F2 VISA (F1 Dependent VISA) Requirements and Documents for USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

The most important requirement for obtaining a F2 visa is that the individuals who are planning to visit USA (United States of America) should be a dependant of F1 visa holders. F1 dependants eligible for F2 visa are spouse and children.

In addition to this requirement, another very important thing to not about F2 visa is that F2 visa holders are not allowed to work in any form in USA. F2 visa is not a work permit and the person holding F2 visa can not indulge in any work in which that person gets paid.

F2 visa holders are not eligible to get SSN (social security number). Few years before, I think that F2 visa holders were eligible for getting SSN but were not eligible to work, as F2 visa can not be used as work permit. It seems that some F2 visa holders used their SSN to work illegally. So to prevent this to happen, now all dependants visas (like F2 or H4) where one is not eligible to work, are not granted SSN but just ITIN ((an identification number used in USA for tax purposes)) . These are just  my thoughts and I have not verified any of this.

Anyway, F2 visa holders can get ITIN number. When F1 visa holder files tax return, he/she can show F2 visa holders as dependent using this ITIN number and can get dependant’s benefits such as higher standard deductions on taxes.

Therefore, a person applying for F2 visa should keep above points in mind. Now I will list the documents required at the time of visa interview for F2.

Mandatory documents:
1. Applicant’s passport.
2. DS-160 application confirmation letter with CEAC bar code.
3. Applicant’s visa photos as specified on here.
4. Original HDFC bank visa fee receipt with two bar code stickers.
5. Interview appointment letter.
6. Applicant’s I-20 (original) (your spouse must have got this from his/her university, and sent to you).
7. Photocopy of your spouse’s I-20 document.

Not mandatory, but must-have (highly important) documents:
1. Original marriage registration certificate.
2. Wedding photo album.
3. A few Invitation cards (original).
4. Your spouse’s US bank statements (to show that he/she can finance you).
5. Photocopy of your spouse’s passport.
6. Photocopy of your spouse’s US Visa.
7. Photocopy of your spouse’s I-94 card.
8. Photocopy of your spouse’s Federal Income Tax returns
9. Photocopy of your spouse’s State Income Tax returns
10. Photocopies of your spouse’s paystubs

If your spouse (F1) is working on OPT (optional practical training), then must-have (highly important) documents:
1. Photocopies of your spouse’s (F1’s) current and previous OPT cards (employment authorization cards).
2. Photocopies of your spouse’s (F1’s) paystubs (or salary slips) for almost 1 year (although paystubs of previous few months are also fine)
3. Original and photocopy of employment letter

Supporting documents:
1. Your spouse’s Indian bank statements.
2. Applicant’s mark-sheets and certificates starting from 10th standard.
3. Applicant’s birth certificate.
4. Applicant’s Itinerary details.

Important photocopies to keep with you:
1. Photocopy of applicant’s I-20 form.
2. Photocopies of applicant’s passport’s first page, address page, and last page.

In general, it is good to have at least 2 photocopies of each original document you are carrying with you. One set of photocopies you can carry with you, and another set of photocopies you can leave at home to have backup in case something is lost.

Documents not really needed but you may have:
1. Photocopy of your spouse’s social security card.
2. Photocopy of your spouse’s car title.
3. Photocopy of your spouse’s driving license.

Note: In the above, “Applicant” means person applying for F2 visa, and “your spouse” means applicant’s spouse.

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174 Responses to F2 VISA (F1 Dependent VISA) Requirements and Documents for USA (United States of America) Embassy or Consulate

  1. cityville cheats says:

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    Hello Lucky

    I am applying for F2 Visa and My qualification is only 10 std,will it be a problem.

    I can understand English.

    Thank you

  3. Sam says:

    Dear Lucky

    Can one apply F2 visa online?

  4. anil says:

    hi i m f2 i get driving license & id &work here how please send reply Thanks

  5. anil says:

    hi i m f2 can i get dmv license id & india visit insurance in usa thanks

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Anil,

      Yes you can get DMV license on F2 visa. I am not able to understand your 2nd question, sorry, perhaps if you can rephrase that would help me to answer.

  6. Soumya says:

    Hello Lucky, Hw r u?

    Iam soumya my F2 visa got rejected twise and Iam going apply H4B visa soon. I have one question, As it’s not an issue that it’s love marriage or arranged marriage then why every VO ask that question, is it love or arraged marriage?. I doubt they only grant VISA to arranged marriages…..

  7. Rahul Joshi says:

    I am applying for my F1 visa and also planning to take my wife along. I have requested for an I-20 both for myself and my wife. I wanted to know if my wife’s passport should reflect my name?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rahul,
      Sorry for my late reply. It is not necessary to have your name on your wife’s passport. Marriage certificate is more important for that.

  8. Hello,

    My f2 dependent visa rejected in this month. My interview was at mumbai consulate.
    Vo asked just 3 questions From which university ur husband passed? where he worked? when he u got married? And he not saw any supporting documents. after that he directly rejected my visa.

    What I do now .Can apply immediately for f2 visa or should i wait up to 1 month.
    I can apply to other consulate other than mumbai.
    Please help me. Give proper guidance.

    Thanking you.

  9. Hello,
    if f2 dependent rejected then How many times you can apply for f2 dependent visa in one year. is previous rejection history effect on any other type of visa ( like h4 dependent ) .

    Thanking you.

  10. varuna says:


    I am residing in the US and am currently changing my status from H1 to F2.
    I need to get the US license, but my F2 is still under processing.
    Am I eligible to apply for license? If yes what documents are required?

    Thank you.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Varuna,

      The best thing is that you need to go to your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) office and discuss with them. Wonder when you were on H1, didn’t you have your Driver’s License(DL)? Depending upon if you had your DL before or not, there might be different situations. In general, now days one must have visa approval documents to get a DL.

      If you did NOT have DL before, either you should use your H1 approval notice to get your DL if its possible, or if you do not/can not use your H1, you might have to wait for your f2 approval notice to get your DL.

      In case you already had your DL, but are applying for DL extension, then it depends upon your local DMV office. I have heard mixed stories about it. Some DMV offices issued DL extensions for around 1 year based on the receipt of your visa application, but some DMV did not issue the DL extensions.

      So it depends what is your current situation.

  11. Kings says:

    hello, am going to the US this december for my Masters degree sponsored by my father with an f1 visa, and i have a wife who is pregnant, when i get her i-20 and she is ready for an interview at the embassy, is it okay to use my fathers bank statement for her aswell? because i dont have any bank account in the US yet.

  12. Pretty Doll says:

    Hi lucky, My fiancee is working on OPT now and we will be getting married this summer. it was told to him that he ll get i-20 when he shows his marriage certificate to the university. Could you please let me know the Details like what that i-20 is for, how long does it take to get that i-20 and is that I-20 mandatory for me to get into US?
    You ll be of big help if you provide me with this information on i-20.
    thanks in advance

    • Lucky says:

      Yes, a separate dependant’s I20 is required for you as you will be a dependant of your spouse. Again yes, a marriage certificate is required to obtain the dependant’s I2O from your spouse university. I20 is a very important document that decides your legal stay in US for F1/F2 visa categories. Ofcourse it is mandatory if you want to enter on F2 on F2 visas.

  13. Pretty Doll says:

    Thank you so much Lucky.. 🙂

  14. Pani says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I’m currently on STEM extension and it is valid for another 10 months till Oct’ 2013. I got married recently and planning to bring my wife on F-2.

