marriage album – min 40 photos – please keep very good photos in top with your family members
      5) Life Insurance Premiums – sbi 3 years premium and LIC 2 years premium
      6) Marriage Invitation Card
      8) CA/CE Report

      2 weeks back i attend the interview @chennai consulate.. i am also from andhra pradesh…

      Please be confident and prepare well before interview…..

      If you have any queries and please send me mail ok

      If you are choosing different consulate then it will take 3-5 working days otherwise you will get you can collect.
      After marriage take marriage certificate asap then told to your spouse to send to university marriage certificate and your passport photo copy then only you will get I20 dependent with SEVIS ID ….

      Even while filling your application it will ask these details your sevis is and your spouse sevis id…….

      once everythin is done you can pay the bank fees then only you can see available slots – if everything is done by feb end may be you will get appointment in march end or april’13

      Best of luck and Advanced wish you happy married life


    • Swapy says:

      Hi Deepika,
      If you read from start of this webpage, you will get all the questions and answers for those. You don’t have to submit any documents. Only during OFC appointment, you have to carry photocopies of I-20, DS-160 confirmation page and Passport photocopy. I have listed the entire list(above your post) of documents which you can carry on interview day.
      My wife got her visa stamped in just 4 days even when it was holiday season going on. So basically once your visa gets approved, you should be able to pick/receive your passport with visa stamped in 5-6 days.

  265. Megha says:

    Hello Lucky 🙂
    i am applying for f2 visa and i have my interview scheduled on 20th dec at HYD am confused about few things and need your guidance over some questions first let me explain you our scenario… we had a registered marriage on 27th sept ,my husband is on f1 visa and is on a full time job under OPT , his f1 visa is expiring on june 2013 and his company would sponsor him for H1b visa in april, as of now his company is ready to give him a letter assuring his sponsorship for H1B visa as an additional document for my visa interview… my husband is sponsoring me and he has 25,000 USD in his account, is it enough ??? help me get through following questions :
    why didnt u go with your husband earlier ???
    shall i tell them about my husband’s chances of getting an H1B visa ???
    how would you spend your time there ??
    does your husband wants to come back to India ???

    PS : we had a registered marriage and ritually we are going to get married in feb and plan to go to US after marriage, shall i disclose the information to them ???
    very confused please help :/

    • Swapy says:

      Hi Megha,
      My scenario was same as yours but my OPT was expiring in just 2 months but still my wife got F2 visa. June 2013 is a long time so that is not a problem.
      Do not tell or show anything about your husband getting H1B visa. F2 visa is a non immigrant visa which means you have to show or prove them that you and your husband will return to your home country once the student’s program(OPT) gets over.
      $25K is more than enough to show sponsorship so that is good.

      Q: why didnt u go with your husband earlier ???
      – You can tell a reason that he had to leave early to resume his work and you had to wait to complete family formalities. My wife didnt have her passport so we had a genuine reason.

      Q: shall i tell them about my husband’s chances of getting an H1B visa ???
      – Do not tell anything about H1B as of now.

      Q: how would you spend your time there ??
      – Will support my husband mentally and physically.

      Q: does your husband wants to come back to India ???
      – Yes. We will return back before his OPT expires.

      About disclosing your plans of ritual marriage in feb, I would suggest don’t do that as after Feb your husband’s opt will expire in 3-4 months. So don’t disclose about that. Just tell VO that you got married in Sept and now want to live with your husband. You should have marriage pics & certificate as they might/will ask for wedding photos.

      • Megha says:

        Thank you Swapy for your help , really appreciate it … This forum is indeed very helpful.
        Swapy there is something I would like to mention is that my husband’s opt is expiring in November… And in my DS 160 I have put my intended date of going to US as 2nd jan but actually i will be leaving in march … Telling a lie makes me uncomfortable and i do not wish to do it …. What do u suggest wt shall I do … Also do let me the about the possible questions they might ask …. Thanks 🙂

        PS : glad to hear that your wife got the visa.

