Earning more money through blog carnivals

In one of my previous posts, I discussed about a very simple way to create a blog website using WordPress. Recently, I have observed that one of most important reasons for creating a blog has been “how to turn a blog into money-making medium”. However, I believe that it is not as easy as it may seem. The reason is very simple that you must know several methods that are very essentials for earning money through blogs. In this post, I would like to discuss one of those methods I have learned recently that may be helpful in generating more money from your blogs. The method simply involves submitting your blog posts to the appropriate topics in “Blog Carnivals”. Blog Carnivals help increasing the reach of your posts to a large number of people in this world. That means “free advertising”, and are very helpful for early bloggers. I would suggest that you must submit your those posts that are helpful to others. Because, if your post is helpful, more people will visit your blog, and it will lead to increased web traffic. As I have learned from other expert bloggers that increased traffic mostly means more money. However, I must warn that there are several other skills too that one must posses to achieve the cumulative benefits. However, I am not going into other required skills in this post, and I am just focusing on “how to utilize Blog Carnivals” that will help you generate more traffic to your blog website. In addition, I am also not going to discuss what are Blog Carnivals, and for that, I would suggest, please visit http://blogcarnival.com . Please follow the next steps to submit your posts to Blog Carnivals:

1. Open the website http://blogcarnival.com/bc/ in your favourite web browser. I believe that this is the most famous site for using blog carnivals.

2. You will see a link “submit” that you should click. If your eyes can not search the link “submit” easily, then you should use “CTRL+F” key combination to search the “submit” word on the website.

3. After you have clicked on “submit”, you should notice a form that should be filled for submitting your post.

4. The first field is “Carnival”, that is a drop down menu, that you should click to choose an appropriate topic that is relevant to your post. Specifically, topics in the drop down menu are the titles of the blog carnivals. These carnivals are like magazines that will publish your post depending upon how useful and relevant your post is for that particular topic. These blog carnivals are accessed by several people, and will help in advertising your blog through your post. So please be careful while choosing the topic.

5. Next required field for you to fill is “Permalink URL”. As I discussed in one of my previous posts that “Permalink” is a link that can be used to directly access your post without accessing your blog first. WordPress provides this feature, and you can easily find the Permalink for your post. Once you have found the “Permalink” of your post, please copy and paste the link (or URL) in the “Permalink URL” field.

6.  In the “Submitter name” field, you should choose your name that you have been using for your blog website.

7. Then, in the “Submitter e-mail” field, you should fill your email address that you are using for your blog related communications.

8. Next important field is “Category”, that is also a drop down menu. Again, you should choose an appropriate category that is relevant to your post.

9. The “Remark” field is an optional one, that you can use if you want to give some details about your post.

10. Next you will see “Enter this code” field, where two words appear as a picture that you must enter in the box “Type the two words:”. You must decipher those words correctly, otherwise, it will ask to repeat that again and again. This is an important feature used frequently on the Internet now days for preventing malicious entities creating false submissions with the help of an automated program.

11. Now make sure once again that you have filled the form correctly. If you are sure, then just click the “submit” button. You should receive a confirmation email that your post was submitted successfully. If you do not get that email, you should try submitting your post again as there may be an error in your submission.

Important Note: You can submit your post to multiple blog carnivals, so you can repeat the above steps and submit your post to other topics, as you will notice that your post is relevant to more than one blog carnivals. Also, on the blog carnivals website, you can search for the topics, that are relevant to your post, and it will show an appropriate list.

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