    Can you please look into my concerns below-

    >I’m about to change my employer 2 weeks from now and when I file for f2 I-20, does it carry employer information in the 3rd page?
    > Considering 10 months of OPT remaining and my passport expires as well in Oct’ 2013, Would the VO reject her f2 saying that my status expires very soon and she cannot come in as dependent?

    and last question. If I file for H-1 in the month of Apr’ 2013. Can I still bring my wife on f2 considering that I would be on a transition status from f1 to h1?

    Please let me know your suggestion.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Pani,

      I think that I20 carries employer information. But I do not think that having employer information would impact anything on visa approval. If you apply for H1 and gets approved, your H1 status will start from Oct 2013, so before that you will be on F1 status and can bring your wife on F2. I always give an advise that if you can bring your wife on H4 then that would be better than applying F2. However, your situation seems better than others because you have almost 10 months left on your opt, so you have a better chance of getting F2 visa approved. But if can wait for some more time, then H4 is best and safest bet.

  15. AG says:

    Hi Lucky and All,

    Does anybody here whos F2 visa got approved. I want to read some +ve replies. Does anybody know any forum or links where i can find some information and experience of OPT f2 visa getting approved.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello AG,

      You can read previous comments and I am sure that you will find some people who got F2 approved while their spouses were on OPT. You just need to search and go through previous comments.

    • CJ says:

      Hello AG,

      It’s been a while you posted this but were you able to find any positive instances of F2 visa. What did you yourself do?


  16. Shereen says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I have written to you about a year back just before my T2-visa was rejected (Feb-12). My husband recently completed his Masters and is currently on OPT which is valid until (Dec 2013). Since my F2-visa was rejected last year, I wanted to apply for a visitors visa to attend the Grad Walk of my husband which is scheduled in May this year. I have two kids aged 3 and 5 who will be applying with me to attend the graduation event. What chances do you think I have in getting a visitor’s visa to attend graduation walk considering that I will be applying with the kids? My husband who is currently working in US will be sponsoring my trip. Considering my situation (f2 rejection last year with kids and husband freshly on OPT) what do you think would be my best option. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    Shereen Fatima

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Shereen,

      Given your situation, I am really surprised that your F2 visa was rejected last year. Given your current situation and if you carry return tickets with you and shows strong ties with home country and also B2 visa is for your husband’s grad walk (you can provide proof), I think that it would seem that you would be able to get it, but generally F2 or B2 always carry a tad more uncertainty. Is there any reason you want to visit USA for temporary stay but not for some longer more permanent stay like on F2 o4 H4 visa? Is your spouse planning to apply for H1B? If yes then my suggestion to you is to wait for H1 approval and then apply for H4 visa which is generally easier to obtain than F2 and B2 (at least based on previous experiences and moreover it carries dual intent). I know that H4 will delay your visit to USA until October this year, but it will give you a more permanent option.

  17. shashank says:

    hi lucky,
    i am persuing my masters in australia. which is going to finish in this june. and my wife planning to do masters in u.s.. can i apply for an f2 visa from sydney consulate after completion of my masters being an Indian( i,m here on student visa)

  18. RICHARD says:

    iam student in new york and my visa ended 2 years ago , i stay with valid i20 from certificate school…and my problem is i married last summer with a lithuanian girl, and she tried to come with f1 visa, but denied, now we will apply for f2. If you can analyse the condition, would you give us some advice, what shoudl she say at interview or if they ask her about my visa (which is ended) what should she say?
    we need help please help us urgent.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Richard,

      Expired visa is not an issue and a valid visa is required during entry only, and it does not decide the legal length of your stay in US. I20 decides your legal length of stay in US so as far as you have a valid I2O there should not be an issue for your girl friend. I do not think that they would ask about expired visa as it is very common for people in USA to have an expired visa.

  19. sushma says:

    Hi i am applying for f2 dependent visa this month,now my husband is on OPT till feb2014 and he is working since 1year and he has all his paystubs this is my first time applying for f2 visa interview,and we recently got married can you tell me what are the chances for me to get visa..also please help me out with what kind of questions i need to prepare and what will be the bankbalance my husband should show in his A/C.

    pls help me out with your suggestions.

  20. koki says:

    hi lucky,
    I am applying for f2 dependent visa ,now my husband is PHD first year student .My husband is sponsoring me and our baby in 7000 us dollar and he got I20.
    1.The university already given I20 with sufficient fund but can VO reject my visa due to insufficient fund ?
    2what are document needed in addition to I20?
    3.what kind of quotation ask me ?

  21. Pretty Doll says:

    Hi lucky,
    M getting married in this may and my husband has to apply for OPT extension in June. Do u suggest me going for visa interview in june before he applying for extension or wait till he gets his OPT extended?? If i attend visa interview(F2) in june are there any chances to get it rejected for there is only 2 months left for his OPT?? Please suggest me so that i ll plan accordingly..
    Thanks in advance

  22. Pretty Doll says:

    Hi lucky,
    M getting married in this may and my husband has to apply for OPT extension in June. Do u suggest me going for visa interview in june before he applying for extension or wait till he gets his OPT extended?? If i attend visa interview(F2) in june are there any chances to get it rejected for there is only 2 months left for his OPT?? Please suggest me so that i ll plan accordingly..
    Thanks in advance!!!!

    • Lucky says:


      It is always good to have more time left in your husband’s OPT as it makes your USA trip more justified. So I would suggest that please wait (if possible) for his OPT extension, or if you can not wait, then please carry sufficient documents to convince VO that your husband is going to apply for OPT extension so has enough time left.

      • Pretty Doll says:

        Thanks.. but i ve one more Question. If my visa gets rejected 1st time before OPT extension, how long should i wait to take another interview? is there any minimum time span? And 2nd time do i get visa easily as the OPT gets extended by then?

      • Pretty Doll says:

        Lucky if you could clarify this one last doubt for us to the best of your knowledge, we would be grateful,

        If my visa gets rejected 1st time before OPT extension, how long should i wait to take another interview? is there any minimum time span? And 2nd time do i get visa easily as the OPT gets extended by then?

  23. sara says:

    hi lucky
    under Not mandatory, but must-have (highly important) documents:
    no 3. A few Invitation cards (original). w/ch card is that ?
    what does it mean i can not understand it.

  24. praveen says:

    hello luchy
    i am praveen from india my wife going to usa in f1 visa how cani apply for f2 visa pls help me what that proses and what dockument needed pls help me

    • raj says:

      Hello Praveen,
      To apply for F2 Visa. You’r wife should send the following documents to you.
      Dependent I20 issued by your spouse school (Mandatory)
      Your spouse’s I 20. (Mandatory)
      Your spouse visa copy (Mandatory)
      Bank statements if she is sponsoring for your expenses. (Mandatory)
      You need to carry the copy of visa appointment letter. (Mandatory)
      Your Original Marriage Certicate. (Mandatory)
      Marriage photo album and wedding card (Mandatory)
      Your Visa fee receipt. (Mandatory)

      Optional docs.
      Your educational certificates
      your spouse educational certificates
      Her US driving license (if she has)

      Praveen F2 visa is a tricky one and you need to show strong ties with your home country to get visa approved. If you have any documents like property, bank accounts in india or a letter from your employer you can carry those too.

      My suggestion for you is to read the posts written by aplicant’s in this forum. That will help you in preparing for the visa.

      Please do share your interview process with others. All the best and Good luck !