        • Swapy says:

          The date which is asked in DS 160 is not a confirmed date. It is just an intended date. Plans can change anytime so that is not a problem.

          But I am not sure about the duration in which you have to make your first travel after F2 visa is issued.

          For F1 visa, there is a fixed time period in which you have to travel. F2 visa rule should also be the same(not sure though).

  266. Jegan says:

    Hi All,
    I got married in October 2012. I want to bring my wife to the USA in January 2013 on F2 visa.
    I am STILL doing my PhD ( NOT yet graduated ) . Basically my case is different from a person on F1-OPT, right?
    I send her I-20, a copy of my I-20, copy of my F1 visa , copy of I-94, RA contract with stipend plus full tuition waiver from Jan. 2013 to Dec 2013, my financial documents which totals to 25k USD, my resume, a letter from my advisor ( who is also the Chair of the department ) . Back at home wife has a valid passport, original Marriage certificate, property documents, local bank statements, wedding photos, invitation cards, her and my birth certificate, her and my school and college and undergraduate transcripts ( she only has high school qualifications).
    What would you think? What am I missing…

  267. Swapna says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I would like to apologize to you since i am posting a different visa catergory information on your blog. I felt that this information is useful for persons who are applying for H4 visa for their infants. I have browsed a lot of websites but could not get the exact information on how to apply and what documents are needed for infant visa.( I am aware that the USA visa website lists the required documents but many of them have questions like whether any additional documents or needed). Below is the procedure i have followed to apply for my infant visa.

    Situation: Me and My husband had visa stamped recently. we were not able to carry the baby with us since her passport was in processsing at passport office. So i have apply for her visa using drop box method.

    I have choosen to pay the visa fee at axis bank.( i am not sure about the procedure for other modes of payment)

    I was in india at the time of applying visa for my daughter (if your husband is in usa please contact vfs if any additional doc’s are needed)

    I have created an account for my daugther on http://www.usatraveldocs.com website with her own gmail id.

    In the same website there is link for DS-160. Complete the DS-160 and get the confirmation number. It is required for filling the details and to pay the visa fee.

    Logged in to the website and provided the necessary information. (It is the same as we do a normal visa application)

    In step6 you will be prompted for visa fee payment. Select axis bank. I will display a page please print it and carry it to the bank for visa fee payment.

    Note: you need to carry a copy of DS-160 confirmation page and passport copy to the bank for paying visa fees. Your receipt gets activated the same day and you will receive a message to your cell phone or to the email id you have used while creating a account.

    After your receipt is activated login to the website i have provided in step 1 to complete the other steps.

    Click on schedule appointment link from the left hand .

    put a tick in the required check boxes.

    after the payment page. The website will automatically display a page with conditions required to apply for a visa using drop box. If you are applying for a infant visa simply click yes . you will get a drop box confirmation letter. Please print two copies of it and submit it to the OFC.

    No finger printing is required for infants. You can directly visit a OFC office in your location and submit the below mentioned documents.

    Documents to be submitted.

    Drop Box confirmation Letter.
    Applicant’s original passport.
    DS-160 Confirmation page
    USA visa fee receipt (you will get this from axis bank if you make a payment at the bank)
    Parents Visa copy (both father and mother.)
    Letter Addressed to the consulate. (This is provided by the employer. This letter indicates that the company will take care of the immediate dependent expenses of there employee)
    Copy of your offer letter.
    I797 copy
    One recent photograph.

    I have submitted the above documents to the VFS (now known as OFC). and received my daughter’s visa in three days. I have read some posts in internet where applicants got there passports returned in four weeks.

    Initially when i read posts from internet. I was a little hesitant in applying visa through drop box but when i contacted VFS they told me that i cannot make an appointment for interview for infants and carry them to the visa. This can be done only when parents have there appointment. Parents can submit the necesary documents during there visa to the consulate.

