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OlivePad: India's Answer to iPAD

Olive Telecom, an Indian-based multinational company, launched India’s first 3.5G Pad, named OlivePad-VT100. The main features of OlivePad are: 1.  Android platform. 2.  High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA, a 3G mobile telephony protocol). 3.  Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi). 4.  Bluetooth. 5.  … Continue reading

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How to Enable Creation of Core Dump Files Due to Crashed Applications in Fedora Linux Distribution

It is needed frequently to analyze the cause of a crashed application. One way to do it is through the creating of core dump files that can be later analyzed to debug the issue. Core dump files are a snapshot … Continue reading

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India Makes World’s Cheapest Laptop, Sakshat, based on Open Source Linux Operating System

On 22 July, 2010, India added a new feather to its list of innovations by launching the world’s cheapest laptop, named Sakshat (meaning something real), that will cost around Rs 1500. Kapil Sibal, Human Resource Development Minister of India, unveiled … Continue reading

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10 Amazing iPhone 4 Features

1. 5-megapixel camera to capture high quality pictures. It also has built-in LED flash that allows to capture pictures where there is dim light or in low illumination areas. The camera has 5X zoom capability. Screen tapping allows to focus … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox Does Not Connect To Internet When Network Connection Is Up

This issue may happen, if you stop managing your network connections through NetworkManager. However, your Mozilla FireFox setting may be dependent upon NetworkManager service. Just to give more insight, first I will describe why this issue was happening on my … Continue reading

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F2 VISA questions asked during interview at USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

These questions have been prepared by collecting information from several friends and also by searching on various sites and forums on Internet. In general, I have heard from my friends that F2 VISA interview process is not difficult and not … Continue reading

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