  25. Rohini says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I am leaving for MS to US…My husband had completed his studies only upto 10th standard and he in business field ri8 now.I need to apply for F2 for my husband..How much money should I need to show inorder to get F2 visa for my husband?Will he will face any problem regarding his education background at the time of Visa interview?plzzz reply me

    • sam says:

      Iam very nervous,,,,I want 2 know some answers from u,,,,my husband vil start his MBA course from may 2013 and he got his f1,,,,v have 2 kids n now its holidays for kids v apply for f2,,,,only
      in school holidays iam going 2 u s,,,,I have my power of attorney papers and funds in my husband account,,,,,question is what are the chances of approval of f2 plz do the need full, ,,

    • raj says:

      Hello Rohini,

      If you want to sponsor your husband you need to show atleast the figures reflecting on your I20. My suggestion would be let your husband sponsor himself for his VISA by showing sufficient amount in his bank account. He can show his business as a proof for returning back to india.

      I don’t think his education will create any kind of trouble at the time of visa.

      These are just my suggestions it is up to you to decide what is right for your case.


      • Amjed ali says:

        Hi.. i need to knw wht happnd fr ua f2 visa..coz me to d same case..my wife she is hvng f1…nw i wntd to apply fr f2..but myslf nly spounsrd my wife fr her eduction. Cn i apply fr f2

        • Lucky says:

          Hi Amjed,

          Yes you can apply for F2 visa for yourself as your spouse is on F1 irrespective of whose has sponsored your wife.

  26. pinky says:

    hiii LUCKY?& SWAPY

    i need information about F1 visa interview… my husband is in us … we married on june 14 ,2012. now im trying for F1. and i have completed my studies in 2010.now i have gap of 3 yrs .what type of questions they may ask how should i answer

    • pinky says:

      i have visa interview soon will please reply me soon. my husband is on me F1.because of h1 problem he is doing double masters now . now iam going for f1 interview will they ask me details about my husband…..? reply soon the chances of getting F1 visa for me

  27. Pooja says:

    Hi Lucky,

    I have my F2 VISA interview next week. My husband is there in US on F1 VISA from Sep 2011. We got married in July 2011.
    As I was working here and he was doing his studies there, we have waited for right time and I have not left with him.
    Now when I am applying for F2, will they object that from approx last two years you are staying apart and why now you want to leave your job and move there?
    About showing finances, If I show my savings then is it fine or all finances should be from my husband’s account?

  28. Lisou says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Thank you for such an awesome blog. I am applying for a F-1 visa but would like to bring my son along with me during my studies. What are the requirements for kids. Will they require a paternity test

  29. Sonia says:

    Hi everyone,

    I recently got admission in a T50 University in the US for pursuing my PhD. I am very soon applying for my F1 visa. I also wish to take my husband along with me on F2 visa. Given the rejection rates for F2 visas, I have few questions in mind:

    1 – My PhD is a fully funded course with stipend (>$2000) per month. If I wish to take my husband with me, we need some 200$ extra (per year) to support each other.
    To cover up for 200$ extra, we have made a CA statement which shows that we have around $1200 extra per year. I read in a forum that consulates at times don’t consider your stipend and expect you to show bank balance to support your studies. Can you please clarify this confusion of mine?

    2 – I & my husband both have a B1/B2 visas. He has travelled to the US for official purpose for 3-4 times for an interval of a month to 6 weeks in last two years. I have traveled once for attending a conference. Do his multiple travels on B1/B2 make him a potential immigrant?

    3 – We both plan to apply as group visa and want to go to consulate together for our interview. I hope it is possible.

    4 – What is the rejection rate for F1 PhD students? Similarly, what is for F2?

    Replies will be much appreciated.


  30. Bhawana says:

    my husband got the F1 visa is on 7th june 2013, and im planing to apply for the F2 visa after one month from now, by the time i apply my husband will be in india only, since his course will be stating in aug mid. so will it be a problem if i apply in july or in Aug. what is the best possible chances to get visa approval, or should i wait for my husband to go first in USA then apply..

  31. Bhawana says:

    my husband got the F1 visa is on 7th june 2013, and im planing to apply for the F2 visa after one month from now, by the time i apply my husband will be in india only, since his course will be stating in aug mid. so will it be a problem if i apply in july or in Aug. what is the best possible chances to get visa approval, or should i wait for my husband to go first in USA then apply..

    • sap says:

      hi bhawana,
      can u tell me hw did u apply for F2 visa , because even my husband got his F1 visa on july16th 2013 , can i apply it nw or should i wait for him to go to US.

      • sap says:

        plz reply soon it will be of great help to me.

        • Lucky says:

          Hi sap,

          I think you can apply whenever you want. It does not matter if your husband got F1 so recently.

          • Ramya Pratyusha says:

            Hi all…
            I got my f2 visa approved yesterday… Here is my experience.

            Married on 18th may 2013
            My husband’s opt expires on 14th aug 2013 and he has already applied for extension on 26th junr 2013.

            I was worried whether they will reject my visa as my husband’s opt has only 16 days left. But they just asked me abt expiration date and i replied he already applied for extension. I showed his i20 on which it is clearly mentioned that he requested for extension… VO asked me if i ll study in us and i said no.. He asked abt my husband’s workplace and he asked me show pay stubs and tax returns.

            I think tax returns are very important…
            Be positive and dont worry people… All the best.. 🙂

        • Bhawana says:

          why ur waiting apply asap. tel de VO u want to join him or to tc of my husband during his studies, and to spend the quality of the time with my husband and bla bla bla……..
          All the best and feel free to ask ques 🙂

  32. Md Azgar Hossain says:

    Lucky, My paln in apply to F1 visa and I would like to take my wife with me. That’s call F2. So my question is
    Do i need separate I 20 for her?
    How to apply F2 to University?
    Do I have to pay SEVIS fees separately?
    Do I need DS160 form?
    Do I pay Embassy fees $160 separately?
    please let me know.

  33. Honey says:

    Hi Lucky

    I have gone through your blog and could see your suggestions to the audience. I would also like to get few suggestions reg. my F2 to F1 conversion.

    Currently I am on F2 visa in USA. I am planning for masters and therefore I have decided to convert my visa to F1.

    If my visa is approved, I can go to school and continue my study. In case in an emergency situation if i go to homecountry, I will have to go for F1 stamping right. so, here comes the risk.

    1. If they reject F1 stamping, how will I re enter to US and continue my study?
    2. Or Can I go to home country and apply for fresh F1 as I have good amount of time (My college is going to start in Sep mid)
    3. What are the risks/chances of rejection involved in both of them

    Thanks in advance.
    Awaiting to hear from you.


  34. Harshitha says:


    I am in India and my fiance is in USA under OPT status…he started working from feb 2013….We are planning to get married this year…..will I get F2 visa,I mean do u recommend to marry now or to wait untill he apply for H1b next year..plz suggest..

  35. Honey says:

    Hi Harshitha

    I would like to know whether your fiance has applied for H1b this year. If he has to apply for next year, that means if his H1b is approved, he will be on H1 status from oct. 2014.. so, just check with his OPT expiration date..If its more than 6 mnths, I think its gud enof to marry this year and you can try for F1.

    this is my understanding but pls check if you have any options also.


    • Harshitha says:

      Hi..thanks for your reply..sorry for the late reply…he didnt apply for H1B this year..planning to apply next year.

      And his OPT expiration date is jan 6th 2014..


  36. Krishna says:

    I am planning to apply for a F2 visa for my wife. I just started my OPT in May, 2013 and am currently employed only for eight months (from May to January next year). Will that be a reason for rejection of VISA as I do not have an employment for a whole year?

    Thanks for your help.