    The above said procedure is based on my personal experience. I request all the applicant to contact VFS if they have any more doubts.

  268. Niketkumar Patel says:


    I need your suggestion for my wife’s F 2 visa. I am currently doing my PhD in New York. I got married in June 2011 in India. We applied for her F2 visa for the first time in Dec 2011 and was refused on 214(b) without any specific reason. My I 20 had the expected date of my graduation of May 2014. She appeared for the visa interview again in March 2012 and was refused for the same 214(b); again without any specific reason. Then, she appeared for the visa in July 2012. That time visa interview was run for quite decent time and she was asked questions, too. At last she was again refused reason being “not enough financials”.
    I was the first sponsor and I am working as teaching fellow and she had paychecks for $18000 per yr (the maximum I can have as PhD student) for last two yrs. Bank balance was $ 35,000. My father was second sponsor at that time. I still couldn’t figure out the reason for “not enough financials”.
    I am wondering what should I do differently if she appear for the next time? or shouldn’t she appear after 3 rejections? should I just wait for my H 1 to be file and appear for H4? or the rejections for F 2 will have an impact on H4?
    She appeared at Mumbai consulate for all 3 times. Is it possible to appear for the visa interview from any other consulate? will it help?

    I understand you might not have the correct answers for the questions; but any inputs or thoughts are most welcome.


    • Swapy says:

      Sorry to hear for the rejections. Till now I have seen spouse’s of Phd students getting F-2 visa easily. Financially if you have shown #35000 as your bank balance, its more than enough. Do not show any other sponsor other than yourself. I dont know if you have to wait or if you can apply immediately after 3 rejections. 3 rejections will make difficult for 4th time but let your wife prepare for appropriate answers when VO will ask about previous rejections. Make sure you show only 1 sponsor and that too only you. Changing to different consulate will make it more complicated so do not go for that. Try to set up interview in different language, that might help.
      Good luck !!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Swapy..

        I am planning to have her visa interview soon. I will make sure from my side that she is prepared enough.

        But multiple rejection on F 2 will have any impact on H4, if she will go for H4 in future?

        Thanks in advance,
        Niketkumar Patel

  269. Megha says:

    hey there 🙂

    applying for dependent Visa (f2), guys hubby din change his marital status in his company and in other utility bill (got married on 27th sept 2012) will dat be an issue ????

  270. Niketkumar Patel says:

    Hi Swapy,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I will definitely make sure that she is well prepared for the visa interview next time. I was wondering if the number of multiple rejections on F 2 will have an impact on H4 visa, in future?

    I appreciate any comment in this matter.

    Niket Patel

  271. Megha says:

    Visa interview is in 3 days :O need a quick reply for this one ….. in my DS 160 confirmation letter it is written that i need to bring I20A, Proof of SEVIS registration and fee payment …. am not getting what is the SEVIS registration and fee payment when i have not paid anything of/for/at SEVIS ????????
    Please needs a quick reply … Thanks in advance 🙂

  272. ram says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I am very glad to say that it’s an awesome site which has been helping people who need information and suggestions. I got my F2 VISA stamped just by getting and following your suggestions when there was no one for me to help. Thank you very much Lucky. But now it’s time to apply for H1B now :-).

    I am on F2 visa now, came to US last month OCT-2012 and planning to apply for H1B
    in March-2013. I did my graduation B.COM in 2001 and have around 7+ yrs of IT experience as a S/W Engineer. Below are the questions I have and expecting answers/suggestions from your end. Please help me.

    1.As I came US in OCT-2012 , will I be eligible to apply for H1B in 2013?
    2. Before apply for H1B, Is it mandatory that I should be completed certain period of stay in US till the period I apply for H1B?
    3. As I studied only B.COM but having 7+ yrs of IT Exp as a S/W Engner, the probability of getting H1B VISA ?
    4. My wife is planning to visit india in May-2013.So will it show/create any problem in the port of entry If I got H1B Approved in March ( I am planning to apply through premium process, so will know the status in April).