  37. Somesh says:


    I am working as a PhD on F1 visa valid until June, 2013. I am planning to apply for F2 visa for my wife in December. Probably, my OPT might start from Februray onwards. My question is : If her visa gets accepted – Will it be valid until June, 2013. How will her visa status get affected once I am on OPT


  38. Somesh says:

    Sorry, it’s a typo. My visa expires June, 2014

  39. Dorcas says:

    Hi lucky,

    Thanks for this opportunity.
    My husband is in the U.S for his Phd, almost done with his 1st year. I applied for a F1 visa last year to enter the U.S as a student but was denied, all documents in my maiden name (because I had not done a change of name), now I want to join my husband on marriage grounds with my baby as well, I’ve done my change of name and my husband is sponsoring us. My questions are,
    1. I hope the F1 application denial will not have any effect on this new application
    2. To get the F2 visa for me and my baby, what are the likely questions they will ask
    3. what are other important documents we need to take along for us to get F2 visa?
    Please advise.
    Expecting your reply.
    Thank you.

  40. Raj says:


    I’m on L2 and itz going to expire in Dec-2013, i would like to go to low graded university to maintain my status, because i have no other options left. Here are my questions to be clarified…
    1.I have done my Masters in UK already, so is there any chance to get admission in any university without GRE, TOEFL and IELTS
    2.Is there any chance to get financial AID for my masters.
    3.Please list out the low graded(low cost) Universities
    4.Can i apply for H1 while i’m in CPT
    5.Can i drop my course, if i get H1 approved
    Please answer me ASAP and do suggest me the better way to proceed.

  41. Anu says:

    Hi everyone and lucky
    I am currently on f2 status. I have completed my masters in uk and now i want to convert my f2 to f1 by taking two additional subjects. Is it possible by taking two subjects or i have to do whole masters again in usa

  42. Bhawana says:

    I got my F2 visa approval on Friday at Chennai consulate in one shot.
    friends any help regarding interview feel free to ask.
    All the best !!

    • Faisal says:

      Hi Bhawana,
      Can you tell me how recent the bank statement should be as per US consulate requirement for F2 visa?

      • Lucky says:

        Hi Faisal,

        Bank statements should be from last six months or 1 year. And the bank statements should be the evidence that money in the accounts is accrued over a period of time from some consistent money sources, instead of having just one/two transactions for the whole amount.

      • Bhawana says:

        Hi Faisal,
        it is clearly mention on your i20. u hv to show only living expense.
        in my case VO didn’t asked for any document. i hv All the documents ready which was required for interview.

    • Anonymous says:

      hi bhawana,
      can u tell me hw did u apply for F2 visa , because even my husband got his F1 visa on july16th 2013 , can i apply it nw or should i wait for him to go to US.

      • Bhawana says:

        Hi Anonymous,
        u can Apply anytime but as per my experience it is better to apply asap. it’s always recommend to Apply together but if not den apply just after dat. once ur husband in de US den it’ll be more difficult to get F2 visa until or unless ur husband ‘ll be on OPT OR CPT.
        prepare wel and be confident u’ll do it and one more thing be ready with the appropriate ans why not appear 2gether for the interview.

  43. Faisal says:

    Hello All,
    My wife got her F2 visa approved, I am on opt and working from past 7 months.

    Interview was in Chennai, India.

    Visa officer just looked at the marriage certificate , and my I 20 and did not even look at dependents I 20, he went into some other Room came back after 5 minutes and said her visa is approved.

    Its easy guys please do not google too much if you are applying for F2 visa, as it will not give you anything but tension. Just keep your cool and apply.

  44. jjeegvi says:

    Can the spouse apply for an H1 visa once he is in the US with F2 visa?

    • Lucky says:

      Yes your spouse can apply for H1B if he gets a job offer from a company that can sponsor your spose’s H1B. You can not apply H1B by yourself, only your company can apply H1B on your behalf.

  45. Miro says:

    Hello, we are student couple from Europe which lives in California for already 4 years. We have F1 visa but it’s expired 2 years ago (we have I-20). We’ve just got married 1 month ago and one of us wants to apply for F2 visa ( save some money, then only one person can needs to go the school). Could u please recommend us how and where can we apply for the F2 visa.
    Thank u very much.

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Miro,

      If you are currently is US, and have valid I20, then an expired F1 visa is OK. Valid visa is only required for reentry. Regarding F2, it should be easy, whoever attends school can apply for your dependent’s I20 at your school’s international department. You would require valid marriage certificate and some other documents too as per your school’s requirements. It seems from your post that you both are in US already, so your dependent needs not worry about F2 visa stamping, as valid F2’s I2O is sufficient for legal stay in USA.

      Hope it helps.

  46. pragyan says:

    Hello Lucky,

    I am about to apply my F2, what is time within which i must b in US after getting my F2. What are the rejection rates? Is ther some rule where husband has to show 5000USD for suoporting his spouse. Please suggest if i need to enroll in some consultancy to get help for processing F2. I reside in hyderabad.


    • Lucky says:

      Hello Pragyan,

      I presume from your post that you already have dependant’s I20 with you. After you have F2 visa stamped, it is upto you when you want to go to US. As far as I know there is no time limit before which you have to be in USA.

      Regarding your 2nd question, your husband must show sufficient amount of money for atleast one year (as detailed in I20) to support you.

      I generally do not believe in any consultancy. So it is upto you to decide whether you want to go for some consultancy or not.

      Hope it helps, and best of luck for your F2 visa.

  47. Jax says:


    My wife is applying for a F2 visa. On her i-20, it shows $22k for my expenses and $6k for dependent’s expenses. I graduated in December and I’m just going to start my job in Feb (I’m on OPT). Is it enough if she shows finance docs for her $6k and my job offer letter as proof for financial stability?


    • Lucky says:

      Hi Jax,

      There is not very strict guideline about what is enough to prove that you have enough funds. My suggestion is to do the best and to show as much liquidity as possible, along with your job offer.

      Hope it helps.

  48. Ashmita says:

    Hi Author,

    My husband is in the US on an F1 visa. He left last fall (2013). We got married early last year. I didn’t go with him as I was completing studies. Now I would like to go visit him in the summer. I have a job and do not want to quit now, but instead go permanently only next year. Which visa should I apply for?

    If its F2, should I just take a letter of leave and to and fropm air tickets?

    Also, my husband will not be sponsoring me. Me and my dad will be my sponsors. How do I show that to the VO? Could you please tell me the procedure.



    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ashmita,

      If you want to travel to and stay in USA as a dependent of F1, the only option is to apply for F2. And it does not matter when you apply, as its upto you to decide when you want to go to USA, and then only you need to have a valid F2 visa stamped. One of the most important documents to apply for F2 visa stamping is I20, so your husband will have to send F2’s I-20 by obtaining it from his university to you and other related documents.

      Although its good that you and your father can sponsor you, in my opinion it is always better that your husband also shows sufficient funds with him in USA to support you. For financial documents, you and your dad can show the copies of your bank accounts containing enough money for your stay in USA, so there is not really any procedure. The main idea is to convince visa office that you and your husband have sufficient funds available to support you.

      Hope it helps.

      • Ashmita says:

        Hi Lucky,

        Thanks for the prompt reply. He has already sent across the i20. My next question is, since he doesn’t have funding from the university, my in-laws may have to transfer some money to his account. As per the i20, spouse funding is about $3000 more. So does he need to show 3000 only? or the full i20 amount?

        If I show my bank balance for 3000 dollar would that be sufficient?

        Do let me know



        • Lucky says:

          Hello Ashmita,

          It is difficult to say what would be sufficient. My guess is that 3000 dollar might not be sufficient. It is better to show support for more funds that this amount.

          Hope it helps.

  49. Ashmita says:

    My question actually is :

    1. do I need to show ONLY the spouse amounts mentioned in the i20 or the COMPLETE amount?
    2. Since my husband is not earning, I can show his bank balance, but other financial docs would have to belong to my dad/father in law (who is my husbands sponsor). Am i right?