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ram,

      Thanks for your comments. Congratulations for your F2 visa. First, your company should be applying h1b petition for you. Regarding your questions:

      1. Yes, if your company agrees to file h1b for you, then there shouldn’t be any problem,
      2. I do not think so that there is any such limit. Infact even if you are not in US or have not stayed in US before, your company can apply for h1b petition.
      3. As I said that your company applies H1B petition for you, so you should not be worried about it. If your company thinks that you fulfil the requirements of H1B, then the chances of you getting H1B petition approved is same as any one else as far as I know.
      4. No there wont be any problem.

      In summary, since your company applies for H1B for you, your company’s attorney prepares H1B petition and files on behalf of you, you just need to provide the documents they ask. You have very little to do except providing the documents. Hope this helps.

  273. Niketkumar Patel says:


    Is it still possible to take the visa date at the different consulate (not according to the state of residence); after the change in the visa application procedure?

    Can I take the visa interview at chennai consulate, even if the state of residence is Gujarat?

    Your help is appreciated.

    – Niket

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Niket,

      If you have been in US for some time, then I think you can apply in any consulate. On the other hand, I have seen people applying for visa interview in different consulates that are not in their state of residence. I think its kind of grey area, where the rule says that one has to apply in one’s state of residence, but it is not enforced very stringently.

  274. Shweta says:

    Hi Megha,
    Did you get your visa approved?
    my F2 got rejected at hyd on 18th dec under 214b even after showing sufficient ties with mothercounry.
    Please reply

  275. Annu says:

    Hello Lucky,
    I just found your website with these visa discussion going on, and kind of liked it in some way. I also want your best opinion!!
    I have a valid F-2 visa till 2014 Aug. and now i have got admission here in an US university with Assistantship, my husband is also studying, he is doing PhD.
    I am taking visa interview soon to change my status from F-2 to F-1. So, what do you think, what would be the probable question?

  276. Madhu says:

    Hi Lucky

    First of all, Thanks for your help by running this site with valuable information.
    I got married recently and My husband is having F1. So as per F2 required documents, He has requested his universtiy to send me I-20. I would like to know if my husband’s signature is required in the I-20 that I received?
    actually do you have any info like how many pages dependent’s I-20 will be and whose signature and all are required?

    Awaiting your reply,
    Thanks in advance.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Madhu,

      Congratulations to you for your marriage. Yes, Your husband’s signature is required on your dependent’s I20. I think it is standard and his university should have asked him to sign your I20. Every I20 has a field saying “signature of student”, and your husband should sign there. Generally I have seen that any I20 has around 3 pages but the first page is most important, but I am not sure if this is standard.

    • Swapy says:

      Lucky is correct, there are 3 pages per I-20 and your husband(Student) has to sign both the I-20’s before he sends both I-20’s to you.

  277. Pancham says:

    Hello Lucky,
    So here is my situation, I am on OPT working full time and it expires in July 2012. My employer is filing my H1B in April. I am planning to get married in February 2012 and bring my wife back to the US in May 2012 after her MBA exams. After doing some research and speaking to some lawyers I was not so happy with the response that I got but also got some suggestion like I should make my wife apply for visitors VISA before our marriage. So I am kind of confused what should I do, should I apply for her F2 VISA after our marriage or make her apply for the visitors VISA. What are my chances of getting either VISA and bringing her to the US in May. If you could please give me any suggestions that would be really helpful.


    • Pancham says:

      Sorry it is 2013.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Pancham,

      Giving your situation, and the fact that your company is applying H1B for you, I would suggest that your safest bet is to wait until your H1B approval and then apply for H4 for your wife so she can enter US in Oct 2013.. And October is not very far giving that you current plan is to bring your wife in May, 2012. I do no think that it is a right time to apply for F2 or visitor visa. I am not saying that it is impossible but it is not very safe.