    Thanks again!

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Ashmita,

      1. Regarding your first question, I would like to say that in my experience, I have seen that VO is more interested to know how the available funds and a salary (if there is one) are sufficient to support both of you, not just the spouse. So my suggestion would be to show enough funds for both of you, because your husband does not have a salary yet.

      2. Regarding your 2nd question, as I said that there is no strict guideline regarding who should own the funds. So if you show some funds in your hansband’s bank account and the other funds in your father in law/dad’s account should be fine. Still my suggestion is that it is always better to show more funds in your husband’s US bank account because that might be more convincing to the VO than your father in law/dad’s funds in India. As far as your husband’s US bank account has enough funds, showing additional funds in your father-in-law/dad’s account in India is OK too, as the more the better. So it is upto you to decide how you want to manage it.

      It may be very much possible that the VO might not even look at financial docs. I am just suggestion what might work better, because visa interviews are very unpredictable. I can only advise you, the final decision is upto how you want to prepare for your interview.

      I hope it helps.

  50. Tegin says:


    I and my wife came to the US with F1 visas as language students. I registered an university program so my wife is not willing to go on a language school anymore. In this case, could she change her visa status to F2 and how?


    • Lucky says:

      Hi Tegin,

      Yes, as your spouse and your dependent, she is eligible for F2 status, you just need to get dependent’s I20 for her. You will have to talk to your university’s international office for this, and I am sure they will help you out.

  51. Chintan Brahmbhatt says:

    My wife is in USA on F1 visa. she is doing her Chemical Engineering (Undergraduate course) we got married in the month of December 2014. Now i want to go to USA should i apply F2 visa or visitor ?
    my visitors visa rejected twice before marriage without any reason.
    kindly help
    Thank you

  52. Chintan Brahmbhatt says:

    Sorry its december 2013. and i would like to add that i am working with public ltd company in mumbai with good salary.

  53. F22H1 says:

    Hi All,

    My H1B petition was approved last year and have attended the VI interview which ended up in 221G. Recently i have moved to US on F2 and joined with my family. Can you please help me with the details below?

    1. Can my employer[Who filed my petition] apply for F2 to H1B COS?
    2. Will the 221G have any impact on the COS outcome?
    3. What are the chances for COS denial?
    4. If COS is denied, Will the H1B petition still valid?
    5. What are the documents required for applying COS?
    6. Is it good to go with the old employer or should i look for a new employer?


  54. Ninjachinchin says:

    Hello, I have a bit of a complicated case. I’m currently in the US on an Esta Visa but both my children have F-1 visas. I now want to change my status to F-2 so my question is 2 part. 1st: how do I do this (I’ve been told this can’t be done in the US); and 2nd: what form(s), supporting documents and fees will I need? I thank you in advance for any assistance you or anyone can provide.

    • Lucky says:


      As far as I know F2 is only for the children and spouse of F1 visa holder. So mother of F1 visa holder can not apply for F2 visa in my understanding. Not sure why do you think that you can apply for F2 visa?

      • Ninjachinchin says:

        Thank you so much for that information. I was not aware a parent cannot apply for a F-2 visa. So then what can I apply for in order to be with my children? I travel a lot to Italy, Dubai, etc. and at my last entry I was told that my Esta visa does not allow so many exits/entries. I need something that will allow me to travel often when I need to, but also be in the USA with my children for the duration of their studies. I’m asking your suggestion because both my children are under 12 years and they need me with them as their legal guardian/caretaker.

        • Lucky says:


          You might apply USA visitor visa that would allow to stay for 6 months maximum during one trip with multiple entries/exits. I wish you good luck.

  55. sneha says:

    My husband will be applying for f1 visa in October. He is taking student loan. He wants me to go with him. How much fund do we have to require for living and his studying and expenses for visa procedure. Plz reply

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Sneha,

      I-20 for primary and dependent specify the amount required to stay in US. It is difficult to put exact figure as it depends on several factors: such as cost of living in that area, personal style of living, kids (if any) related expenses etc. As I said that I-20 gives a good (mostly on the upper side) approximation and is always more than what is required.

  56. Rinky says:

    Hi, this website is very helpful. thank you all for posting a lot of info. I am on f-1 visa right now and I am an undergraduate student here is US. My husband is on OPT but it is really getting tough for us to pay the tuition more than $10,000 every semester. I want to apply for F-2 now. Is it possible that I can go from F-1 to F-2. What do we have to do to apply for f-2?

    • Lucky says:

      Hello Rinky,

      It should not be difficult for you as far as your spouse has maintained a valid F1 status in USA. You need to apply for dependant’s I20 from your spouse’s university, and will have to apply for change of status (filing I-539) to USCIS. It will require some documents such as marriage certificate, copy of your passport, F1’s I20 and passport etc (other documents are mentioned here: http://binaryjunction.com/2010/06/22/docs-for-f2-visa-interview-united-states-of-america/ ). Once you apply to USCIS, it might take around couple of weeks to a few months to get it approved. If you are not travelling outside USA, then getting approval for your change of status application to USCIS is enough to stay legally in USA. If you are travelling outside of USA, then for reentry to USA, you will have to apply for F2 visa interview and you will have to have a stamped F2 visa.

      Hope it helps.

  57. komal khanna says:

    Hi….my husband is in U.S on Tourist visa.and there he take admission in advance English language course from a private university n I want to apply for F2 visa after he gets 1-20 form.I just want to know that what questions can they put in front of me to give me F2 visa n also we don’t have marriage certificate but in my passport my husband’s name is mentioned, soso will they ask for marriage certificate.

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Komal,

      Generally such situations where one applies for F1 while being on tourist visa in USA are not very favourable. But the point is not to discourage you but just to help you prepare better. Leaving this situation aside, you could check following link for F2 visa questions:


      In addition, you might check comments section in this blog for F2 related posts that should help you prepare F2 visa related questions experienced by others.

      Marriage certificate is a must as that is the only official document that proves a legal marriage, so please get one before applying for F2 visa. Your spouse’s name on your passport wont help much as that does not show that you are legally married to that person currently.

      Hope it helps.

  58. Annonymous says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My fiancé is studying in US and we will get married this year end in India and apply for F2 visa. I have 10yrs visitor visa and have been going to US every year for holidays. Infact I was recently there and came back a month ago. Now next week my fiancé will come to India and we will get married. Would having a visitors visa help get a F2 visa? Or it doesn’t not matter? Also, is it ok that I was there on a holiday on visitors visa spending time with my fiancé and just came back and will soon apply for F2?

    • Lucky says:


      Given your situation and the way you explained, I would say that visitor visa should not have any affect on your F2 visa. So I agree with you as you said that “it doesn’t matter”. Visitor visa and F2 visa are not related and are for different situations. As you were not married yet, so visitor visa seems only option for you previously. But once you get married, F2 seems better options but prepared to not confuse the visa officer that you are going to stay in USA for short term, because F2 visa are for longer terms almost for the F1’s course of duration. In other words, please do not mix up between visitor visa and F2 visa in front of the visa officer during the visa interview. So if you apply for F2 visa, please make sure that you are going to stay there for longer term and prepare yourself accordingly. Hope it helps.

      • Annonymous says:

        Hi Lucky,
        Thank you for the prompt reply. That is of great help and I shall keep that in mind.

        However, my concern is that I travelled to US in Apr’14 with my fiancé (we were only dating then). I stayed in US for 5 months with my sister who lives in the same city as my fiancé and spent time with them. I came back in Sept’14 since our wedding date was finalised by then and he will come this month and we will get married. Will I be asked about my 5 months stay there? They will know that we travelled together in Apr and question me about that? Can I be honest enough and say we were dating and planning to get married so I spent time with him and my family there.
        My earlier trips to US were always 1-2months long.


        • Lucky says:


          I agree with you that it should be fine to be honest in front of the visa officer, and if asked (only if asked), you could tell clearly that you visited your sister and your fiance previously. You were not doing any crime visiting USA when you were not married and did not break any laws staying in USA on visitor visa. You used the visitor visa for what it is for. So my advise is that do not worry about your previous stays in USA on visitor visa. A genuine visa office would never have any issues with that.

          And yes they have all the information about you previous visits but that is not a problem as you did nothing wrong. It is always advisable to assume that they (visa officers) know everything about your previous visits and visas.

  59. Suganya says:

    I am gonna apply for F2 visa,and my wedding invitation is in Tamil.If the interviewer doesnt understand it,will it lead to rejection.I have genuine marriage certificate and marriage photos

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Suganya,

      Having wedding invitation in Tamil should be OK, but I would suggest to have your marriage certificate in English, as marriage certificate is more important document than wedding invitation. Wedding invitation is a supporting document so should not be an issue even if you have it in Tamil. Hope it helps.

  60. arshad says:

    recntly my wife get approved f1 visa ..can I apply fr dependnt visa..right nw am doing business as an tax cunsltant..my wife birthday is near in nxt mnth this vil b my first celebratin of my wife’s birthday 4mnth bck nly we get married..i given permissin to my wife for further studies..also 1year bck I apply b1/b2 but my dad has murmar alot infrnt of vo so we famly get rejctd twice …nw m married can I applyd as f2….can anly budy sujjstd me

  61. Yousuf khan says:

    Recently My F1 visa Got Approved & I am planning to take my spouse & 1 child along with me on F2,(i have a dependent I20)..My Orientation is on 26 March 2015 can i apply now for spouse & daughter before going to USA!

    If yes, then what are the chances to get the F2 Visa??
    How Many Month After going to USA they should apply for F2 visa??

    Please Suggest Me Which will be the good time To Apply.
    Thank You!

  62. yousuf Khan says:

    Hi Lucky,
    Recently My F1 visa Got Approved,along with me i am planning to take my wife & Daughter with me on F2 & i have a dependent I-20 For Both of Them.So what Are The Chances To Get The Visa Approved.

    It is Better To Face The visa Interview Before I Go to US?
    first I should go Alone to US & They will wait for Some time to face the Visa Interview, which will be the Better option! If Yes (how many Months The Have To Wait For Interview)

    please Suggest Me
    Thank You

  63. Ruchit patel says:

    Hallo lucky.

    I apply for f2. In January 2015 so plz help for interview question and next step ? Thank u

  64. Varsha says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My husband is presently on OPT and is working for a startup. He was pursuing his MBA since August 2012 and has a valid F1 until 2017. But his OPT expires in June 2015. Just before we got married (in March 2014) I had applied for my B1/B2 and after a 221(g) refusal (Im pursuing my PhD in Life sciences), i got the B1/B2 approved for a period of one year with multiple entries. Soon after that, we got married and i visited the US twice so far. Once, for my husband’s graduation and the second time in october. Both my trips were very short, 6 days and 10 days… Now, as my work load is much reduced, i wish to spend a longer time with him and so plan to apply for F2 so that i can join him in march 2015. Also, his employer will be filing his H1b in March and was indicating and joint filing might be beneficial. My B1/B2 expires in April 2015. What do you think are my chances of getting the Visa approved? I have to anyway be back in october for final submissions etc for my PhD.

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Varsha,

      It would be better for you wait until your spouse’s H1 is approved and then apply H4 which would be easier to get approved than F2 now when your spouse does not have enough time left in his OPT. And you already have your B1/B2 till April, so still can join your husband in March, 2015. So again better to wait for H4 than going for F2. Best of luck.

  65. Ravali says:

    Hello All,
    I’m going to attend F2 Visa.
    I have 2 questions:
    1: My husband is going to apply H1 next year. His OPT is expiring in OCT 2015. If the VO asking me, is your Husband going to apply for H1?
    What do I need to say?? Will it make any difference for my acceptance, if I say he is applying his H1??
    2: On Bank Statements – My spouse has his bank Statements about $15,000 for the last 3 months, But before that he just had $500-1000 in his bank statements
    (Note: inflow and expenditure for every month were approximately $4000). So, would you suggest me to take bank statements for just 3 months or can I take bank statements for 6 months.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Hi luckey,
    I m trying on f2 visa an i got rejected last week the reason was i think i could not answer properly(confidifently) that why you you didn’t go with your spouge. my situation was i had my back paper to attend and the agent told my spouge to process alone 1st.and my next interview is on wednesday and m getting confused what to say next time. Do You have any good answer (guidance) ?plz

  67. sapna says:

    Hi luckey,
    I m applying for F2 and i got rejected last time,i think i could not answer them properly “why you didnot go with your husband”.. My situation why i didnt go with him was our agent for that colz told us to go alone 1st and my reason was i had my backpaper of my bachlor and i didnt want to miss that. i showed the reason was my examination. but they asked me for specific reason. could u please guide me what would be the best answer. 🙂 my next interview is on wednesday(this week)

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Sapna,

      My suggestion is to give as honest a reason as possible. That said, although it is common to not accompany one’s spouse for various reasons, but in my opinion, it would have been better for you to appear for interview together with your spouse when your spouse applied for F1. I am very surprised that your agent suggested against it and it was a big mistake.

      Anyway, it seems that the reason you gave last time seems fine to me, not sure why visa officer (VO) was not convinced. Are you sure that this question was the reason for your rejection or something else played a role in your visa rejection? It seems really weird to me. Also, really there is no best answer, because it really depends on your situation and visa officer’s mood at the time of visa interview.

      One of the reasons you could give that your husband was going to USA for the first time, and first he wanted to get settled there, and once he got settled there then only he wanted to invite me to USA. Please do not rely just on this answer as you have to be confident when giving any answer in front of visa officer, so prepare accordingly. Again please try to be as honest and confident as possible.

      Best of luck for F2 visa.

  68. ahffan says:

    Hi Lucky,

    My wifes F2 visa was rejected recently. Below was how her interview went
    VO: Is your husband on OPT ?
    Wife : Pardon,
    VO : Is your husband doing masters?
    Wife: Yes.

    The VO handed over the rejection letter in which he had ticked ” Not eligible for this visa”

    I dont know what went wrong.

    In the DS 160 , I had given intended duration of stay as 1 year, where as the I-20 is valid only for 7 more months. Could that be the reason for rejection?

    FYI- My wife is doing Mtech In India and I am doing masters in US and my course will be getting over in August 2015. I had reached US in august 2014 and went for vacation to India in december 2014. I had her I-20 in August 2014 itself eventhough we did not apply together as I read somewhere the visa might get rejected.

    Please let me know what could have gone wrong in my wife’s F2 application ?

  69. yousuf Khan says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I have Changed My University and My Wife,Child Has a valid F2 visa stamped already ( based on previous university’s I20), there should be any issue for her entering USA. At the port of entry.

    suppose if i obtained A New I20 for both of them but, SEVIS No Will Be changed So,it migtht be any issue at the port of Entry..

  70. Fahad Tariq says:

    Hi luckey,

    I also need guidance, I recently completed my Masters Degree in software and now working on OPT as a permanent employee and my salary is good enough to support my wife. My company is also applying for my H1b this year but the problem is my F1 visa got expired in November 2014 and i want to bring my wife on F2 Visa.