      • Pancham says:

        Thank you Lucky for your reply. Again as a normal person I still have some more questions, now when you say it is not safe what do you mean. The most that could happen is she could be rejected, correct. Or do you mean it would affect her H4 or something like that later on. Also what if her we want to go through the VISA process which one has a chance of getting us through F2 or B2. Any suggestion would be helpful because both our parents want us to go though the VISA process.

        Thank you again,

        • Lucky says:

          Hello Pancham,
          I am just saying that given your current situation, you need to be little cautious when applying for F2 or B2 visas. Yes of course the worst case scenario is rejection. It wont affect H4 chances as H4 is an altogether different visa category and carries dual intent. Thats why I suggested to wait for H1 approval if possible, and then apply for H4. It is difficult to predict which is better between F2 and B2 as both are with different intents. F2 is for long term stay as a dependant of F1 and B2 is just for short visits. So you are the right person to decide which path you want to take.

          • Pancham says:

            Thank you again Lucky. I have another question this related to my status, I am on OPT and it expires in July and as I said my employer is filing my H1B in April. What if I plan to travel to out of the country in May, will there be any issues? I expect to return before my OPT expires. Will it matter what my H1B application status is, whether it is approved or in process.
            Again thank you much for your suggestion and help.


        • Swapy says:

          Don’t go for B2 visa option. Even I was thinking about that first but after a lot of research, found that B2 will just make the process more difficult as even if she gets B2 in India, she will have to answer Immigration officer in US POE. Also she gets to stay for a limited time.

          If you were to bring her in Feb or March just after your wedding then it would have been a different case but if you are planning in May then its better to wait till OCT.

          By the way, trying F2 once wont harm any future visa applications.

  278. Madhu says:

    Hi Lucky

    Thanks for the reply.
    I am applying for F2 visa. I am having few doubts while filling DS160 form online.
    1. What should I mention for Intended period of stay.
    2. I am currently employed, working in deloitte and previously I worked for Mahindra. I would like to take ur suggestion whether I have to provide my work details in DS 160. Because they might ask questions like why I am resigning or whether I have plans to work in US etc.

    Awaiting your reply

    • Swapy says:

      1. Whatever is the expiry date of your husband’s OPT, mention that duration as intended period of stay.

      2. As F2 is a non-immigrant visa, you can tell the VO that once your husband’s OPT gets over, you both will return to home country(Don’t mention about H1B). You cannot work or study on F2 visa so the answer will be NO and that once you both return after OPT, you will again start working.

  279. Trexy says:

    Hello Lucky!

    I’ve recently received news that my interview will be on the 25th of February. I’m on F2A Visa. My father is sponsoring me. However, in the questions posted, there’s “Do you plan on studying in USA?” I do wish to continue my studies in USA but I’m scared they might use this to deny my visa application (or am I just paranoid?).

    Also, my brother is 24 and he’s still not working (and haven’t been ever). He just gets monthly allowance from our parents. What would be a good reason to say if ever the interviewer asks about his work or the lack thereof?

    I really hope you’d reply! I’m anxious about this!

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Trexy,

      F2A category is for child under 21 years of age, and it is very obvious that whoever is applying for F2A will be a studying student. So I do not think that VO would have any issues even if you tell that you will be studying there because that is what you are supposed to do at this age.

      I think that your brother should be eligible for F2B (assuming unmarried) not for F2A as he has crossed 21. If he is not working then is he studying? or is he setting up his own business? or is he looking for jobs? I mean that he must be doing some thing and not sitting idle. So you can tell whatever he is doing if asked.

  280. Honey says:

    Hi Lucky/Swapy

    I have come accross your forum reg. US visa guidance.
    I would like to share my confusion.