    What do you think are her chances of getting the F2 Visa approved?

  71. Linto says:

    me and my girl friend have f1 visa. My visa il expair soon. We are planing to marry in usa. Is thr any problem to marry her? can i chang my visa to f2 ? Is this marrage help us to get a green card?

  72. shravya says:

    Hi all sharing my f2 visa experience i had today,Firstly this forum and comments posted in this section has helped me in getting a visa.

    I already had F1 visa rejections in 2006,Then 2012 i got a B1/B2 visa but couldnt travel to US.Now i.e 9th feb 2015 i applied for a F2 as my husband started school this spring.

    Heres how my interview went:

    ME: Good morning !
    VO:pass your i-20 and passport.Then she asked me for my husbands I-20,scanned it
    Asked me how long i would want to stay in US?
    Me: For a year…..As long as my husband stays in US to finish his course
    VO:when did your husband leave
    Me:dec 26th
    VO:how is he funding for his studies
    Me: we have a bank loan & my father in law is sponsoring ,I have the loan documents with me,
    VO: No i dont want to see any documents,Thats ok.
    VO:Are u working?
    Me: No im not working (As i resigned my job last year and work as a freelancer,So dint mention it on ds-160)
    VO:How are you going fund for your stay?
    Me :replied the same as i did when she asked about my husband’s funding
    VO:what does your father-in-law do?
    Me: replied worked as a Bank Manager at XXXXX
    VO: When did you get married?
    Me: told he the yr and date
    VO: is it a love or arranged marriage?
    Me: replied XXXXX
    VO:how did you’ll meet
    Me: Told her how we met.
    VO : Your visa is approved.
    Me:Thanks,Have a nice day !

    • CJ says:

      Hi Shravya,

      Would it be fine if you could share whether it’s a love marriage or arranged marriage? I have heard that love marriages have higher possibility of rejection.


  73. Anonymous says:

    I am doing my double masters from Jan 2015 on a new SEVIS (as my old SEVIS and visa got expired) and I am working on CPT now. I have applied F2 visa for my wife and the interview is in a week. I have some questions regarding Visa interview.
    1. Is there any risk mentioning that I am working on CPT to the interviewer?
    2. Does my wife need to mention that Its my double masters in the first place ?
    3. Does she have to carry pay stubs/Tax returns of my employment during OPT period(2014)?
    4. What may be the questions that she may face in this situation as I mentioned above?


  74. alekhya says:

    Hi lucky,

    My husband is working on OPT. i have applied to masters and got my I20 for fall 2015. I want to go USA in April..so Iam applying for F2. so please let me know,Is it any problem to go on F2 visa?…please reply urgent….

  75. lavanya says:

    hi lucky,
    iam lavanya, my son already got f2 visa . my mom will bring him to us may I know what are the required documents to bring him here

  76. pinky says:

    hi lucky,
    i’m applying for f2 visa in next month.i got married three months back.
    my husband i20 will be expired on aug 15, 2015.my question is his i20 will be expired with in 4 months so will i get my f2 visa?

  77. Skumar says:

    Hi Lucky,
    I m currently holding F2 visa valid till 2016 and once I have visited USA. Now my F1 visa holder back in home country and studying online.
    1. If would like to visit again alone, do I need 1.20\..?
    2. If i apply B1 or B2, should i cancel my f2 visa which is still valid..?
    3. please advise process to cancel f2 visa if incase i apply B1 OR B2 vISA.

    Warm Regards

  78. Gokul Ajmeri says:

    Hello, Sir!
    I am a culinary student on F1 visa. I came here in Dec’14 and planning to bring my wife and daughter soon on F2 visa. So, is it compulsary for her to attend visa interview in English or she can select Gujarati language as an option.
    Please suggest me on this, Thank you!!!

  79. Lucky25 says:

    Hello i want to share my f2 visa experience with all of you

  80. Lucky25 says:

    I already had F1 visa rejections twice in 2007,Then my H1B was put on 221g in 2013 .Now i.e 23rd april 2015 i applied for a F2 visa.

    Visa Approved
    Here’s how my interview went:

    VO: Good morning gentleman !
    ME: Good morning man!
    VO: pass your i-20 and passport.
    Asked me so your wife is studying master’s in United States
    Me: Yes mam she is studying in XYZ university
    VO: How long you been married?
    Me:It’s been one year man,I told her the date month and year as well
    VO: Which is your wife’s favourite food?
    Me: I told her.I never expected that she would ask this question to me
    VO: How many people attended in your marriage?
    Me:Told her the approximate total
    VO: She was stunned and said its a huge crowd?
    Me :I smiled and said yes mam it is
    VO: She asked me what happened to your previous visa rejections including H1B?
    Me: I told her the reason
    Meanwhile she was typing for too long,and it seems to me that she was convinced for the reason which i told her
    VO: Who is going to pay your trip and expenses in US
    Me: I told her that myself i am going to pay all the expenses
    VO: Then she asked what you will be doing in US since you can’t study or work because you will be on F2?
    Me: Answered her and this time for it seems that she was 100% convinced by my answered.
    VO: Do you have you wife’s visa copy?
    Me: Yes mam and gave it her the my wife’s visa photocopy.
    Again she typed for long in her computer and finally said have nice trip!!!
    Me:Thanks mam,Have a nice day !

    My only suggestion to others who are applying for F2 is be confident and put a smile always when your being interviewed.Carry all the documents with you.In my case VO didn’t ask me any documents except my wife’s visa copy.

    • Arnob says:

      VO: Who is going to pay your trip and expenses in US
      Me: I told her that myself i am going to pay all the expenses
      VO: Then she asked what you will be doing in US since you can’t study or work because you will be on F2?
      Me: Answered her and this time for it seems that she was 100% convinced by my answered.

      What you answered ?

      * when you go to USA after getting f2 visa ?

      thanks in advance.

      • Lucky says:

        Hi Arnob,

        You might answer that as soon as your F2 visa is approved you will be buying tickets for your journey to USA to be with your spouse.

    • Rishi says:

      Hi was your reply for her below question.

      what you will be doing in US since you can’t study or work

      • Lucky says:

        Hi Rishi,

        I think F2 cant work but that does not mean they can not study or enroll in any study program although there are restriction to that. Here is the rule regarding F2:

        “An F2 spouse may not engage in a full course of study, but may engage in study at an SEVP certified school in the United States as long as they are enrolled in less than a full course of study. The F2 spouse may still engage in study that is merely avocational or recreational in nature. To engage in a full course of study, an F2 spouse must apply for and be granted F1, M1, or J1 status” (Source: http://www.ice.gov/doclib/sevis/pdf/Nonimmigrant%20Class%20Who%20Can%20Study.pdf )

        But regarding your question, a reasonable answer might be that you would be taking care of your family and spouse so that you spouse could focus on her studies.

        Hope it helps.

  81. ammu says:

    Hi lucky,
    My husband is in the us on f1,jan2 he went to USA,now i am interested to go,is SSN no.important to f2visa

  82. Arnob says:

    Hi lucky,

    I have some questions to you. Show below

    1. How long it will time to get approval of F2 ( Spouse visa ) after interview ?
    2. How much possibility to get approved f2 visa now a days ? Any estimate percentage ?
    3. Can f2 visa convert their visa to f1 visa in USA ? what f2 visa require ?

    Please reply urgently.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Arnob,

      1. After interview it only takes a couple of days to get your passport back with your F2 visa stamped assuming that the VO has approved your visa.
      2. There is no good answer to this question as visa process is very random.
      3. Yes once one is in USA, one can change status from F2 to F1 for study.
      Hope it helps.

  83. Dennis says:

    Hi Lucky,

    Currently, my wife is doing her Master in the US. While, I am in another country. I haven’t quite decided yet if I would join her for during the course of the program. I have a B2 visa, and I will be going there to visit her in December. If I like it over there, would it be possible to change my visa from B2 to F2? Normally, how long would the process take?

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Dennis,

      Although it is possible to change status from B2 to F2 when you are in US already but generally it is not recommended as it might impact your future F2 visa application for stamping in the passport. But yes it is possible to change from B2 to F2 status while you are in USA. I think change of status from one category to another category takes a few months.

      Hope it helps.

  84. Rishi says:


    My wife is in US on a F1 visa she is doing her MBA from a university called Iglobal in Virginia she went to USA in Dec’2014 for language program now she got admission for the main course.

    I am planning to apply for a F2 visa for myself wanted to knw what are the chances of getting a visa for me considering below points

    1. It only me and my mom here in India (wife is already in US)
    2. Im working here for a well reputed American Bank for last 7 years (with total wrk exp of 10 years)
    3. Earlier for my wife F1 visa we showed that her father is sponsoring

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Rishi,

      Your F2 visa chances are as good as any one else. That said that your wife has just started her program that means it is a very positive for F2 visa application as she has lot of time left in her graduate program.

      Regarding your points, I think that the 1st and 3rd do not matter in my opinion. But you might be asked questions regarding your job. Please note that I am not saying that your point 2 would have any impact on your visa application as nobody knows that, but my suggestion is that it would be better to prepare if asked regarding your job.

      Hope it helps, and best of luck for your F2 visa application.

  85. gemma says:

    hi I am currently in the uk, I have 5 children between 7 months and 12. I would like to come to the usa to study nursing,. will all of my children be able to come on a f2 visa if I get a f1, and also will they be able to go to a private school, and roughly what are the fees for this.
    my friend also wants to study counselling in the usa on a f1, which is a big help to me, as she would help with childcare.
    we no that we can both work 20hrs a week while on a f1, but with rent, etc would this move be possible.
    I have also looked into financial aid for immigrants, so would need all the help we could get

    • Lucky says:

      Hi Gemma,

      Yes your children can accompany you on F2 visa when you are on F1 visa. They can go to any private school but private schools are not free and you will have to pay for their fees. Generally fees for private school vary widely depending upon location and other factors, so it is not possible to estimate. However US has very good public school system and they are free. So I would suggest you to consider for public schools first than private schools as that would save you lot of money.

      Its good that your friend will be with you and will be able to help with childcare because day care centers are also expensive in USA.

      Please note that although you can study 20hrs per week but you can only work on-campus as per F1 rule. You can not work out of campus and earn money.

      I think if you get scholarship as RA (research assistant) or TA (teaching assistant) that would be a big help as you would most likely get monthly stipend. But to be honest (not to discourage you) it is going to be a little bit tough to live with 5 children (as health insurance cost is high in USA) only on monthly stipend unless you have enough savings already with you. So I would suggest please plan accordingly.

      Hope it helps and best of luck to you and your family.

  86. gemma says:

    thanks for the advice, is it possible then to study for a lpn online from the uk, then move to us on a work visa .if so, which school would offer this. I have been online looking at my best options and even though it says this can be done it doesn’t give me any more info on how to do this online course

  87. Lincoln says:

    My name is Lincoln. I tried to apply for F2 visa for my wife but they simply said that she can’t have F2 visa for my F1 visa, despite i have 1 year left in my VISA. The thing is that I changed my university and when they asked her why did I change the university, she failed to answer the question and just said that she doesn’t know. Could anyone tell me what I can do for her please?

  88. Jigar Patel says:

    Hi.. I am jigar patel.. I applied for f2 visa…
    I have a 1 question. :=

    ” why are you going to usa?”

    What is the right answers of above question…
    plz tell me early. .bcz I have an interview on 24th August. ..

    Thank you. ..

  89. Adenike says:

    Hi,pls am applying for US visa and av gone for an interview on Wednesday , just going on vacation with my husband and my daughter,my husband av a visa already,but now d problem at hand now is dat am 27weeks pregnant although av booked an appointment with a doctor over ther concerning my next trip and doctor has givin my a to whom letter after presenting all of dis d man dat interviewed me said I should com tomoro with a document of datails birth plan and I don’t knw what dat means he said if he issued any viisa now dat at d port of entry they might turn me bck,pls can u be of help.thanks

  90. pradip varma says:

    Hi there,
    I am from India, I just got married and my wife got a student visa for usa so i just want to know that how prefer u for me spouse visa or a visitor visa

  91. Eunice says:

    My child is already in a private school on an F1 visa, I want to now come to the U.S. On an F1 visa. Is it possible to change my child’s F1 visa to F2 visa inside the U.S. without her going back to my home country?.

  92. Eunice says:

    If the answer to my question above is yes, please what are the procedures

  93. anamika says:

    Can you plz help me out.I and my kids want to go to US on visitor visa.my husbandis already there.he has applied for f1 visa and taken admission in college.I have visitor visa but kids don’t have.can I apply for kids visitor visa through the embessy paper of my husband.plz help.

  94. Anil says:

    Hi, my wife is F 1 visa holder . I have applied for F 2 visa. while filling the DS -160 form i gave the principal applicant name as my wife name . Is this wrong? I have already scheduled an interview. Kindly reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance

  95. Monica says:

    Hi Lucky,
    My husband completed his MS in May, 2017 and his OPT started in June, 2017 (valid till June 2018). I’m planning to leave my job and join him on F2 visa. I have three questions.
    1. Now that only 10 months are left for his OPT, will this be an obstacle in obtaining F2 visa or 10 months is a sufficient time. Also, his is a STEP OPT, he will get it extended in January next year, should I tell this to the officer (I have no proof of extension at this moment).
    2. I am planning to leave my job here (have 6 years of experience in software industry). Can I tell this to the officer. If yes, how can I show other ties to home country? Will resigning create negative impact? And if I don’t resign, what documents from my company do i need to show to the officer that I would come back?
    3. I already have B1/B2 visa. Can office say that travel on visitor visa, why do you need F2 visa?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

  96. Monica says:

    Hi Lucky,
    My husband completed his MS in May, 2017 and his OPT started in June, 2017 (valid till June 2018). I’m planning to leave my job and join him on F2 visa. I have three questions.
    1. Now that only 10 months are left for his OPT, will this be an obstacle in obtaining F2 visa or 10 months is a sufficient time. Also, his is a STEP OPT, he will get it extended in January next year, should I tell this to the officer (I have no proof of extension at this moment).
    2. I am planning to leave my job here (have 6 years of experience in software industry). Can I tell this to the officer. If yes, how can I show other ties to home country? Will resigning create negative impact? And if I don’t resign, what documents from my company do i need to show to the officer that I would come back?
    3. I already have B1/B2 visa. Can office say that travel on visitor visa, why do you need F2 visa?
    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

  97. Monica says:

    Also, my husband started working 3 days back. When I schedule interview, he will have received 15 days salary. He has a good salary but right now has only 700 $ in his account.
    Is that okay or he needs to have more in his account? How much should he have? Future salary won’t be considered as sufficient/ current back balance right?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,

  98. CJ says:

    Hello All,

    Great post and lot of helpful info. I read all the comments. To summarize, the chances of approval seems to be your spouse’s preparedness with properly constructed answers, and of course confidence and smile.

    I have experienced the same during my F1 visa interview.

    Can anyone share recent F2 experiences accept/reject in 2017, especially in this Trump Administration. Would like to start a discussion.


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