    I have got married recently. My husband is working in US having F1 visa.
    Initially I thought of applying for F2 visa, but I came to know that his OPT is getting expired on Feb 5th this year. He has requested for the extension of his OPT.
    And also, he is having plans to apply for H1B in this April.
    1. So now Is it advisable for me to go on B1/B2 visa, stay there for few months and later once he gets his H1, I can come back to India and apply for H4?
    I also would like to know later I may have to face any problems while transferring to H4 from the B1/B2 visa?

    2. Or else I have to wait for him to get his STEM extension and then apply for F2 only?

    Could you please assist me which is advisable F2 or B2??


    • Swapy says:

      Congratulations for your wedding !!

      I would suggest not to go for B2 visa as it will just make things complicated. Feb 5th is not too far and if he has already applied for extension, he might get the approval before that and then you can apply for F2. Don’t try to mention about H1B if you are going for F2 visa itnerview.

      • Honey says:

        Thanks swapy.
        But I have already scheduled my interview for F2 visa next week and though he has requested for extension, he did not get any confirmation on it.
        if the VO asks me abt his OPT expiration, I will confidently say that he has requested for extension.
        1. So, will it impact any visa refusal?
        And also I have mentioned my work experience in DS 160 form. So, m scared and would also like to know if this will also have impact any visa rejection..
        Please advise.

        • Swapy says:

          If the VO asks about OPT Extension, just show the OPT Receipt. Even my wife did the same when VO asked about future status in US. Just tell the VO that he has applied for OPT and that you both will return once OPT gets over.
          Your work experience wont affect your visa chances. Just tell the truth and you should be good to go.

          Good luck for your interview…

          • ricky says:

            Hi All,

            I have typical case I guess.
            Here is my profile:
            My Visa Expired on Dec 4th 2012 and my OPT valid till 02/28/2013. I missed my H1 for FY2012 because of some personal reasons. To Maintain my status I join in a school xxx and continuing my SEVIS with the new school.
            I got married in OCT and I’m planning to apply visa for my spouse on next week from Hyderabad.
            I’m showing bank balance of 10k and I have my previous employer paystubs and w-2.
            1.My question is as my visa is expired and now I’m in full time student in new school will that be any problem from VO for expired visa. My new i-20 shows status till 2015?
            2.I heard there are lot of rejections in HYD compare to Chennai?
            3.is it good to show internship(CPT) as I have one from previous employer as source of income while studying?
            Please suggest me.


            • Lucky says:

              Hello Ricky,

              1. I think since now you have got your new I20 then your expired visa does not matter, so should not be an issue. Anyway a valid visa is required for enter, where I20 decides the legal stay and duration for F1 and F2 status.
              2. It is because may be more people apply in HYD than in Chennai. This is something you do not have any control, and visa approval is very unpredictable anyways.
              3. I do not think so that you should discuss about your internship (until asked) as you have got your new I20. Moreover, previous internship does not matter as much as your current bank balance which is more important now I think.

              • ricky says:

                Thanks Guys!

              • ricky says:

                Hi Lucky,

                My wife attended F-2 visa in Chennai yesterday and got rejected.

                As you can see my case that i’m doing my second masters MBA.

                VO asked why he is doing double masters? and he already did earlier one.

                my wife Answer: he is interested in doing his MBA as he wants to take care of his family business in India after completion of his masters which helps to expand the business.

                She asked couple of questions and which univ? where he live? and then she check something and said sorry. She also said there is no intention of coming back to INDIA .

                I’m trying to attempt one more time next week. could you please help me to below question ?

                1) why second masters?

                2) as visa is expired and my statues is now i-20. how to justify the status?

                please help us!


          • pinky says:

            Hii lucky
            Im applying for F2 visa.my husband opt ended in nov 2012. now he againn back to student visa. is it possible for me to get dependent visa?? my husband done the jib 2 years.(not full time).can You tell me is it possible to get h1 visa for my husband. what are the rules for that can tell me

            • Lucky says: